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Children's clothing and children's products marketing plan broadcast

Children's clothing and children's products marketing plan broadcast

1. Children's clothing and children's products marketing plan:

1. Positioning:

According to market analysis and consumer demand, combined with its own advantageous resources, the positioning of children's clothing and children's products is carried out.

Including: concept, product style, target consumer groups, etc. Through these contents to reflect the personality and characteristics; at the same time, consumers can quickly understand the information. For example, a clothing company will be positioned in the fashion trend of young women's clothing, with the trend as a selling point; another company will be positioned in the field of mid-to-high-end children's clothing, with health and environmental protection, comfort and naturalness, safety and comfort as its selling points.

Children's clothing and children's products marketing plan

2. Product strategy:

Different product strategies are formulated according to different consumer groups. For example, children's clothing for young consumers should be dominated by casual sportswear; clothing for children should be made of cotton as the main material; in addition, the price positioning and channel selection and other factors.

3. Advertising:

Advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase your popularity and sales. In advertising, we should focus on two aspects: precision and effectiveness: precision refers to the selective delivery of target audiences (that is, to specific groups of people), and effectiveness means that the investment in advertising can bring effective conversion effects.

(1) Accuracy:

First of all, who is your target audience? Secondly, according to the psychological characteristics of children of different ages, the appropriate advertising forms should be selected (for example, the advertisements of TV media mainly focus on entertainment programs).

(2) Targeted:

For children of different ages, their favorite cartoon images are different, so they can be targeted according to their preferences (for example, some animation videos can be played for young children).

Children's clothing and children's products marketing plan

4. Terminal promotion:

(1) Activities:

Activities are one of the important ways to increase sales, which can be carried out through discounts or giveaways to attract customers to buy. It is also possible to promote repeat purchases by customers in the form of loyalty points cards. In addition, you can also carry out lottery activities to improve customer participation and enhance customer experience, etc. to achieve sales growth!

(2) Display:

Display is one of the important factors affecting the shopping experience of customers. The decoration design of the store must conform to the aesthetic characteristics of children; the design of the shelves should be easy for children to pick and place; the lights in the store should be as bright as possible; the music in the store should also be as bright as possible. Be more soothing and softer; the design of the window should be novel and beautiful, etc., which can affect the shopping experience of customers.