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4Tips to open a children's clothing store

4Tips to open a children's clothing store

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1、 If you want to open a children's clothing store, the first thing is location.

A good location is even more important than a good brand. When choosing a location, we should choose a region with a relatively complete business circle. What is perfection? It depends on its related supporting facilities. The popularity cannot be reduced. You can take time to check the customer flow and the products you want to sell, If you are selling babies and children, check whether the number of schools in the surrounding communities is matched, and how many treasure mothers can account for in the business district.

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2、 The following is the selection of brands.

When selecting brands, we should pay more attention to several brands, because there are thousands of brands in the children's wear industry in China, and we can't finish them in a short time. But there are only a few brands in the first place, which are mainly divided into several categories: baby children, middle school children, middle school children, etc. The most important thing is to investigate the distribution of business types in the business circle and the products needed, as long as we can find the gap in the business circle, We will be able to take a seat according to the number. If a business district has the same category. If you do it again, it must be very stressful. However, if you can find out the specific categories and do it again, it will be different. It must be more stable to change lanes to overtake than to survive.

3、 If the brand is selected, then the contract is signed.

There are still many pitfalls here, which need to be carefully read. Many brands' contracts are a pile of piles, but we should always take a good look at them at this time. Many people just don't look at them, sign directly, and understand the importance of the contract after stepping through the pitfalls. You can search Baidu for relevant topics, Carefully understand the relevant terms and conditions when signing the contract, read them carefully, and deal with any mistakes found in a timely manner.

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4、 The last thing is to decorate and open the shop.

When choosing decoration materials, we must follow the decoration regulations of the shopping mall. Because many shopping malls have strict regulations on decoration materials, including the type of paint, the unity of color, where to move, where not to move. Don't follow your own ideas to carry out the decoration. If the shopping mall fails to pass the inspection and the fire protection fails to pass the inspection, it is futile. So when decorating, we must pay attention to, Don't open the exhibition at random.

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How do you market a children's clothing line on physical store

How do you market a children's clothing line on physical store

How do physical store children's clothing stores do marketing

With the development of society, people's living standards are improving day by day, and every family with children takes care of their children in every possible way.

Children's dressing has become a headache for many parents. Children have poor physique and are prone to allergies. Therefore, parents When buying children's clothing, it is even more cautious. Children's clothing stores often have better business than online stores. Therefore, when Christmas is approaching, how should children's clothing stores conduct marketing? Today, Littleoneusa will teach you how to do marketing in children's clothing stores.

If a children's clothing store wants to carry out marketing activities, it needs a detailed activity plan. Even a small store needs to understand the general process, clarify the steps and completion time of each link, and also include matters such as communication, establishment, supply and gift guarantee. Specifically include the following:

1. Dress up:

Festivals can greatly increase consumption. How to guide customers to join the consumption wave at this node requires packaging and dressing up all aspects related to the product. Dressing is divided into technical dressing and service dressing. Technical dressing refers to It is the decoration of products and countertops. Service decoration refers to the decoration of environment, conditions, personnel, etc. The significance of this link is very important. Only by creating a store atmosphere can consumers be driven.

2. Marketing products:

The dress of the product cannot be done as you like. It should be determined according to the consumer group targeted by the product, consumption target, consumption value, consumption turnover period, and consumption habits. The consumer group of the product conforms to the appetite of the people, and popularization is enough. Generally speaking, the consumption cycle of the festival is relatively short, and the dress is as simple and clear as possible.

3. Marketing countertops:

The current marketing countertops not only include product piles, counters, and monopoly areas, but also a comprehensive marketing platform, which should be as eye-catching and festive as possible. From an extended perspective, the marketing countertops need There are peripheral guides, such as doorways, logo advertisements, guides, etc. There are many objects that need to be marked with products, and the centralized extension display is the landing point of the comprehensive marketing platform.

4. Qualitative:

Qualitative marketing is very important, the essence is to meet customer needs, and increasing sales is the goal. This goal must have indicators and quantification in order for your plan to have direction, strategy and pertinence. From the perspective and interests of consumers, how to Raising the unit price, increasing the conversion rate, increasing the repurchase rate while meeting the needs of customers is the key to the entire campaign.

If a good marketing plan cannot be implemented in place, without corresponding monitoring and improvement, it can only be a blank piece of paper and will not achieve any results. Do you know where your marketing plan starts?

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How to start your own children's clothing store at home

How to start your own children's clothing store at home

How to start your own children's clothing store

How to open a chain store of children's clothing? We all know that now every family has few children, and the children who consume the most are the children! Therefore, the best money for infants and young children! So how to open a chain of children's clothing? How to open a children's clothing store by yourself.

Children's clothing stores are also divided into children's clothing franchise stores and children's clothing retail stores.

1. Children's clothing franchise store

How to start your own children's clothing store

Children's clothing franchise stores, as the name suggests, are those who open a store to join the children's clothing brands currently on the market. The process of opening such a store is basically carried out from several aspects such as "brand selection → store location → store decoration → store purchase → store management → store promotion". Compared with children's clothing retail stores, this kind of store opening method is standardized and easy to operate, and it can also rely on the brand's own popularity and word of mouth to form a chain effect.

2. Children's clothing retail store

Children's clothing retail stores, of course, are independent store owners. What this method of opening a store is about is that all store opening processes must be completed independently by the store owner. The process of this kind of store opening method can be roughly divided into several aspects such as "choose the children's clothing wholesale market → store location → store decoration → store purchase → store management". Compared with children's clothing franchise stores, this method of opening a store is relatively complicated. The advantage is that it is very flexible, and there are no restrictions on the size of the store and the first batch of goods.

Tips for opening a children's clothing store

1. You must first define your store positioning

Children's clothing is also divided into high school and low grade. Which category do you want to put your shop in? This also determines the location of your shop. If you want to sell low to mid grade children's clothing. It is recommended to open in the main street of the residents or near the kindergarten school. If you want to sell middle-grade and high-grade children's clothing, it is recommended to open it in a pedestrian street or a commercial street with many small shops. The flow of people is a very important factor. In addition, children's clothing stores are mainly crowded together. Although the competition is strong. But just be sure of your own goods and prices. Quality pass. It will definitely win many old customers.

2. Let’s talk about the goods and prices mentioned above

If you are dealing with branded children's clothing, it may be a constraint on your profit on price. In addition, the novelty of the clothing will be discounted. Because the brand package has a brand to make a thick shield, but there is also a problem of price transparency. So profit will be difficult to increase, and the repetition rate of clothing is too high. It's the same over and over again, the average mom will go to the store she frequents to buy, not your new store unless you have a much lower price than those with the same brand. But with such a low price, I'm worried that you won't even be able to pay the rent. So it is recommended not to choose branded clothing. In addition, there are many restrictions on the purchase and joining of brand clothing. Funds, styles, sizes, colors, etc. are all you can't completely control!

3. Incoming styles

This requires you to pay more attention to the children's clothing-related magazines every quarter and every month, and know the current trend of children's clothing. You need to do a research on the mothers of babies. For example, white clothes are basically less than 10% likely to be purchased by mothers of male babies in the age group of 3-8. Because boys of this age group tend to get their clothes dirty. And you need to understand and master the relevant issues such as what kind of clothes are more suitable for baby girls at what stage. It is recommended that you do children's clothing with an age group orientation.

How to run a children's clothing store


Pay attention to the positive feelings brought to customers by the hygiene of the store, the cleanliness of the fitting room, the special arrangement, shoes and other details. Wipe with your hands every day to see if there are any traces of dust. Do not put buckets and brooms in the fitting room. It is forbidden to put cartons, plastic bags, etc. in the business premises, and it is not allowed to leave food, beverages and personal items in the store.

When trying on the clothes on the model, wrap the model's body with cloth, which is respect for the customer and the model, and also shows the professionalism of the brand.

How to start your own children's clothing store

Lighting, air conditioning, background music, many things bring customers shopping desire, details should not be ignored!


Out of stock is a "sales killer". Regular inventory counts, sales forecasts, store product adjustments, broken code records, etc., in any case, try to ensure the completeness and quality of the goods. At the same time, you must be able to clearly know what items are placed where, how many sizes, which colors, how much stock is left, and what kind of customers are suitable. It is also necessary to know the FAB of each product, what products will be available in the near future, and which are the best-selling products. Products are like weapons in war. If you don’t understand them, you will soon be defeated by the market.
The sorting and cleaning of the goods can not only allow you to have something to do in your spare time, but also maintain the freshness of the goods, which naturally attracts customers.

All sales staff must be very clear: what are the main passenger flow characteristics of this area and this mall, suitable for those prices, styles, sizes, colors, and styles of goods. This will help you choose the right product when ordering.


The salesperson must have a clear understanding and understanding of his own brand, brand positioning, personality, history, competitors, industry conditions, target customer groups, etc. A shopping guide who is unconfident and unfamiliar with his own brand, how does the customer feel about the brand? Do you have confidence? In the survey, it was found that many shopping guides were not given sufficient training, and the sales pressure was left to the store manager. This is very irresponsible, and it is also very harmful to the brand and sales.

4.How to decorate a children's clothing store

The blue and vast sea is the favorite place for children. The decoration color of the children's clothing store is the theme color of sea blue, with pictures of small animals in the sea, which is the most direct attraction for children. The combination of white and blue makes the store particularly pure and quiet. The light ball on the ceiling is the visual focus of the store and also arouses the curiosity of children. The clothing color series in the store should be based on light and cool colors, so as to echo the theme color of the store.

The warm and comfortable texture of the solid wood floor gives children a comfortable environment for choosing clothes. The low display desk adapts to the child's perspective. They can interact with the displayed clothes and toys to increase their preference. The decoration style of the store is modern and simple. The theme colors are light blue-green and warm yellow on the ceiling. The spotlights on the ceiling are like stars, attracting children to watch. The clothing displayed in the store is mainly bright yellow and red, which is extremely prominent.

The orange and red with high brightness and purity suggest the child's lively and enthusiastic character. The theme color of the entire children's clothing store is bright yellow, and the matching children's clothing is a bright and warm color. Such decorative colors directly capture children's color-sensitive nature. Attract cheerful and active children into the store to buy their favorite clothes.

With white and light brown as the theme colors, the whole store is bright and tidy. The children's clothing on display is mainly orange and green. Against the light-colored background, the bright and lovely children's clothing is highlighted. The layout of the whole store is simple and generous, giving people a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The hangers at the low place allow children to have close contact with the clothes, so that they can choose their favorite clothes.

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How to start a children's clothing stores  with no experience in 2022

How to start a children's clothing stores with no experience in 2022

Many children's clothing stores have been struggling for two years before closing because many people think that it is too simple to open a store and do business. It is not to rent a store and then buy goods and wait for customers to come to the door to make money. If you want to make money to support your family, you must think carefully about a few questions:

  1. What is the spending power of your city? How much clothes can the customers who enter the store consume; (most of them are fine, there are not bad money everywhere, we rely on most people to do business)
  2. The costs of store rent, property, water and electricity, etc. are calculated by 2 years. Can you afford it? (It takes time and planning to let most people know about your store and consume it)
  3. Is it inconvenient to park at the door? (This is especially important. Think for the sake of old customers and think in a different position. You bring convenience to customers, and customers bring benefits to you)
  4. Do you have a simple data analysis ability, and whether you can determine the style of clothes your customers like and the approximate flow analysis of each quarter of the store through 2 years of precipitation (this professional topic is discussed separately);
  5. Do you have the ability to circle customers (leave email), and do you have the ability to maintain customers

After considering these issues, the next step is the process:


First envision a decoration plan by yourself, then go to your local peer shop to see how they decorated it, absorb the good points of others, and constantly improve your envisioned plan. (PS: If the store is big enough, be sure to leave an area, put a small table, put some toys such as children's building blocks, children like other people's toys, when children play, parents should see if you hang them in your store clothes?)

  1. After playing for so long, does the child leave without buying anything? This is the human mind.
  2. Increase the popularity of your store. Everyone has a herd mentality. From the outside, there are many mothers and children in your store. The first reaction is that there are many customers in this store. Is it good? Go and see, this is a bonus item


The link where many people are deceived is also the root cause of not making money. Remember that there is no basis for cooperation. If you buy goods online in the early stage, you must first buy samples to see the workmanship and quality.

Littleoneusa is the best place to wholesale children's clothing online if you are looking for a reputable vendor. We are located in San Francisco, California, USA.

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  1. If you don’t have experience to support you at the beginning, don’t buy a lot of goods like Lengtouqing (now basically a model is 3-5 hands to pick up the goods, which requires a lot of money and the money will drag you down for a long time); In the early stage, including the later stage, it is also necessary to consolidate the goods. The advantages of consolidating goods are many: you can get more styles with the same capital. And the size is yours to choose, if you think the size is good, take the size.
  2. The type of goods: choose the goods according to your own vision, do not listen to the suggestions of manufacturers or wholesalers: they will recommend the remaining stocks or those that are not easy to sell to you, and you will press the goods when they clear the stock. So you must communicate more with your peers (now the circle is bigger than everything) and watch online children's clothing exhibitions or children's clothing catwalks. This is the direction and trend. Your aesthetic also indirectly determines your business. Next, you must buy some basic models (vests, shorts) Waiting for the clothes that must be worn) These profits can be low, but the volume, so that customers try not to leave the store empty-handed, it is very important to develop the habit of spending in your store
  3. The styles of the goods can be more, but the quantity must not be too much. Everyone's preferences are different. After this model is sold out, you can replenish or make up new models, but the goods are a pile of fabrics, which is your burden.
  4. Now that the network is developed, try to find manufacturers to make orders to get the goods. The local wholesalers basically have three batches of four batches, and the price of the goods is too high.


In doing business, you must have a big-picture view, and you must control the quantity of goods, the flow rate of funds, and the long-term flow of old customers. Do what others didn't think of or didn't have time to do.

  1. Promote your store, post some small activities planned by yourself at the door, you can keep up with the festive atmosphere or you can do promotions and discounts yourself;
  2. The matching of clothes is very important, this is a very effective way to increase the consumption amount of a single customer (coat + bottom shirt + pants look good and hang together)
  3. Buy some practical gifts online, and buy more gifts to warm the hearts of customers, so that new customers can become old customers and then become your loyal customers;
  4. To maintain the customer's V letter, try not to use your own private account, it is easy to confuse work and business;
  5. Don't think about getting your friends to support you, buy clothes from your store, unless your friends voluntarily come to join in, the business of acquaintances is the most difficult thing to do, it's okay to say that if you don't make money, don't lose money and others think you owe him A human relationship, no matter how good a relationship is when money is involved, it will change the taste.

There are also some marketing activity planning, aesthetic improvement methods, and data analysis, etc., and then take the time to talk about it in detail.

Finally: opening a store and doing business is actually a service industry. It’s okay to practice your smile in front of the mirror, and let your personal charm help your career.

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5 Tips for Selling in Children's Clothing Stores

5 Tips for Selling in Children's Clothing Stores

5 Tips for Selling in Children's Clothing Stores

①Low-cost investment can also boost sales

Print the model pictures as photos, and hang each photo on the corresponding single-item clothes. When customers enter the store and choose a single product, they can recommend a complete set of matching and show the model photos to customers, so that customers can see directly. The effect of wearing it on the body can effectively increase the connection rate, thereby increasing sales. The cost of a photo is only a few cents, but it can drive the sales of other items.

② Walking billboard

Physical stores must customize the packaging bags (handbags) belonging to their own stores with the store QR code printed on them. When customers carry our packaging bags, it is equivalent to promoting the store. Customers with slightly more refined packaging bags generally do not. Throw it away at will, as long as you take out this packaging bag, you will also think of your children's clothing store, so the "walking billboard" board girls must have it.

③ Photo punching area

A small corner of the store is decorated as a photo punching area. You can hang the logo of your own store on the background wall, or you can hang a WeChat QR code. Every small model who tries on can get it by taking a photo in your photo area. A beautiful little toy (bubble gun, bubble wand, car can be used) 90% of the mothers will not refuse this method, so that you have a buyer show, it can improve the order rate, and when you When taking pictures of babies, mothers will inevitably take a photo of their babies and send them to the circle of friends, or save them in albums and send them to friends, which can also achieve an effective publicity effect for the store.

④Place toys

You can place children's tables and chairs, toys space sand or a small doll machine (a doll machine that can be placed on the table) in a prominent position in the store, and place a few more. It is worth dozens of yuan each, and it is cheaper than a dozen Dollar. Customers bring their children into the store, and the children will definitely be attracted to play for a while. At this time, the children will not be noisy because of boredom. They will take their mothers to leave, and prevent the children from being in the store too much.

Running around in the store makes mothers unintentional to look at the clothes. The longer the children play in the store and the longer the mother stops in the store, the greater the possibility of the order rate.

⑤Old hangers turn waste into treasure

Clothes hangers eliminated in the store can also be turned into treasures. When customers buy clothes, they can give away the store's hangers. The hangers have the store's logo. Whenever customers see the hangers in the wardrobe, they will think of this children's clothing. Store, over time, naturally it is deeply ingrained in the hearts of customers.


It’s easy to open a store, but difficult to keep a store. For all things that don’t have a threshold at the beginning, in fact, the later threshold will be relatively high, so think about it before opening.

With the continuous expansion of the sales market of children's clothing, the competitiveness of the market is becoming more and more intense. I want to make children's clothing sell well and achieve the desired sales effect. littleoneusa children's clothing tells you the consumption of children's clothing, how to develop a series of effective sales skills.

1. Be confident when recommending

When a children's clothing store clerk recommends a certain children's clothing to customers, he must have confidence, so as to make customers feel confident in children's clothing; if even the children's clothing store clerk is not confident enough about the products he recommends, then customers will be very suspicious of you. Is the advice given to him correct?

2. Pay attention to the suitability of children's clothing to customers when recommending

When recommending children's clothing to customers, the children's clothing store staff must make recommendations based on the principle of being suitable for customers. Only in this way can customers be interested in the products you recommend. Before the recommendation, the children's clothing store staff should fully understand the actual objective conditions of the customer, so as to make a suitable type of children's clothing recommendation.

3. Recommend to customers with gestures

When recommending children's clothing to customers, the children's clothing clerk can't just move the mouth, but also add body language or some gestures. For example, the children's clothing clerk can hold the children's clothing in his hand and then explain it in detail according to the children's clothing in his hand, so as to make Recommendations don't seem so pale.

4. Recommend according to the characteristics of children's clothing

Each children's clothing has its own different characteristics. When recommending children's clothing to customers, it is necessary to emphasize the difference between children's clothing and other children's clothing, so that customers can choose the children's clothing products they need according to their own needs.

5. Accurately grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various children's clothing

When recommending children's clothing sales to customers, it is necessary to accurately state the advantages and disadvantages of each children's clothing according to the different types of children's clothing products, especially its advantages should be accurately kept in mind. As for the shortcomings, you must be flexible when recommending, so that consumers can feel that your recommendation is more professional, and they will trust the recommendation you make to her. new style

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How to Open up a children's clothing store

How to Open up a children's clothing store

The first children's clothing store experience

Want to open a children's clothing store, but have no experience? I hope the following 8 little knowledge of children's clothing will be useful for you to open a store.

1. Site selection

It is recommended to be around a large community or a street for children's clothing, etc., where there is a high traffic flow, can it be around the kindergarten where the most questions are asked? I don't recommend it very much. Parents send their children to work and pick them up and rush home for dinner, so they don't have time to visit your store.

2. Store size

According to the budget, it is recommended not to be too large for beginners. 20.30 square meters is enough. The larger the store, the more expensive the rent, the greater the stock volume, and the higher the risk. It is not too late to consider expanding the store after accumulating a certain source of customers.

3. Positioning

Determining code snippets and styles

  • Infants: 66-90 Children: 80-120
  • Middle child: 90—130 100—140 110—150
  • Big child: 120—160 170 180 all

Generally, it is enough to choose 2 code segments. Otherwise, each code segment will not have much money, and there is not much choice, or you will hoard a lot of goods, and the pressure will be great.

Style: not too complicated, affecting the visual effect, nothing special, not easy to attract

4. Decoration

Do simple planning: first make a simple plan, how big is your children's clothing store and what areas do you want, whether it is suitable or can accommodate so many areas, such as cashier area, fitting room, inventory placement area, goods Display area, accessories display area, children's entertainment area, photo spots, etc.

Style positioning: After determining these areas, it depends on what kind of style you want. It is recommended that everyone decorate with the style of net red. It does not mean that everyone must follow the fashion, but to design their own characteristics, such as some People who like bright colors can choose some special colors as the background color or jump the color in a certain place, which is very special and unique, and can also attract people's attention, but it is recommended not to try it if you don't have a particularly good idea.

Because it may be self-defeating if you don’t grasp it well, I recommend that everyone’s decoration should be minimalist, and the soft decoration should be mainly light-colored. This is generally not easy to make mistakes, and the flexibility is large and it is convenient for future style adjustments. Properly configure some green plants in the store It will give customers a better experience.

Store facade: The design window of the facade is the first point to attract customers to enter the store. Not only the clothing sets displayed in the window are attractive, but also must be carefully selected when decorating.

A good facade is the first step to attract customers. A good window display will allow customers to enter your store involuntarily. The door must be clean and tidy, the accessories or soft clothing should be exquisitely placed, and the clothing matching should be enough to attract customers.

Track lighting in the store: The color temperature of the light source is different, and the color of the light brings different feelings. The color temperature is divided into 3000k yellow light, 4000k neutral light, and 6000k cold light. It has different color display for clothes, and the ability of light to display color. The stronger the color, the better the color of the clothes can be restored. Note that the installation distance is too close, which will cause the customer's eyes to be uncomfortable. Too far away will affect the customer's observation of the clothing material. Generally, a distance of about 20-30 cm is suitable. It depends on the size of the store.

Selection of display racks: In recent years, there are many popular branch display racks, metal display racks, stainless steel display racks, desktop displays, etc. for everyone to choose from. Specifically, it is necessary to choose the display rack that suits you according to the decoration style of the store.

5. Source selection

The supply of children's clothing is divided into one batch and two batches. One batch has a favorable price and a large quantity of goods. The second batch is slightly more expensive, but the threshold is low, and many can get the goods from the first hand. Novices are advised to choose the second batch.

I have recommended high-quality sources of many styles before, please move to the homepage to check.

6. Industry rules for picking up goods

To take the goods in the whole hand, each size of 66-90 or 80-120 needs to be matched, and you cannot choose the size yourself. For example, for children, you can get 5 pieces (80.90.100110.120 yards) in one hand, and replenishment also needs to be replenished in whole hands, and individual stalls can be replenished in bulk.

For exchange, each stall has its own exchange rate, such as 5 for 1, 5 hands, of which 1 can be exchanged, the premise is that the whole hand is exchanged in the season, so if it is not easy to sell, quickly change it. It is recommended to focus on a few companies to get the goods. If you have a good relationship with the boss, it may give you more benefits, so don’t think about it when you get the goods. Today, this one is tomorrow, and no one is familiar with it. Special benefits Don't even think about it.

7. Entry time

Autumn and winter are the peak seasons in the clothing industry. If you want to make money, start from autumn and winter, but you will also have great challenges for yourself, because the price of goods is high, and the pressure to hold goods is greater.

Novices can also start in the spring and summer. After all, the financial pressure is not so great, and they should accumulate customers in the early stage.

You can start anytime you want, wait, wait, and others will rob your customers.

8. Proportion of taking goods

Tops 7 Bottoms 3 Girls 6 Boys 4 Don't take too much at one time, and refill after selling. Now it is very convenient to replenish online.

50% of the basic model, 30% of the drainage model, 20% of the window model

Novices should prepare at least 2 days of shopping time, the first day to watch, filter styles, and the next day to get the goods.

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How to sell baby clothes

How to sell baby clothes for children's clothing store

  1. Control costs.
  2. It is very important to cultivate a fixed consumer group.
  3. Ask more about other people's purchase channels and price.
  4. Discounts are the most effective means of all promotional activities.
  5. Network is money, popularity is wealth, and network determines life.
  6. Popularity and children like to go are the main reasons for choosing a place to buy.
  7. Introducing culture and services to the market is the biggest selling point of the maternity and baby product industry.
  8. Trust is greater than strength. 97% of sales are building trust, and 3% are closing.
  9. Improve relevant knowledge, product knowledge, sales knowledge, and improve your own expertise in a timely manner.
  10. 10. Catch repeat customers, 80% of a store's profit comes from repeated purchases by 20% of customers.
  11. We must first be altruistic and do altruistic things. Create incredible, irresistible marketing solutions for your customers.
  12. The store requires a distinctive clothing image. Example: You can make a dress that makes you feel very close to your mom.
  13. Establish children's consumption files, and do a good job in after-sales service or sales follow-up according to the information recorded in the file materials.
  14. If the goods do have quality problems, the customer returns or exchanges caused by them should be provided free of charge, and apologize and admit.
  15.  Do a good job in serving customers every time you enter the store. You will never have a second chance to build your first impression on customers.
  16. Be sure to tell customers about things with gold content, and be sure to learn to create value and create the value that customers need.
  17. Rejection is the beginning of a deal. Sales is a game of zero deposit and withdrawal. Every time a customer refuses, they are saving money for you.
  18. Customers are good teachers, peers are good role models, and the market is a good school. Take the strength of the people, and you can be longer than the people.
  19. Only when you find a common topic with customers, can you establish a relationship with him. Selling is about building relationships, building connections.
  20. To deepen the impression of customers, you can print some business cards, paper bags, etc. with our store name/contact information for distribution.
  21. Sales is the transmission of confidence, the transfer of emotions, and the persuasion of physical strength; negotiation is a contest of determination; transaction is a manifestation of willpower.
  22. Other promotion methods, such as: discount area, the goods only need to be placed on the trolley, which does not take up space and can be convenient for users to choose.
  23. Compared with other clothing items, parents are not particularly sensitive to price and pay more attention to quality. Therefore, the profit is relatively high.
  24. Draining water anytime, anywhere, turning drainage into a habit. Growth is always more important than success. You can make a deal without attracting traffic, but you can't grow without attracting traffic.
  25. Establish certain cooperative relations with kindergartens in the community, for example: kindergartens are allowed to post new product posters. Moreover, the kindergarten itself is also a concentration of direct consumers.
  26. Commodities strive to be complete and new. It saves mothers the trouble of purchasing separately and the requirement of young mothers to pursue fashion, and learn to update in time. At the same time, products can also be filtered according to customer source and age group.
  27. Don't conflict with the existing consumer projects in the community, and it can continue to be an exclusive business for a period of time. If the operation is good, the first to enter is the biggest, and it can be established in the core position of the children's products store in the community.
  28. Print some brochures with various products, prices and other product information, and implement door-to-door delivery. You can become a member by purchasing as many items as you like at a time, and you will get some points for every item you buy, and you can exchange for suitable items when you accumulate a certain number of points.
  29. The service attitude should be friendly. This is the business creed that will never change. To treat customers, we should provide services within our ability. For example: provide customers with purchasing advice, and don’t quarrel with people even if they encounter bad customers, because there will be joint reactions, and a group of customers will be lost due to the loss of one customer.
  30. The grade positioning should be clear, and the products should be divided reasonably according to the customer source and age group.
Green Leaves Twirl Dress

(In the initial stage, it can be divided into two grades - boutique and general, but both require new and beautiful styles. In the follow-up, we will gradually explore more profitable products suitable for our region, and the discount area is mainly based on foreign trade orders and seasonal products. Comprehensive products area - hats, shoes, socks, etc.)

Littleoneusa carry boutique clothing & accessories for girls and babies, We work with small boutiques and specialty retailers at cheap prices!

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Marketing strategy for Children's clothing stores in 2022

Marketing strategy for Children's clothing stores in 2022

Children's clothing stores and studios want sales to skyrocket, and they cannot leave the customer transaction rate. After finding accurate customers, they can increase the customer transaction rate.

Today, we will share with you how to increase the turnover rate of customers entering the store? You need to prepare for the following:

Leopard Santa Claus Lace Ruffle Baby Romper

Leopard Santa Claus Lace Ruffle Baby Romper

(1) Products with their own characteristics

Just like we open a restaurant, each restaurant has to have its own specialties. It must not be the most profitable, more just to earn word of mouth and publicity.
The same is true of opening a children's clothing store. There must be popular products in the store to attract traffic and lock customers. Therefore, we use popular products to ensure the quality, and use popular products to lock our customers and bind our old customers.

(2) Matching ability

  1. How to Match and Match Outfit Ideas for Girls
  2. baby and toddler matching holiday clothing
  3. 4 Tips for matching baby and toddler outfits

In all clothing sales skills, matching ability ranks second, and no other skills dare to rank first, and the same is true for children's clothing.

Display collocation is the soul of children's clothing, and store owners of entities and studios must study this piece more to match their own style and soul. Like some Internet celebrity stalls, the reason for their good business is completely inseparable from the boss's matching and taking pictures. This kind of stall can sell well if you follow her to post pictures. Therefore, if you push the complete set to the customer, the transaction rate will be higher than if you let the customer pick one piece by themselves.


(3) Description of life-like scenes

When we chat with customers, we must describe various dressing scenes intentionally or unintentionally.

For example: This suit is especially suitable for children to wear when they go shopping. It is not only casual and fashionable, but also a rainproof fabric. Even if it rains outside, the rainproof function is 100% powerful.

Red Polka Dots Mouse Dress

(4) Emotional Marketing

The store prepares some food and drink for children, serves the children well, and makes customers feel embarrassed not to buy them.
At the same time, we prepare a small gift for old customers every month (you can get them without spending), in order to lock customers into the store and increase our store entry rate.

(5) Learn to guide customers

Many people will lose customers because of a word from customers: Let me think about it.

In fact, when a customer says to consider it, it is because you haven't resolved his worries and doubts. At this time, you should say: "Okay, it's okay, you should consider carefully when you buy things. It can be seen that you have no problem with our clothes. Still very interested. Otherwise, you wouldn't have spent so long thinking about it. So, curious to ask you whether you are considering its price or its matching? You simply said that I would not mind." The customer told After that, you can solve the problem.

(6) Views of third parties

Third-party views are sometimes suggestive.
For example: when we shop online, we like to watch buyer shows and reviews, which will directly influence our decision-making. Therefore, we are accustomed to asking friends and family to buy clothes together, and will follow their opinions on whether it looks good or not. If we get the opposite answer from our friends, we tend to give up the current choice.

Therefore, when we push a piece of clothing to customers, we can say: "This piece of clothing is a very popular model sold in our store. Two old customers who came in this morning bought a set each."

Red Blue White Star American Flag Dress

(7) Stable supply of goods

The quality of children's clothing must be guaranteed. Children are the treasure of parents, and parents will have high requirements for the quality of clothes.
Be sure to find a high-quality clothing company for stable cooperation, which will not only ensure the quality of the clothes, but also make it easier for you to get the goods, without having to run around to get the goods.

(8) Interactive Marketing

It is recommended to design a toy table in the store, and cute little stools are indispensable, in order to attract children's attention and retain children, which is equivalent to retaining performance, so that children's parents can easily choose clothes without restraint.

Therefore, there must be things that children like in the store. It is recommended to launch some puzzle games, and participate in discounts on clothing, so that children can participate.

in conclusion:

There are many more details to pay attention to in terms of clothing. As a store owner, try your best to do your best, and do what other stores have not done, so that customers can feel the difference in your store, this is your own competitiveness.

Don't ignore every little detail, try to be the best, and the increase in sales will become a matter of course.

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Pay attention to these safety hazards when buying Children's Clothing

Pay attention to these safety hazards when buying Children's Clothing

When parents buy Children's Boutique Clothing , they should not only consider whether the style and color of the clothing can be liked by their children, but also whether the price is affordable, and whether it is safe and comfortable to wear.

Unqualified children's clothing may become a "killer" for children's health and safety. Recently, the Suzhou market supervision department issued a consumer warning on the potential safety hazards of some children and infant clothing products.

Children's clothing, referred to as children's clothing, refers to clothing suitable for children to wear, generally refers to clothing worn by people from birth to 14 years old. Among them, children's clothing under 3 years old is also called infant clothing.

common dangers when buying children's clothing

common dangers when buying children's clothing

1. Suffocation hazard caused by small objects (zippers, buttons and other accessories) on children's and infants' clothing

Small objects on children's and infants' clothing may be swallowed or inhaled by children if they are loose due to poor fixation. After entering the respiratory tract, these accessories may block the respiratory tract and cause suffocation; after entering the digestive tract, it will cause intestinal obstruction, intestinal expansion, and in severe cases, intestinal perforation, intestinal necrosis, and even life-threatening. There have been many injuries caused by similar small parts in China.
  • Children accidentally swallow small parts causing suffocation
  • Buttons (small parts) loose on children's and infants' clothing

2. Choking hazard caused by ropes on children's and infants' clothing

Too long ropes on children's clothing are prone to entanglement, easy to be clamped or hooked by moving objects such as doors and elevators, and tripping and other situations will lead to towing accidents, causing hidden dangers to children's safety. Do not choose clothes with any cords on the head and neck for children. At the same time, pay attention to whether the cords in other parts of the garment are too long or easy to form slip knots and loops to prevent accidents.
  • Clothing ropes entangled in slides or vehicles causing danger
  • The rope is too long, and it is easy to cause danger due to clamping and hanging.
Precaution when buying children's clothing

Precaution when buying children's clothing

  1. Buy children's clothing with complete logos.Problems found in the process of wearing are well documented, which is conducive to safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests and avoiding unnecessary losses. Children's clothing should be marked with the manufacturer's name and address, product name, product model or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance methods, implemented product standards, safety categories, etc., and infant clothing should be marked with the words "Baby Products". Durability labels should be used for size specifications, fiber content, and washing methods. Durability labels sewn on baby clothing that can be worn close to the body should be placed in a position that does not come into direct contact with the skin.
  2.  All kinds of accessories, buttons and other small accessories on children's clothing should be checked by hand to see if they are firm and whether there are sharp edges and tips. Avoid buying clothes that are easy to fall off such as metal accessories and buttons to prevent accidental swallowing by children. harm. It is recommended to regularly check whether the buttons are loose or loose, and ensure that they are fastened before wearing them to children, so as to avoid danger due to accidental swallowing by children. When buying, choose clothing that is simple in style and has few decorations.
  3.  If a child accidentally swallows buttons and other accessories, or if a child develops sudden abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting and other clinical symptoms suspected of swallowing hard objects, they should be sent to the doctor immediately for treatment.
Precautions when buying children's clothing

Precautions when buying children's clothing

In the ever-changing clothing industry, the trend is constantly updated. This style may be popular today, and that style will be popular tomorrow. Children's clothing stores should also be at the forefront of fashion and create their own unique characteristics.

1. "Do not covet human traffic"

When opening a children's clothing store, you should pay attention to the spending power of the surrounding groups. Don't covet popular areas with a particularly large flow of people. It is not because the more popular areas are, the better. The main consumers of children's clothing are adults who sell to children. If the price of children's clothing is Generally set too high, beyond the financial affordability of parents, it is difficult to attract long-term stable customers.

2. "You can't ignore it"

Opening a children's clothing store is a clothing business. Nowadays, parents of children are paying attention to fashion trends when buying new clothes. Therefore, they need to pay attention to the information of children's clothing market at any time, and choose appropriate styles to purchase. At the same time, we must also find ways to get familiar with consumers and teach those young parents how to choose their children's products, so as to have a stable source of customers.

3. "Don't be in a hurry"

There is no rush to do business, especially when it comes to opening a children's clothing store.
In general, children's clothing stores may sell dozens of pieces a day when business is good, and may not sell one piece a day when business is bad. Therefore, we should treat it with a normal mind, develop customers slowly, and not rush for success.

The essence of a children's clothing store is to serve children. You can communicate and learn with other children's clothing stores around you in many aspects, and learn from each other's advantages. Only in this way can we develop together. Let's see if your children's clothing store has stepped on these thunders!

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How To Make Money Selling Kid's Clothes Online in 2022

How To Make Money Selling Kid's Clothes Online in 2022

Walking on the street, there are various children's clothing stores, large and small, with novel styles and acceptable prices, but after a few months, some stores can only close their doors. What should you pay attention to when running a children's clothing store? 

Pink Blue Tie-dye Mermaid Twirl Dress

Opening a children's clothing store is the preferred industry for many entrepreneurs.

Most of the friends who have entered the children's clothing industry think that children's clothing is a very simple thing without too much technical content, and then wait for the store to make a profit. In fact, it is a big mistake. , It is skillful to open a children's clothing store to make money. In the process of operation and management of the children's clothing store, we should also pay attention to such and such problems.
The purchase of children's clothing must be complete, both children and adults must have it. The proportion of clothes for girls and boys should be appropriate. Generally, girls will have more. When purchasing, don't just follow your own preferences, customers' preferences are varied. Children's clothing franchise stores should have a rough plan when purchasing, according to age, according to top and bottom or suits. When a category is out of stock, it must be replenished at any time. You should be bold at the beginning of the purchase. The more styles, the better. The quantity of each style should not be too much, and the numbers should be complete. When the customer comes in, he should tell him that it is only individual. There are numbers, ask how old the child is, and recommend him.

Children's clothing wholesale

When children's clothing franchise stores start to buy goods, don't calculate how much they sell every day, when they can recover their investment, and how much they earn. As long as you can attract customers to come in and sell your reputation, you will be able to maintain a stable and prosperous business in the future, and do better and better. I was worried from the beginning. The greater the pressure when purchasing goods, the worse the mood, the more it can infect customers, and the worse the business will be. A vicious circle makes it difficult to change the predicament in the future.

Doing business depends on the long-term. After half a year and a year, it is likely to hire one person. You basically don’t need to worry about it, and it can be several thousand or tens of thousands per month. This is the time for investment recovery. As long as you don't do any other work, you won't get paid. At this time, you calculate the return on investment ratio is very high, which is incomparable with bank interest. And the longer you do it, the higher the benefits. Your store's popularity, brand value, etc. will allow you to make money when you transfer it.

Rainbow Animal Print Ruffle Short Bottom Set

Children's clothing to join

Operating children's clothing franchise stores should also pay attention to the selection and update of styles and colors. Most parents like their children to dress nicely and cutely. In addition, the texture of children's clothing is very important. Any parent is closely concerned about the health of their children. Some cotton underwear and socks are the must-have styles for parents. At the same time, preparing some children's toys in the store often brings some unexpected gains.

In addition, it is understood that with the improvement of citizens' consumption level, the market for low-end children's clothing has become very limited, and middle- and high-end children's clothing has gradually become popular. In the children's clothing business, it is important for the operator to have an appreciative vision. For children's clothes, shoes, hats, socks, and toys, they must be measured from the perspective of consumers, and whether the imported products are in the eyes of local people. Look, whether it is beautiful to wear on a child. This is the key to the profitability of mid-range children's clothing.

littleone Children's Boutique Clothing wholesale

littleone adopts a multi-brand, multi-style, multi-category and fast-update product strategy to provide children aged 0-14 with first- and second-tier brands of children's clothing at home and abroad. The sales price of the products ranges from ten yuan to dozens of yuan, and the original brand is basically controlled. 0.5% off – 15% off the price of the product.

Some products are only about 15 days apart from the original brand products, which greatly stimulates customers’ desire to consume. Little Prodigy launches thousands of styles every season, covering suits, padded coats, down jackets, windbreakers, sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, pants, etc. All categories can be changed every week.

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Instructions for online purchase of children's clothing wholesale business

Instructions for online purchase of children's clothing wholesale business

Children's clothing business wholesale purchase instructions

Pumpkin Turkey Plaid Boy Set

I believe that many friends who open children's clothing stores do not know the purchase rules of the four seasons, especially the novice friends. The physical store is different from the online store.

The customers facing the physical store basically have target needs. Basically, the store has the opportunity to make a deal, and it is also very important to pay attention when purchasing goods. The frequency of purchases is different throughout the year.

Spring: less purchases, mainly to accumulate customers; summer: longer sales period; autumn: suitable for bulk purchases; winter: the peak season of the clothing industry! The opening time of children's clothing stores or studios is recommended to be selected at the beginning of each season! For example: before and after the Spring Festival, early June, early November, and summer, you can accumulate customers, and the transition between spring and autumn, and the most profitable peak season is winter.

When buying children's clothing wholesale, don't just use your own eyes to choose, unless you are very experienced, after the children's clothing wholesale is for sale, whether you like it or not, just sell it, even if it is easy to sell, you can ask children's clothing wholesalers or It is a more experienced person. In short, the products selected should follow the trend of the market.

When people run forward, don't forget to look back at the original goal. It points out the direction for us to work hard, and reminds us not to forget the road and the original dream when we wandered in our hearts. May you go through the wind and frost, still not change your original intention, and firmly walk on your own path.

How to choose children's clothing

1. Observe the appearance of children's clothing

The appearance of children's clothing is the first step in selection, and it is particularly important to choose children's clothing that suits the temperament of the baby's age. Whether it can show the child's innocence and feel fashionable is a measure of whether it is worth buying. In addition, mothers also need to pay attention to whether the children's clothing is symmetrical and the color is uniform.

2. Smell the clothes

New clothes smell like starch washing. This is the smell left over from the special starch washing by the manufacturer in order to avoid wrinkles after the clothes leave the factory. This is normal. Mom can go back and wash the clothes after buying them. However, if children's clothing has peculiar smell, it may be caused by excessive pH value, or caused by internal quality problems such as dye residues in the finishing process of clothing. The PH value requirement of national standards for children's clothing products is between 4.0-7.5.

3. Ask about the fabrics and production enterprise qualifications of children's clothing

When buying clothes for children, you should not only ask the guide for the price, but also ask about the fabric composition of the clothes. Although chemical fiber fabrics are very thin, they have weak air permeability. In addition, chemical fibers are chemical products, which may cause allergic reactions to the skin. Therefore, when buying clothes for children, be sure to buy pure cotton that is breathable, heat-dissipating and hygroscopic. fabric.

In addition, the qualifications of production enterprises also need to be asked clearly, and unlicensed and unlicensed children's clothing should be avoided.

4. Touch the children's clothing to see the feel

If children's clothing fabrics feel rough or grainy, and feel particularly hard, mothers should try not to buy them. Children's clothing will be uncomfortable for children to wear, and there may be safety problems. Really good fabrics are soft and comfortable. The double-layer cloth with double-layer texture is very popular with parents. One side is pure cotton, and the other side is cotton and polyester. The polyester yarn connects both sides tightly, making the double-layer cloth have the unique character of being soft on the inside and rigid on the outside.

Precautions when buying children's clothing

1. Pay attention to the dyeing quality of children's clothing

For clothing with poor color fastness, when it encounters water, sweat or saliva, the pigment is easy to fall off and fade, and the dye molecules and heavy metal ions in the pigment may be absorbed by the skin and endanger the health of children.

2. Pay attention to the smell of children's clothing

After the textiles with high formaldehyde content are made into clothing, free formaldehyde will gradually be released during the wearing process, which will cause harm to the human body through the human skin and breathing. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde gas can cause headaches, weakness, dermatitis, eczema, redness and swelling pain and other symptoms, as well as inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, and may directly lead to cancer.

3. Pay attention to the PH value of children's clothing

When the PH value exceeds the suitable range of the skin, it will stimulate and corrode the skin, cause skin inflammation, damage the human sweat gland system and nervous system, and endanger health. If textiles are exposed to strong acidic or alkaline conditions, they are not only easy to be damaged, but also irritate the skin, causing skin allergies, itching and other discomforts, which are very harmful to children with tender skin.

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Buying clothes for children is a difficult task, especially for new parents. It is not about just purchasing beautiful dresses. Instead, you need to keep in mind many other things. For example, the quality of the clothes, the materials, etc.

But again, you are not a master in threads or garments. It is okay that you are not aware of which materials are good for the environment and which are bad. You do not need to worry, though. Little One USA is here to help. Our popular children's clothing blogs will give you complete guidance on children's clothing. 

Learn about the Trends

Fashion trends always change with time. Sometimes, we grown-ups do not keep pace with the children's trends. From our blogs, you can learn about all the latest trends regarding children's clothes. We keep our blogs up to date so that you can be benefitted. 

Staying up-to-date with trends is important to make your children more adorable and charming. They are special and deserve everything special. You cannot just purchase anything at random for them. Learn about all the new trends from our popular clothing blogs and match the trends.

Besides, it is the era of social media. You surely love to share photos of your babies online. If you dress them in outdated dress, your friends will consider you as an irresponsible parent. So, take some time to learn about the trends. 

Tips on Shopping

If you are a new parent, then you really need some tips for shopping for clothes for your babies and kids. All of our blogs are written by writers who are experts in children's clothes. We provide up-to-date tips so that you can buy the best products for your children. 

Buying something beautiful is not enough for children. There are many other things you need to consider. For example, choosing the right accessories that can complement the clothes and enhance their beauty. 

Learn about Ethical Clothing

Clothes are an important part of fashion and of our lives. However, you also need to think of the environment. You should choose clothes that are made of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials so that your environment can stay safe. 

Our environment has already experienced enough damage. It is high time we took care of it and helped it get better. Or else your little ones will one day suffer when they grow up. The earth won't remain worthy of living a peaceful life. Therefore, we want to educate our customers about sustainable and environment-friendly products. 

Tips on Caring for Your Children's Clothing

Purchasing good clothes is only the first step in solving the clothing issue for your children. You need to take care of the clothes properly, or else you will have to purchase new clothes every month. 

Our popular children's clothing blogs will guide you about how you can take care of the clothes properly and how you can store them properly. 

Parenting Advice

You are a great parent; we believe in that. And that is why you will look for solutions to different problems. Because good parents are open to advice from experts. We offer you the best advising blogs, with advice from experienced parents and expert professionals. 

Good parents can lead to a better nation. There is no shame if you find difficulties in rearing your children. You can always take help, and Little One USA is ready to provide that help

Learning has no age and no limit. There is always something new to learn about, and you should be open to learning new things to be a perfect parent. And our best children's clothing blogs and parenting blogs will help you in this regard.