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5 Tips for buying wholesale clothing

5 Tips for buying wholesale clothing

The quality of purchasing skills directly determines the sales of clothing stores, so how to quickly understand? These are all skills that need to be mastered.

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1. Short-term and rapid accumulation of experience

Buying goods for newbies is to exercise their fast-running brains. This is especially true when discussing prices with wholesalers, because you need to quickly know whether the goods you are getting are profitable at such a price, how much you can earn, or how you can make them. earn more etc. The novice of clothing should keep exercising and accumulating experience in normal times. Sometimes some knowledge only shows its effect at a critical moment.

2. Make a detailed purchase plan

It is very important for Girl's clothing wholesale to make a plan before purchasing. Before purchasing, you must make a detailed plan for what you want to buy this time, what style, what price, what size, and the budget for this purchase, or at least you have to know these things. When you arrive at the wholesale clothing market, you won't be like headless flies.

3. Style ratio

  • (1). First of all, a store needs 20% of a drainage model, mainly based on explosive models or basic foundations, and universal T is the main
  • (2). Secondly, 70% of the main selling models are needed, and the main ones are the styles that do not pick people and are extremely inclusive.
  • (3). Finally, add 10% of our image models, which are used to attract attention in the window and highlight the style and type of the store.

4.the code difference

In terms of clothes size, it needs to be combined with different regions and cities. For the north, it must be more medium and large sizes, and for the south, it must be more medium and small sizes.

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5. Clear positioning, planning and business philosophy

First of all, to open a clothing store, you need to consider many aspects, such as the surrounding environment, the direction of the flow of people, the style and price of goods, consumption ability and consumption habits, whether there is peer competition or mutual support, etc. We recommend that you try to maintain the consistent positioning and style of your store, and use constantly updated styles to attract repeat customers.

Secondly, when purchasing, only purchase clothing that conforms to the style of your own store. Be firm, focus on managing your specific consumer group, and don’t think that anyone can make money. Otherwise, in addition to high operating costs, there will be inventory risks.

The editor also sorted out how to deal with it every month:

  1. A large number of winter clothes are cleared in January, and they are all processed at low prices as much as possible.
  2. Ready for spring in February
  3. The main sales of spring clothing in March, to seize the peak season
  4. April spring style transition to clear summer dress vigorously engage in activities
  5. The peak season of summer sales in May should be grasped
  6. In June, the off-season gradually clears summer clothes
  7. A large number of clearances for summer models in July
  8. August autumn clothing starts to be new
  9. The main sale of autumn clothes in September, take less supplements frequently
  10. In October, the main sellers of autumn models will need to stock up, and winter clothes will be available one after another.
  11. November is the hottest season for winter clothing, and focus on selling a large number of winter clothing
  12. Winter clothing continues to be on sale in December, and spring models can be pre-heated.

Novices or newcomers who have just entered the industry, it is recommended to understand clothing terminology first, which can not only deepen the understanding of clothing, but also pretend to be a veteran to avoid being pitted, which has many benefits.