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5 tips you must know about children's clothing display

5 tips you must know about children's clothing display

On the importance of children's clothing display! Every time you take your child out to buy clothes, two things happen:

  1. If she doesn't stay in the store for a long time, she will pull her mother's hand and want to go home;
  2. Even if I play with her for a while sometimes, after her mother buys the clothes and goes home, the little niece will say that the clothes are ugly and don't wear them. 

I was so angry that my sister wanted to beat her (never beat her).
So, I deeply feel how important it is to display children's clothing well!

Now let me tell you about the 5 skills that you must know when doing children's clothing display:

1: Compared with adults, children are more sensitive to colors, so children's clothing stores often use richer colors, which has a dazzling feeling. But there is a problem. If the color is used too richly, it will appear complicated. In addition, the richness of the color of children's clothing itself will be very troublesome when adjusting the display.

Too many colors and too many miscellaneous colors will make the products look cheap and unfocused, as the so-called "less is more". Therefore, it is recommended that the color of the store space should be controlled within 3 kinds, and the bright and comfortable single color should be used.

Such as: mint green, light pink, grass yellow, paradise island blue, etc., using a single color will not "take the show" with the product.

2. Models The use of children's models to attract the attention of parents and children is a method used by many children's clothing stores. Create a childlike environment through child models, so that children are more willing to stay. At the same time, children's clothing stores usually have a large number of products, so the use of children's models is also more conducive to the focus of customers' vision.

3. Quantity of Commodities Children's clothing is rich in color and has a large number of commodities. If it is not displayed, it will give people a sense of clutter. May wish to display by category and color. Not only can it create a sense of integrity, but it is also convenient for customers to buy.

4.The aesthetics of the wall/container should be cultivated from an early age. Children not only have their own aesthetics, but also enjoy the process of choosing clothes for themselves. Therefore, the height of the walls and shelves of children's clothing stores will be set lower to facilitate children who choose products for themselves.

Because the shelves are set relatively low, there will be a lot of space above the wall, which will appear uncoordinated. At this time, you can set up some atmospheric props such as models, pops, dolls, etc. to attract the attention of distant customers and make the store more interesting.

5. Attract children and arouse their sympathy by creating a scene that draws closer the relationship between products and customers. With curiosity and empathy, my niece won't be noisy in the store. The method is to add a variety of small animals, toys, etc.

But pay attention to the atmosphere props should not be too many, too much will make the store no priority. Or set up some toys and facilities for children's entertainment in the store, such as setting up a game area in the store, so that children can play happily.

Set up a Trojan horse, and children can ride on it and play on it to create a school atmosphere, which is easy to arouse children's resonance and attract children to the "Animal World" store in the clothing store. A small game area is set up in the store, and children should be reluctant let's go~

PS: Please use children's thinking to design and display children's clothing storefronts!