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How do I choose my kids clothes?

How do I choose my kids clothes?

How do I choose my kids clothes?

In general, the choice of children's clothing should first consider the child's talent. In the process of playing, the comfort level of clothes is a very important factor, which should be characterized by loose and natural casual clothes. The child's body is developing, and it is very convenient to wear casual clothes with delicate, unrestrained and loose appearance, and usually play games and activities. 

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1. About the style

  1.  Neckline: For summer children's clothing, square neckline, round neckline and small pointed collar are better. In winter children's clothing, the best neckline is retractable or with a button, which is easy to put on and take off.
  2.  Dress: Choose a wide-waisted dress, so as to decorate the child's abdomen and waistless appearance, and can play a loose and cool effect. (Note: Many parents like to wear pantyhose for their children. If these pants are too short, it will affect the movement of the child's lower limbs, which is bad for the child's development.)
  3. Tops: When choosing tops, the sleeves should not be too long, the sleeves are too long, the child's arm movement is inconvenient, and some precise measures cannot be taken, which reduces the opportunity for finger movement and is detrimental to the child's brain development.
  4.  Buttons: It is best to open the placket on the front, and the buttons should not be too many, so that it is convenient for children to wear and undress themselves.
  5.  Pants: different styles at different stages

Different growth stages of babies have different requirements for pants. In order to protect the baby's skin and health, different styles should be selected according to different stages.

  1. When the baby is just born, it is not suitable to wear pants, it is best to wrap the baby's body with cotton.
  2. After the baby is a month old, it is advisable to choose simple and loose crotch pants, which will not hinder the baby's leg movement.
  3. The baby is 3-12 months old. At this time, the baby likes to move. It is advisable to choose a one-piece suit, which is convenient for activities and can protect the skin well.
  4. Above 12 months, babies usually walk by themselves at this time, and it is more suitable to choose comfortable home clothes at this time.

Baby girl does not wear open crotch pants

Wearing open-crotch pants for babies is generally for the convenience of going to the toilet, so as not to wet the pants, but it is best not to wear open-crotch pants for baby girls.

  1. Babies often sit and crawl on the ground, which is very unsanitary, and baby girls are prone to bacterial infection.
  2. The front and back of the open crotch pants are ventilated, and the buttocks and stomach are easy to catch cold, especially female babies are very prone to illness.
  3. The open crotch pants are too exposed, the baby is easy to put on the toys, and it is easy for sharp objects to sting the exposed skin, and the naked genitals of female babies are easily scratched.

Boys don't wear zipper pants

Remember the news some time ago that a boy had an operation for several hours because his trousers zipper got stuck in his genitals. Boys wearing zippered pants increase the risk of injuring their genitals. Children have a strong ability to imitate. It is easy for a baby to imitate an adult to pull the zipper by himself. Very painful and can even have serious consequences.

Tight is not advisable

Many mothers choose carefully shaped pants for their babies in order to look good or match their tops. This approach is not advisable. Too tight pants will hinder the baby's blood circulation, which is not conducive to the development of the baby's legs, and is too tight. The pants will bind the genitals, accelerate the friction of the pants on the genitals, and easily cause damage to the genitals.

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Crotch not too short

The baby should choose high-waisted trousers. The crotch is too short, the trousers will rub against the genitals as soon as the baby moves, which is easy to wear and infect the genitals, and the baby will feel uncomfortable and will constantly touch the genitals, which will not only make the baby pay attention. Lack of concentration and the indecent habit of touching the genitals.

2. About the color

  1. The color of children's clothing should be bright and beautiful. Preschool children already have feelings and requirements for colors. If they can decorate children's clothes with some cute animal patterns or other decorative patterns with bright colors, it will arouse children's interest in dressing and bring infinite joy to children.
  2. Babies have primitive sensitivity and common hobbies to color. It is believed that when choosing clothes for babies, they should also be judged from the child's body and skin color. Gorgeous dazzling, energetic. If the skin tone is brighter, then the adaptability to the color will be wider, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, people will look vivid and bright, even wearing gray or black, people will look graceful and elegant, giving people a kind of feeling. "Heavy makeup is always appropriate" feeling.
  3. While paying attention to the color matching with the skin color of the child, also pay attention to the matching of the child's body shape and the color of the children's clothing. If it is a relatively fat baby, choose cool or dark clothing, such as gray, black, Blue, because cool colors and dark colors can shorten the effect, this way, it can compensate for the child's physical defects; if the baby is relatively weak, then we can choose some warm-colored clothes for her, such as green, beige, coffee, etc. These colors are Expanding outward, it can give people a strong and lively feeling.

Of course, there is no fixed pattern in the color matching of children's clothing. Excessive stylization will appear dull, and excessive stylization will appear dull and lifeless, but there are too many changes, and it is easy to appear very messy. The sole purpose is color matching. Beautiful, beautiful, and comfortable to look at.

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3. About comfort

①All kinds of signs on children's clothing

  1. Whether there is a trademark and a Chinese factory name on the product.
  2. Whether there is a clothing size mark on the product
  3. Whether there is a component label on the product, mainly refers to the component label of the fabric and lining of the garment, and the percentage of various fiber content should be clear and accurate. Garments with fillers should also indicate the composition and content of the fillers. d. Whether there are graphic symbols and descriptions of the cleaning logo on the product, and investigate the requirements for cleaning and protection methods.

② Whether there is product qualification certificate, product implementation specification number, product quality grade and other marks on the product.

If the product is marked with formaldehyde content, the clothing for infants and young children aged 0-24 months should be less than 20 mg/kg, the clothing worn by children over 24 months should be ≤ 75 mg/kg for skin contact, and ≤ 300 mg/kg for non-contact skin.

③Identification of the appearance quality of children's clothing

  • a. Whether there are obvious weaving defects in the main parts of the appearance of children's clothing.
  • b. The primary seam of children's clothing is whether there is color difference, fabric "slip", fabric "wire arrangement", etc.
  • c. Pay attention to the texture of various accessories and decorations on children's clothing, such as whether the zipper is smooth, whether the button is strong, whether the snap button is tight and suitable, etc.
  • d. Surface parts with adhesive lining, such as collars, lapels, bag covers, and plackets, whether there is degumming, blistering or glue leakage.

Safety is the first consideration. For children's clothes under 1 year old, it is best not to nail metal buttons, so as not to scratch the child's skin when putting on and taking off.

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Pay attention to the comfort, safety and health of children's clothing.

① When purchasing children's clothing, you should pay attention to the fiber characteristics of the fabrics. Generally, it is appropriate to choose fabrics made of natural fibers such as cotton fabrics and silk fabrics. Such fabrics mainly have the characteristics of softness, breathability and moisture absorption, especially in summer. Children will feel comfortable when wearing clothes and close-fitting clothes. Similarly, if the softness, breathability and moisture absorption of the clothing fabrics are relatively poor, the temperature and sweat on the body surface will not be easily released when children wear them, and they will feel stuffy. The wet feeling is easy to breed bacteria, which is not good for children's health.

If the selected children's clothing is marked with polyester, nylon or chemical fiber names such as coating, composite, etc., the children's clothing should be loose, because the main characteristics of the above-mentioned fabrics, its softness, air permeability, etc. The hygroscopicity of clothing and clothing is relatively poor, especially the coated or compounded fabrics, which have worse performance. Therefore, children's clothing made of such fabrics should be loose-fitting, so as to preserve the moisture between the skin and the fabric. Space, you can get comfortable feeling through air flow to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

② When purchasing children's clothing, you should pay attention to the color of the fabric. If the clothing is for children's underwear or summer clothing, you should try to choose light-colored clothing. If you buy dark-colored clothing, once the color fastness of the fabric is poor (such as color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to perspiration, and color fastness to sunlight do not meet the standard specifications, it will cause fading, fading, and staining) In the process of wearing, children will contact with the skin, rubbing, sweat, and sun exposure, which may cause fading, which may have adverse effects on children's skin health. much smaller.

③ To buy thermal clothing for children in winter, that is, various thermal materials with fillers in the clothing, such as hollow cotton, polyester stereotyped cotton, wool, silk, down, etc. Consumers should pay attention to the specific name and name of the product marked. Content, to understand the consumption, should pay attention to the ambiguous or unmarked name and content of the label, do not buy lightly, let alone buy it because the price is cheap, once the filler is all kinds of inferior fibers, it will reach Clothing that does not meet the requirements of the standard requirements and expressly does not conform to it will bring serious health and safety hazards to children.

Four, sewing quality identification

  • ①Whether there are obvious weaving defects in the main parts of the appearance of children's clothing
  • ②Is there any color difference
  • ③The texture of various accessories and decorations on children's clothing
  • ④Whether there is degumming, blistering or seepage on the surface part with adhesive lining
  • ⑤ Visually inspect whether the sewing lines of the main parts of children's clothing are straight and whether the seams are flat
  • ⑥ Check whether the symmetrical parts of children's clothing are consistent

5. Cultivation of rational consumption concept

① Doting, blind comparison

Nowadays, some children's admiration for brands is really unbelievable. The little kid upstairs who is less than five years old sees that his mother has bought a new piece of clothes, and even asks curiously: What brand is it, mother? The child's mother said that this was all caused by going to kindergarten, and the current little partners have all learned to dress and compare: What do you look like in Winnie the Pooh? I also wore Mickey today! What brand are the socks? What about shoes? When I was young, I mentioned that the brands are very rare, and I was going to school, but I decided not to wear clothes without a brand!

②Brand view

The brand of children's clothing is good, and it is unnecessary to say it; the doting of parents to their children, it is needless to say. But such a variety should not be a reason for children to blindly compare. In the years when children began to pay attention to "brands" and looked for pride in their wear, the influence of parents' consumption concept was the beginning of "traceability". Packing a child is like packing oneself. When the child is dressed, the self also saves face. Because of this, it is often seen in shopping malls, and many parents spend hundreds of dollars to buy brands for their children. Of course, there is an economic premise. Of course, it is understandable, but the childish innocence can't stand the long-term infiltration of this kind of material. Maybe, give children a rational The concept of consumption is the real grade.

6. Matters needing attention

When choosing shopping places and brands, you should pay attention to:

  • ① Reputable, large and medium-sized shopping malls with standardized after-sales service.
  • ② Don't be fooled by advertisements and publicity such as "discount" and "bonus sale". It is advisable to buy children's clothing products at a moderate price. Too cheap is often easy to be deceived.
  • ③ It is necessary to choose a well-known children's clothing brand in the local or other places, and the quality can be easily guaranteed.
  • ④ Keep the shopping invoice, and see whether the content on the shopping invoice is consistent with the real object, so that when various quality problems occur after wearing, the quality responsibility can be traced.

When purchasing children's clothing, if you can basically meet the above-mentioned four points of attention, I believe that you can buy a clothing that meets the requirements of quality standards and is more fit, comfortable and satisfactory.