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5 misstake starting a chidren clothing store boutique

5 misstake starting a chidren clothing store boutique

Many newbies are not sure about the store style when they first get the goods. Going to the stall is like shopping. When they see what they like and look good, they can take whatever they like. In the end, the store style has become a grocery store. When you get up, it is easy to get the goods for a while, but the later operation will be difficult. Therefore, before opening a store, a novice must know the style and positioning of his store to get the goods according to this style. Once your style is messed up, your customer source will definitely be inaccurate. .

There are also unsure of the code section when you first get the goods, and you don’t know what group of code sections you want to directly take the goods. Some newbies involve all the code sections of the small, middle and big children, so it is easy to overwhelm the goods, remember, It is enough for beginners to choose only one code segment for children's clothing. If they want to get the goods with one hand, they can only do it with one hand, make it refined, buy it with many people in the later stage, and then go to replenish it.

When starting to pick up the goods, the novice is not very good in the rhythm of picking up the goods. It is normal to find the goods and the sales point. Therefore, you must understand clearly before picking up the goods. The poor sales time of the goods will lead to later stages. The sales pressure is increasing.

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When to get the goods, when to put in the goods, and when to clear the goods, you must have your own rhythm. The sales and operation of the entire store depend on your rhythm to operate, so you must know when to get the goods. Get the goods, and clear the goods when it is time to clear the goods, so that the store can operate normally. Otherwise, the sales rhythm will not keep up, which will lead to serious overstocking and affect subsequent operations.
Children's clothing purchase schedule:

  • The spring season starts before January and ends at the beginning of March
  • Summer models start in late March and end at the end of May
  • Autumn starts at the end of July and ends at the beginning of September
  • Winter models start at the end of September and end at the end of November

Many novices want to cooperate with a group of manufacturers at the very beginning, because the price of the goods directly purchased by the manufacturer will be much cheaper. Here, I would like to remind you that you must not try it. A group of manufacturers needs quantity, and newly opened stores will charge more for goods.

The quantity is small. A batch of manufacturers generally starts from 3-10$ for a single color. The new store must not be able to sell it. The single color picks up the goods with one hand, and replenishes them later. There is not much pressure to pick up a small amount of goods, and it is easy to clear the goods later.

There is also the issue of display collocation. Some novices think that display and collocation is a very simple thing. In fact, it is not. Display and collocation require a lot of skills, especially display needs to be based on a series of rules such as style, color system, etc., to maximize the store The products are displayed on a high level, and you must have your own unique aesthetics. Don’t copy blindly. The result of imitation and copying is that your store has no characteristics and the same style.

Why should you enter your store?

As long as you have your own aesthetic style, the store can only To achieve long-term lock-in.

It is very important to combine online and offline, so newbies should prepare to pat, pat, pat, and prepare copywriting materials before opening, and do a good job of pre-publicity. When you do this, people nearby know that you are going to open a children's clothing store, so you must do it.

Whether you are just starting to do online or later, you must learn to attract traffic, especially if you are self-employed. Media drainage, today's entities not only rely on natural flow, but also in the early stage of learning, precipitation, and later can be effortless.

Finally, it is recommended for beginners to start online. The online risk is relatively small, step by step, and when you have a certain experience and capital, you can start operating a physical store. Before that, start from understanding the brand, to display the matching style, The community creates a positioning, accumulates customers, and accumulates experience. Later, when opening an entity, it can be combined online and offline, which will be much easier to do.

Novices must go to the market at least first to get the goods, because the market is full of variety, and you have to go to each family, see the one you like and touch the feel, understand the size, price, etc., you can take a little note!

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5 misstake starting a chidren clothing store boutique-2

Everyone can open a children's clothing store, but not everyone can open a children's clothing store. If you want to become a popular person, you must avoid stepping into the misunderstanding of children's clothing business from the beginning, and only on the right path can you become more successful. go further.

Misunderstanding 1: The children's clothing market is booming, you can open it if you want to

Compared with other industries, the children's clothing industry has relatively low requirements for operators, but not everyone can get started quickly. Each industry has its own twists and turns and matching capabilities, which seem to be "inclusive". The same goes for the children's clothing industry.

Running a successful children's clothing store requires the operator to have basic qualities such as rational character, good interpersonal skills and management skills.

Therefore, before making an impulsive decision, it is better to ask yourself whether you have the passion for starting a business, whether you have the potential to start a business, whether you are good at cooperating with others, and whether you have enough knowledge about the franchise operation of chain children's clothing.

Interlaced is like a mountain, impulse is the devil, don't take it for granted, you should fully combine your actual situation, think carefully about your decision, and be responsible to the end.

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Misunderstanding 2: Children's clothing management is super simple, once and for all is very easy

Those who hold this idea, I advise you to think twice.

Children's clothing is not an industry that allows you to do nothing and only count money. Even banks do not only have the business of counting money, let alone a children's clothing store that requires strategies and means to operate?

For the franchise or joint venture model that most start-ups choose, the brand is only responsible for providing you with management and guidance, as well as necessary help. As for how to operate your own store and how to do it well, the start-up needs to work hard. The so-called "Master leads the door, cultivation is in the individual", just want to sit back and enjoy the success, no matter how powerful the brand can't save it.

Hard work is the only way to success.

Myth 3: With the help of the brand, there will be no failure

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a profit-and-loss business in this world.

Now that I have chosen to try to start a business, and since I have chosen the path of management, I must have the ideological awareness that doing any business is risky, and I can bear the consequences of failure.

Market changes, trends, demand changes, and policy tightening, these unforeseen X factors are only a drop in the bucket in the business process. The ever-changing market dynamics require operators to have the courage to adjust in time and a strong psychological tolerance.

If you want to enjoy the joy of success, you must first prepare for failure and build, and you must bear the corresponding consequences.

It is true that children's clothing is a blue ocean, but there are also many people who covet this blue ocean. If you want your store to stand out, you need to find an ideal brand, a mature business strategy, and an excellent The quality of children's clothing, and most importantly, the confidence and ability of others.