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LITTLEONEUSA Children's clothing wholesale in USA

LITTLEONEUSA Children's clothing wholesale in USA

On the road of life that goes around, we will encounter various people; in the children's clothing world, too many brands make us dazzling. "Littleoneusa" children's clothing is the most beautiful surprise you meet!

Littleoneusa children's clothing ---- fashion achievement is confident and colorful.

The fashion, personality, and stylish style of LittleONEUSA children's clothing has its own unique side: simple, sweet, noble and elegant. LittleOneusa's products can always experience the exquisiteness and exquisite design style in simplicity. Its products not only highlight the innocent, lively, cute and active side of children, but also show children in the new era to advocate nature and pursue themselves. Lifetime -the childlikeness of the new era and new humans.

LittleOneusa children's clothing focuses on environmental protection, health and nature in the selection of fabrics

Based on high -quality cotton fabrics, supplemented by some environmentally friendly materials led by the international market, higher -tech methods have been treated with more fabrics, and the functions of antibacterial, anti -static, anti -ultraviolet rays, double -wire double -fired, anti -electromagnetic waves There are breakthroughs.

Through the processing of details: such as handmade three -dimensional flower, strap lace lace, collision, chicken eye, needle shuttle collision, fur matching, etc., it makes it softer and comfortable, absorbing humidity and breathable. Based on summer clothes -hygroscopic breathability, winter clothing -light and warmth is the pursuit, close to fashion trend pulse, reflecting the characteristics of comfort and environmental protection. Realize popularity and practical echoes, and coexist in fashion and health.

LittleOneusa children's clothing is the subject of children who like to pursue fashion and personality in the age of 2 to 13.

In the entire production process, the product is strictly implemented in accordance with national standards, and the inspection of the national quality inspection department is impeccable. In addition, the product not only requires wearing fit, comfortable, and natural in terms of size and models, but also fully considers to fully consider In the cultivation of children's growth process, try to facilitate the children's self -wear and taking off.

Pay attention to personality design and show children's fashion, health and happiness. It is the concept of LittleONEUSA children's clothing. LittleOneusa children's clothing not only brings popular fashion elements abroad to China, the most important thing is to bring the concepts of children, care for children and healthy children's supplies. Give all the children, take care of it, and pay attention to every day when the child grows up.

LittleOneusa children's clothing List

Animal Print Ruffle Girl Twirl Dress

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Girl Bell Bottom Set

Pink Pumpkin Ruffle Baby Romper


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What factors should you consider when buying children's clothing?

What factors should you consider when buying children's clothing?

9 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes

  • When shopping for clothing for children
  • What should be paid attention to?

1.Buy from regular places

Try to go to shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores to buy children's clothing.

The management of formal business premises is relatively standardized, there are inspection and control measures when purchasing goods, and the after-sales service is relatively perfect.

2.see logo

When purchasing children's clothing, pay attention to the product identification, that is, the instructions for use.

Check the manufacturer or operator on the hangtag first, and keep the hangtag during the use of the garment.

Secondly, check the safety category (ie, Category A, infant textile products should at least meet the requirements of Category A, and must be marked with the words "Baby Products" on the instructions for use, suitable for infants under 36 months or 100cm in height and below ; Category B, textile products that directly contact the skin should at least meet the requirements of Category B; Category C, products that do not directly contact the skin should at least meet the requirements of Category C).

Looking at the quality level status, it is divided into excellent products, first-class products, and qualified products (there are also second-class products in some categories).

Finally, check the durability label sewn on the garment, whether it is marked with the model specification, clothing composition, washing method, etc. It is necessary to choose different categories of children's clothing according to different ages and needs, and to see whether the content on the shopping invoice is consistent with the real object.

3.Material selection

In terms of materials, the choice of children's clothing should be based on comfort, softness, good hygroscopicity, and no irritation to the skin. Children's clothes should be mainly made of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool, and they should be close-fitting clothes, but also soft and skin-friendly. Among them, the cotton material is the best, which is soft and hygroscopic, not irritating, and not easy to hurt the delicate skin of children.

The brighter the color of the clothing, the more chemical substances such as color-fixing agents are used. Relatively speaking, the color fastness to rubbing, soaping, and perspiration is not good. In other words, it is easier to fade. Try to buy children's clothing in light colors, without optical brighteners or without pigment printing, and try not to buy children's clothing with anti-wrinkle treatment.

In addition, in autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, it is hot and cold, and the children are restless. Adding or removing clothes according to the weather has become a problem for many mothers. Therefore, when choosing clothes for children, the breathability of the fabric is also very important.


Decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes are prohibited in children's clothing, and there must be no odor, such as musty smell, gasoline smell, kerosene smell, fishy smell and various aromatic hydrocarbon smells, etc. At the same time, children's clothing with fragrance should be avoided.

At the same time, it should be washed and dried before use to protect the health of children.

5.Check Accessories

Infants and children may grab or tear out of their own curiosity or instinctive actions, and even mistake them for food and have terrible phenomena such as gnawing or swallowing.

Pay attention to the firmness of various decorative parts such as buttons to prevent them from falling off and being accidentally swallowed by children. Accessories used in infant and children's clothing should also be free of accessible sharp objects and objects containing sharp edges. Try to choose as few accessories as possible for young children, especially clothing with few metal accessories.

6.Check the rope

Clothing for children under 7 years old (under 130cm) should not have any cords on the head and neck. The shoulder straps should be fixed, continuous and have no free ends. Decorative cords on shoulder straps shall not have free ends exceeding 75mm in length or loops exceeding 75mm in circumference.

Also note that apart from the belt, there should be no cords sticking out or attached to the back.
Children's clothing, referred to as children's clothing, refers to clothing suitable for children to wear, generally refers to clothing worn by people from birth to 14 years old. Among them, children's clothing under 3 years old is also called infant clothing.

common dangers

1. Suffocation hazard caused by small objects (zippers, buttons and other accessories) on children's and infants' clothing

Small objects on children's and infants' clothing may be swallowed or inhaled by children if they are loose due to poor fixation. After entering the respiratory tract, these accessories may block the respiratory tract and cause suffocation; after entering the digestive tract, it will cause intestinal obstruction, intestinal expansion, and in severe cases, intestinal perforation, intestinal necrosis, and even life-threatening. There have been many injuries caused by similar small parts in China.

Children accidentally swallow small parts causing suffocation

Buttons (small parts) loose on children's and infants' clothing

2. Choking hazard caused by ropes on children's and infants' clothing

Too long ropes on children's clothing are prone to entanglement, easy to be clamped or hooked by moving objects such as doors and elevators, and tripping and other situations will lead to towing accidents, causing hidden dangers to children's safety. Do not choose clothes with any cords on the head and neck for children. At the same time, pay attention to whether the cords in other parts of the garment are too long or easy to form slip knots and loops to prevent accidents.

Clothing ropes entangled in slides or vehicles causing danger

The rope is too long, and it is easy to cause danger due to clamping and hanging.


7. Buy children's clothing with complete logos.

Problems found in the process of wearing are well documented, which is conducive to safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests and avoiding unnecessary losses. Children's clothing should be marked with the manufacturer's name and address, product name, product model or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance methods, product standards implemented, safety categories, etc., and infant clothing should be marked with the words "Baby Products". . Durability labels should be used for size specifications, fiber content, and washing methods. Durability labels sewn on baby clothing that can be worn close to the body should be placed in a position that does not come into direct contact with the skin.

8. All kinds of accessories, buttons and other small accessories on children's clothing should be checked by hand to see if they are firm and whether there are sharp edges and tips.

Avoid buying clothes that are easy to fall off such as metal accessories and buttons to prevent accidental swallowing by children. harm. It is recommended to regularly check whether the buttons are loose or loose, and ensure that they are fastened before wearing them to children, so as to avoid danger due to accidental swallowing by children. When buying, choose clothing that is simple in style and has few decorations.

9. If a child accidentally swallows buttons and other accessories, or if a child develops sudden abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting and other clinical symptoms suspected of swallowing hard objects, they should be sent to the doctor immediately for treatment.

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How to choose clothes for children to be safe

How to choose clothes for children to be safe

The weather is slowly getting colder, it's time to add autumn clothes and trousers to the children. Littleoneusa is also buying long clothes and trousers for children recently, and found that there are really too many styles of children's clothes, but I still prefer to choose Clothes with simple styles and soft fabrics are for nothing but two words: "safety".

Leopard Santa Claus Lace Ruffle Baby Romper

Leopard Santa Claus Lace Ruffle Baby Romper

littleoneusa found that 14.9% of children's clothing were unqualified in a recent random inspection by the State Administration of Market Supervision on children's and infants' clothing, and the unqualified rate in recent years has not been low.

Moreover, in the sampling inspections in the past few years, there have been many samples of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. For parents, as long as the mention of formaldehyde, it must be a change of color, because the child's resistance is weak, if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard when wearing for a long time If you wear clothes, it may cause leukemia, and mild cases may also have allergic symptoms.

So today, littleoneusa would like to talk to you about the safety of children's clothes, to find out the unsafe factors that may appear in children's clothes, and to give parents and mothers a reminder and reference.

Christmas Truck Polka Dots Baby Romper

Christmas Truck Polka Dots Baby Romper

PART01:fabric safety

There are four main safety risks that may exist in fabrics:

Risk 1: Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde mainly comes from cheap dyes and auxiliaries.
In the production of clothing fabrics, in order to achieve anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, flame retardant, etc., or to maintain the durability of printing and dyeing, in order to improve the hand feel, formaldehyde will be added to the auxiliaries.

Risk 2: Aromatic Amines

Aromatic amine is a chemical raw material, which is used in fabric production by most small and medium-sized textile and garment manufacturers because of its diverse colors, simple manufacture and low price.

Long-term wearing of clothes that can decompose aromatic amine dyes, its solids and vapors can quickly enter the body through the skin, and mild cases will have adverse symptoms such as headache, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, vomiting, and cough, which can induce cancer, and the incubation period is as long as 20 years. .

Risk 3: PH

PH value is an indicator to measure the acidity and alkalinity of clothing.
Human skin is weakly acidic, and the PH value of clothing is between slightly acidic and neutral to protect human skin health. If the PH value exceeds the standard range, it will destroy the balance of the human skin surface and easily lead to symptoms such as allergic dermatitis.

Risk 4: Color Fastness

Color fastness is how fast the color of a garment is during washing and use.
The color of the fabric with poor color fastness will fall off during the wearing process by washing, rubbing, lighting, ironing, etc., which will not only contaminate each other, but also affect the appearance. If the fallen dye contains harmful substances, it will affect the skin health.

Christmas Tree Polka Dots Girl Ruffle Pant Set

The unsafe factors of color fastness are related to the variety of dyes used, dyeing process and post-treatment process.

The above four risks are the most common fabric safety hazards, but as ordinary consumers, it is impossible for us to test clothes. When buying clothes, we have the following methods to identify and avoid them:

  1. Choose children's clothing whose safety category is Class A, which will be marked on the clothing tag. my country's "National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products" divides all clothing into three categories: A, B, and C. It will be graded by testing indicators such as formaldehyde content, PH value, color fastness, etc. Class A products are products that have been strictly controlled by the country.
  2. After buying the clothes, smell them for irritating odors, such as musty smell, gasoline and kerosene smell, fishy smell, etc. If there is, it may be the formaldehyde and PH value exceeding the standard caused by the residues of chemical substances added in the clothing production process. , this kind of children's clothing parents must be careful to buy.
  3. The washing effect is very exaggerated, and the garments with more post-processing such as bleaching, fluorescence, and wrinkling are selected less or not.
  4. Don't rush to wear the clothes you bought, try soaking them in water for some time with detergent, and the sunlight will remove some harmful substances.
  5. For young babies, it is best to choose pure natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. The color is suitable for light colors and fabrics.

PART02:Safe by design

Nowadays, there are many children's clothes with complex designs, and many of them are expensive. Children also like fancy clothes, but such clothes are prone to potential safety hazards.

Risk 1: Printing

The risk of printing mainly comes from the paste. Some printing pastes are still illegally used by some printing companies because of their cheap price and easy coloring.

Therefore, when choosing clothes for children, printed clothes may not be the first choice. If the child really likes it, try to choose some printed clothes that are soft to the touch, good air permeability, small printing area, not rough in quality, and not close-fitting.

Babies under the age of three have more delicate skin, littleoneusa recommends that children of this age choose a solid color style as much as possible.

Risk 2: ropes

According to the investigation of children's clothing safety issues, there are two main types of child safety accidents caused by the drawstrings, functional ropes and decorative ropes on children's clothing. The rope on the collar is caught; the other is the age of 7-14, in the mobile vehicle, the drawstring at the hem of the children's jacket and sweatshirt is caught by the door and bicycle, etc., resulting in serious injury or even death.

When we choose clothes for children, we try to choose the shorter style of this kind of belt, and the length should not exceed 14 cm. Some decorative drawstrings should not be selected or directly cut to avoid cumbersome and hidden dangers. If the children at home are more active, littleoneusa recommends that you pass the clothes with drawstrings directly.

Risk 3: Small objects that are easy to fall off

The most common small items in children's clothing are zippers, buttons, metal accessories, beaded sequins and other decorations.

Therefore, when choosing clothes for young babies, try to choose clothes without any decorations to prevent swallowing accidents.

It is worth mentioning that zippers are still relatively common in children's clothing, but when choosing trousers for younger children, you should pay special attention to the quality of the zippers. If you encounter a zipper of poor quality, it is easy to pinch children. This kind of news is also Search a lot.

Cow Merry Christmas Legging Set


After talking about the safety hazards and countermeasures in children's clothing, littleoneusa has sorted out a complete process for choosing clothes for children, which is convenient for parents to copy homework.

  1. Smell: If there is a musty smell, gasoline smell, kerosene smell, fishy smell and various aromatic hydrocarbon smells, do not choose it.
  2. Look at the logo: safety technology categories are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. Among them, category A has the highest requirements and is suitable for infants and young children to wear, category B is suitable for clothing that directly contacts the skin, and category C is suitable for clothing that does not directly contact the skin. clothing. It is recommended to choose Class A clothing as much as possible.
  3. Material selection: mainly for comfort, soft and hygroscopic, and not irritating to the skin. Among them, all cotton material is the best.
  4. Color recognition: The brighter the color of the clothing, the more chemical substances such as color-fixing agents are used, and relatively simple and elegant colors can be selected.
  5. Check accessories: try to choose clothes with few accessories and short straps, pay attention to the quality of accessories such as zippers, and avoid scratches.

I hope everyone can help children choose safe and beautiful clothes by using the methods summarized by littleoneusa.

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How do I choose my kids clothes?

How do I choose my kids clothes?

How do I choose my kids clothes?

In general, the choice of children's clothing should first consider the child's talent. In the process of playing, the comfort level of clothes is a very important factor, which should be characterized by loose and natural casual clothes. The child's body is developing, and it is very convenient to wear casual clothes with delicate, unrestrained and loose appearance, and usually play games and activities. 

Leopard Print Santa Applique Dress

Leopard Print Santa Applique Dress

1. About the style

  1.  Neckline: For summer children's clothing, square neckline, round neckline and small pointed collar are better. In winter children's clothing, the best neckline is retractable or with a button, which is easy to put on and take off.
  2.  Dress: Choose a wide-waisted dress, so as to decorate the child's abdomen and waistless appearance, and can play a loose and cool effect. (Note: Many parents like to wear pantyhose for their children. If these pants are too short, it will affect the movement of the child's lower limbs, which is bad for the child's development.)
  3. Tops: When choosing tops, the sleeves should not be too long, the sleeves are too long, the child's arm movement is inconvenient, and some precise measures cannot be taken, which reduces the opportunity for finger movement and is detrimental to the child's brain development.
  4.  Buttons: It is best to open the placket on the front, and the buttons should not be too many, so that it is convenient for children to wear and undress themselves.
  5.  Pants: different styles at different stages

Different growth stages of babies have different requirements for pants. In order to protect the baby's skin and health, different styles should be selected according to different stages.

  1. When the baby is just born, it is not suitable to wear pants, it is best to wrap the baby's body with cotton.
  2. After the baby is a month old, it is advisable to choose simple and loose crotch pants, which will not hinder the baby's leg movement.
  3. The baby is 3-12 months old. At this time, the baby likes to move. It is advisable to choose a one-piece suit, which is convenient for activities and can protect the skin well.
  4. Above 12 months, babies usually walk by themselves at this time, and it is more suitable to choose comfortable home clothes at this time.

Baby girl does not wear open crotch pants

Wearing open-crotch pants for babies is generally for the convenience of going to the toilet, so as not to wet the pants, but it is best not to wear open-crotch pants for baby girls.

  1. Babies often sit and crawl on the ground, which is very unsanitary, and baby girls are prone to bacterial infection.
  2. The front and back of the open crotch pants are ventilated, and the buttocks and stomach are easy to catch cold, especially female babies are very prone to illness.
  3. The open crotch pants are too exposed, the baby is easy to put on the toys, and it is easy for sharp objects to sting the exposed skin, and the naked genitals of female babies are easily scratched.

Boys don't wear zipper pants

Remember the news some time ago that a boy had an operation for several hours because his trousers zipper got stuck in his genitals. Boys wearing zippered pants increase the risk of injuring their genitals. Children have a strong ability to imitate. It is easy for a baby to imitate an adult to pull the zipper by himself. Very painful and can even have serious consequences.

Tight is not advisable

Many mothers choose carefully shaped pants for their babies in order to look good or match their tops. This approach is not advisable. Too tight pants will hinder the baby's blood circulation, which is not conducive to the development of the baby's legs, and is too tight. The pants will bind the genitals, accelerate the friction of the pants on the genitals, and easily cause damage to the genitals.

Stripe Ruffle Twirl Dress

Crotch not too short

The baby should choose high-waisted trousers. The crotch is too short, the trousers will rub against the genitals as soon as the baby moves, which is easy to wear and infect the genitals, and the baby will feel uncomfortable and will constantly touch the genitals, which will not only make the baby pay attention. Lack of concentration and the indecent habit of touching the genitals.

2. About the color

  1. The color of children's clothing should be bright and beautiful. Preschool children already have feelings and requirements for colors. If they can decorate children's clothes with some cute animal patterns or other decorative patterns with bright colors, it will arouse children's interest in dressing and bring infinite joy to children.
  2. Babies have primitive sensitivity and common hobbies to color. It is believed that when choosing clothes for babies, they should also be judged from the child's body and skin color. Gorgeous dazzling, energetic. If the skin tone is brighter, then the adaptability to the color will be wider, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, people will look vivid and bright, even wearing gray or black, people will look graceful and elegant, giving people a kind of feeling. "Heavy makeup is always appropriate" feeling.
  3. While paying attention to the color matching with the skin color of the child, also pay attention to the matching of the child's body shape and the color of the children's clothing. If it is a relatively fat baby, choose cool or dark clothing, such as gray, black, Blue, because cool colors and dark colors can shorten the effect, this way, it can compensate for the child's physical defects; if the baby is relatively weak, then we can choose some warm-colored clothes for her, such as green, beige, coffee, etc. These colors are Expanding outward, it can give people a strong and lively feeling.

Of course, there is no fixed pattern in the color matching of children's clothing. Excessive stylization will appear dull, and excessive stylization will appear dull and lifeless, but there are too many changes, and it is easy to appear very messy. The sole purpose is color matching. Beautiful, beautiful, and comfortable to look at.

Christmas Tree Ruffle Twirl Girl Dress

3. About comfort

①All kinds of signs on children's clothing

  1. Whether there is a trademark and a Chinese factory name on the product.
  2. Whether there is a clothing size mark on the product
  3. Whether there is a component label on the product, mainly refers to the component label of the fabric and lining of the garment, and the percentage of various fiber content should be clear and accurate. Garments with fillers should also indicate the composition and content of the fillers. d. Whether there are graphic symbols and descriptions of the cleaning logo on the product, and investigate the requirements for cleaning and protection methods.

② Whether there is product qualification certificate, product implementation specification number, product quality grade and other marks on the product.

If the product is marked with formaldehyde content, the clothing for infants and young children aged 0-24 months should be less than 20 mg/kg, the clothing worn by children over 24 months should be ≤ 75 mg/kg for skin contact, and ≤ 300 mg/kg for non-contact skin.

③Identification of the appearance quality of children's clothing

  • a. Whether there are obvious weaving defects in the main parts of the appearance of children's clothing.
  • b. The primary seam of children's clothing is whether there is color difference, fabric "slip", fabric "wire arrangement", etc.
  • c. Pay attention to the texture of various accessories and decorations on children's clothing, such as whether the zipper is smooth, whether the button is strong, whether the snap button is tight and suitable, etc.
  • d. Surface parts with adhesive lining, such as collars, lapels, bag covers, and plackets, whether there is degumming, blistering or glue leakage.

Safety is the first consideration. For children's clothes under 1 year old, it is best not to nail metal buttons, so as not to scratch the child's skin when putting on and taking off.

Patriotic Stars Twirl Dress

Pay attention to the comfort, safety and health of children's clothing.

① When purchasing children's clothing, you should pay attention to the fiber characteristics of the fabrics. Generally, it is appropriate to choose fabrics made of natural fibers such as cotton fabrics and silk fabrics. Such fabrics mainly have the characteristics of softness, breathability and moisture absorption, especially in summer. Children will feel comfortable when wearing clothes and close-fitting clothes. Similarly, if the softness, breathability and moisture absorption of the clothing fabrics are relatively poor, the temperature and sweat on the body surface will not be easily released when children wear them, and they will feel stuffy. The wet feeling is easy to breed bacteria, which is not good for children's health.

If the selected children's clothing is marked with polyester, nylon or chemical fiber names such as coating, composite, etc., the children's clothing should be loose, because the main characteristics of the above-mentioned fabrics, its softness, air permeability, etc. The hygroscopicity of clothing and clothing is relatively poor, especially the coated or compounded fabrics, which have worse performance. Therefore, children's clothing made of such fabrics should be loose-fitting, so as to preserve the moisture between the skin and the fabric. Space, you can get comfortable feeling through air flow to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

② When purchasing children's clothing, you should pay attention to the color of the fabric. If the clothing is for children's underwear or summer clothing, you should try to choose light-colored clothing. If you buy dark-colored clothing, once the color fastness of the fabric is poor (such as color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to perspiration, and color fastness to sunlight do not meet the standard specifications, it will cause fading, fading, and staining) In the process of wearing, children will contact with the skin, rubbing, sweat, and sun exposure, which may cause fading, which may have adverse effects on children's skin health. much smaller.

③ To buy thermal clothing for children in winter, that is, various thermal materials with fillers in the clothing, such as hollow cotton, polyester stereotyped cotton, wool, silk, down, etc. Consumers should pay attention to the specific name and name of the product marked. Content, to understand the consumption, should pay attention to the ambiguous or unmarked name and content of the label, do not buy lightly, let alone buy it because the price is cheap, once the filler is all kinds of inferior fibers, it will reach Clothing that does not meet the requirements of the standard requirements and expressly does not conform to it will bring serious health and safety hazards to children.

Four, sewing quality identification

  • ①Whether there are obvious weaving defects in the main parts of the appearance of children's clothing
  • ②Is there any color difference
  • ③The texture of various accessories and decorations on children's clothing
  • ④Whether there is degumming, blistering or seepage on the surface part with adhesive lining
  • ⑤ Visually inspect whether the sewing lines of the main parts of children's clothing are straight and whether the seams are flat
  • ⑥ Check whether the symmetrical parts of children's clothing are consistent

5. Cultivation of rational consumption concept

① Doting, blind comparison

Nowadays, some children's admiration for brands is really unbelievable. The little kid upstairs who is less than five years old sees that his mother has bought a new piece of clothes, and even asks curiously: What brand is it, mother? The child's mother said that this was all caused by going to kindergarten, and the current little partners have all learned to dress and compare: What do you look like in Winnie the Pooh? I also wore Mickey today! What brand are the socks? What about shoes? When I was young, I mentioned that the brands are very rare, and I was going to school, but I decided not to wear clothes without a brand!

②Brand view

The brand of children's clothing is good, and it is unnecessary to say it; the doting of parents to their children, it is needless to say. But such a variety should not be a reason for children to blindly compare. In the years when children began to pay attention to "brands" and looked for pride in their wear, the influence of parents' consumption concept was the beginning of "traceability". Packing a child is like packing oneself. When the child is dressed, the self also saves face. Because of this, it is often seen in shopping malls, and many parents spend hundreds of dollars to buy brands for their children. Of course, there is an economic premise. Of course, it is understandable, but the childish innocence can't stand the long-term infiltration of this kind of material. Maybe, give children a rational The concept of consumption is the real grade.

6. Matters needing attention

When choosing shopping places and brands, you should pay attention to:

  • ① Reputable, large and medium-sized shopping malls with standardized after-sales service.
  • ② Don't be fooled by advertisements and publicity such as "discount" and "bonus sale". It is advisable to buy children's clothing products at a moderate price. Too cheap is often easy to be deceived.
  • ③ It is necessary to choose a well-known children's clothing brand in the local or other places, and the quality can be easily guaranteed.
  • ④ Keep the shopping invoice, and see whether the content on the shopping invoice is consistent with the real object, so that when various quality problems occur after wearing, the quality responsibility can be traced.

When purchasing children's clothing, if you can basically meet the above-mentioned four points of attention, I believe that you can buy a clothing that meets the requirements of quality standards and is more fit, comfortable and satisfactory.

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7 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying children's Clothes

7 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying children's Clothes

1. Do not buy children's clothing with strong smell and strange smell.

This smell is generally the smell of processing aids left during printing and dyeing, which is irritating to children's skin and respiratory system.
Especially children's immune systems are more sensitive and prone to allergies.
This kind of smell may not be removed by washing with water alone. If it is found to be smelly after washing, it will also affect the return. From this point of view, it is recommended that parents do not buy such clothes.

Skull Bow Leopard Baby Onesie

2. Choose products with plain colors or small print patterns, and less products with bright prints and stiff fabrics.

Such chemical additives are added more, and the risk is also high.

3. Avoid clothes with many accessories.

Underwear or summer clothes for children's close-fitting, avoid buying clothes with too many decorative items such as ropes, drawstrings, pom-poms, beads, sequins, bows, buttons, etc.
For example this:
Clothes with ropes look cute, but when children slide down slides or take elevators, the ropes are easily entangled and there is a risk of suffocation.
And sequins, buttons and other decorations are easy to fall off, and there is a risk of suffocation after being eaten by children. And some sequins have sharp edges, which can easily scratch the child's skin.

Pumpkin Turkey Plaid Boy Set

Pumpkin Turkey Plaid Boy Set

4. Newly purchased children's clothing is recommended to be washed before wearing.

The reason is the same as 1, and the residual processing aids are washed away.
It should be reminded that if the irritating odor after bathing is still relatively obvious, it means that the odor of clothing is mostly unqualified, and it is recommended not to wear it to children.

5. Pay attention to whether there are national safety technical specifications on the hangtag/label.

When buying clothes for children, you must pay attention to whether there is this standard (GB 31701) on the label, which is the most basic guarantee for the safety of clothing. If you can't even achieve this, let alone the comfort of wearing.

6. Considering the comfort and cost-effectiveness of wearing, cotton fabrics are the first choice.

However, the quality of cotton clothing products is mixed. From this point of view, it is recommended that parents prefer big-brand cotton clothing.
As for the ramie/linen material mentioned by some people, it will be rough for children, and it will feel itchy when worn. Moreover, this material is not cheap, and there are relatively few brands using it for children's clothing on the market, so there is no room for choice. many.

Skeleton Love Pumpkin Baby Onesie

Skeleton Love Pumpkin Baby Onesie

7. Parents who are more concerned about details can pay more attention to these aspects:

  • Whether the suture and seam are smooth
  • Whether the clothes are symmetrical from left to right and front to back
  • Whether the placket and collar are blistered, etc.
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Where is the cheapest place to buy children's clothing online?

Where is the cheapest place to buy children's clothing online?

Where is the cheapest place to buy children's clothing online?

Stalls can purchase children's clothing from professional wholesale websites, look for overstocked products, get goods directly from manufacturers, and wholesale markets. The details are as follows:

purchase children's clothing from professional wholesale websites

1. Get the goods from the specialized wholesale network or the source network, such as littleoneusa.com,1688 Alibaba Wholesale Network, Amazon,Walmart, you can also have a reference price.

2. Look for overstocked products.

Some wholesalers or manufacturers have a lot of overstocked stocks. If you have sufficient funds, you can try to stock up on these stocks. Because the purchase volume is relatively large, and these stocks are urgently processed by the merchants, they can get the goods at a relatively low price.

3. Purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Among the traditional purchase channels, the cheapest place to calculate should be the manufacturer. If the purchase volume is relatively large, or there are acquaintances in the manufacturer, then you can try to get the goods directly from the manufacturer. Because the middle link is omitted, the discount obtained should be the lowest among the formal channels.

4. There are large and small wholesale markets in every city.

People who are used to face-to-face transactions can choose to purchase goods from the nearest wholesale market. If the demand is not very large, it can be wholesaled from the local wholesale market, so that you can check the actual product and save the cost in the middle.


1. Generally, people who buy things on the table only buy things when they are cheap, and they only buy things with special features.

Therefore, low prices are often more attractive to buyers, so that they can win the market and attract more customers. Therefore, low prices Product matters.

2. The booth should choose children's clothing suitable for the season, so that it is not easy to overwhelm the goods. For example, in this season, you can choose sweaters, cotton clothes, jeans, and some children's clothing with bottoming knitted sweaters.

You must win and market demand to get them. bigger profits.

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How should children's clothing be classified?

How should children's clothing be classified?

When choosing clothing for your child, pay attention to the child's physical characteristics and age characteristics. Children of different ages have different outfits. In the children's clothing industry, different types of clothing have been divided. The main types are as follows:

Long Flared Sleeve Snowflake Print Crochet Dress


(1) Baby clothes

Baby clothing refers to clothing worn by infants under 36 months. At this time, the baby's skin is delicate, the head is generally round, curious, incompetent, and chaotic. The style should be simple and loose, easy to take off and wear; the fabric should be natural fibers with strong water absorption and good air permeability. Such as soft cotton or wool. The colors are mostly light colors, warm colors or light pinks, and a little embroidery pattern can be appropriate. Never choose baby clothes with hard materials and baby clothes with hard buttons.

(2) Children's clothing

Toddler clothing refers to clothing worn by children aged 2-5. At this time, the children are lively and active, with round stomachs, potbellies, and naive attitudes. The style should be loose and lively, and the embroidery patterns of animals, characters, flowers and characters can be used locally, and it is best to have piping, inlay, and shirring techniques at the same time. Colors should be bright, stain-resistant tones. The fabric is mostly made of wear-resistant and easy-to-wash cotton textiles, and the coat can also be made of soft and easy-to-wash chemical fiber fabrics.

(3) Children's clothing

Children's clothing refers to clothing worn by children aged 6-11. At this time, children grow rapidly, their hands and feet grow, they are naughty and active, and they have self-assertion. The style should be mainly loose, there are differences between men and women, and some elastics can be made. Colors can be in contrasting shades at the same time. The range of fabrics is increased, both natural and chemical fibers are available. There are many styles of children's clothing, which should be selected according to the child's personality. Children's clothing can be further divided into three categories: small children's clothing, middle children's clothing, and large children's clothing.

(4) Juvenile clothing

Junior clothing refers to clothing worn by teenagers aged 12-16. At this time, the physical development of the teenagers has changed greatly, and the gender characteristics are obvious. They often have their own aesthetic preferences, especially like novel clothing, often ingenious. Style requirements are between children's clothing and youth clothing.

School uniforms are their most common clothes. The clothes should not be luxurious but should be styled in matching. The colors are bright and elegant, and the local small decorations should be constantly renovated. The fabric is more of a chemical fiber material. Because the child grows very fast at this time and needs to constantly update the clothes, so do not choose the clothes that are too expensive.

In terms of quality standards, they can generally be divided into three categories:

Category A: baby products. Category A (baby and toddler products) diapers, diapers, underwear, bibs, pajamas, gloves, socks, coats, hats, generally young children's clothing is category A, this standard is relatively strict, if you see Mark A, the description is relatively reliable.

Category B: Products that can come into direct contact with the skin. Category B (products that come into direct contact with the skin) bras, belly belts, vests, shorts, cotton sweater pants, shirts, (summer) skirts, (summer) pants, socks, suitable for older children, these requirements are not so strict , Children who are older can still wear it, but generally adults wear more.

Category C: Products that cannot be in direct contact with the skin. Category C (products that are not in direct contact with the skin) sweaters, outerwear, skirts, trousers, curtains, bedspreads, wall coverings, fillers, interlinings, there are very few children's clothing in this part, but there are not none on the market, it is best not to give children Put on.

From the perspective of style, the classification will be more and more detailed:

Generally divided into tops, bottoms, coats and suits. However, among the tops, there will be subdivisions such as T-shirts, vests, sweaters, etc., which will not be described in detail here.

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Orange Bell Pants Set wholesale

What are the most important considerations in children's clothing wholesale?

What are the most important considerations in children's clothing?

1. Children's clothing wholesale must pay attention to quality assurance

Whether it is physical wholesale or children's clothing wholesale online children's clothing wholesale, you must find those goods that are easy to sell, with good styles and excellent quality. Don't be greedy for cheap, look for those for a few dollars. you get what you pay for. You can’t have both.

Generally, if there are quality problems, the products sold at low prices will not be returned. The risk is borne by consumers. Generally, the cheaper the quality, the more likely the quality will go wrong. If the price is higher, if there is a quality problem, it can be returned, and the merchant bears the risk.

The grade and quality are higher, so that the profit margin of the store is also higher. Price is as important as quality, cheap without taking the risk, that's not possible.

2. Children's clothing wholesale can't just look at the price

Whether it is physical wholesale or online wholesale of children's clothing, when it comes to children's clothing wholesale, it depends on the value, that is, whether the price-performance ratio is worth or overvalued. It must be combined with the local market environment and its own strength to maintain the highest price-performance ratio.

The grade of children's clothing wholesale products also represents It depends on the level of the store and the level of people. Therefore, it is not enough to look at the price when wholesale children's clothing. Of course, this is only for the middle-to-high-end crowd.

3. When wholesale children's clothing, you can't choose products with your own eyes

Go to the children's clothing wholesale market, browse the children's clothing wholesale website and Taobao store, and compare more. Also go to the surrounding children's clothing wholesale and retail stores to find out what they are selling.

When buying children's clothing wholesale, don't just use your own eyes to choose, unless you are very experienced, after the children's clothing wholesale is for sale, whether you like it or not, just sell it, or even what to sell, you can ask children's clothing wholesalers or It is a more experienced person. In short, the products selected should follow the trend of the market.

3 Tips for Wholesale of Children's Clothing

1. Don't be cheap

Online wholesale of children's clothing must not be greedy for cheap, and you must be cautious about ultra-low-priced products. For example, the so-called Ruili clothes that cost more than ten yuan a piece are often just good-looking pictures, but the quality of the clothes is very poor. The cheapest ones are usually dealt with special deals. Cheap is cheap, but when you get it, it looks like a street stall. .

Good stuff is usually not cheap. Does that mean that the higher the price, the more authentic it is? Not necessarily, but if the seller can offer a high price, it means that at least the quality of the items should be good. One of the main reasons why many of our customers prefer high-end brands to children's clothing wholesale is also their good workmanship and quality.

When wholesale children's clothing online, it is recommended to choose medium-priced ones, for example, the prices are 10$, 20$, 30$, 50$, 80$, 120$... In this case, it is recommended that you choose the price between 20$~100$ In this case, the price/performance ratio will be higher.

2. See more and compare

The advantage of online children's clothing wholesale is that the price competition is fierce, and there are more styles to choose from, but it is more difficult to identify the quality of the products online, because we can't really touch with our hands and see with our eyes.

Here is a good way to introduce you: websites with good quality products usually have large pictures to display, so that buyers can see the details. The reason for this is because the owner knows that the quality of his children's clothing is reliable, but the quality is not good. Usually only small images are used.

3. Side understanding, stage inspection

Generally, scammer websites usually hang some wholesale pictures of children's clothing on the Internet, and they are hardly updated. This is also worth paying attention to. When you enter a website, you don't have to worry about trading first, but pay more attention to the product update status and delivery status of the website (generally Reputable websites will have a delivery record column for the consignee to check).

There is also to check the operation time of the website (a small tip is to check the establishment time of the website, ranking, and check whether the record is filed. Of course, it is not difficult to open the record now. longer, the higher the reliability.)

It is recommended that you go to a site to browse the products first, collect them if you are interested (to save the trouble of finding them later), and check back every few days to see if the products are updated, whether the transaction records are updated, etc.

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how to buy children's clothes in bulk

How to buy children's clothes in bulk

how to buy children's clothes in bulk

Now friends and friends turn a blind eye to the product logo, and few people will check the product logo. In fact, product identification is quite beneficial for friends to choose children's clothing or other items. The product label (that is, the instructions for use) contains a lot of fabric information, which is also an effective basis for consumers to complain and protect their rights. The clothes produced by regular children's clothing manufacturers will have tags. If there is no tag, please be careful! This is the first tip that my sister wants to share with her friends.
how to buy children's clothes in bulk
Friends all want to choose good quality children's clothing, so friends in the safety category should pay great attention. And the safety category will also have what kind of children's clothing children of that age should wear. Checking the safety category is also a reference for friends to choose good children's clothing, and it is also a skill that should not be underestimated. The following Xiaobian sister tells friends which categories are suitable for children of which age. Class A is a textile product for infants and young children, which must be marked with the words "products for infants and young children" on the instructions for use. Category B refers to textile products that come into direct contact with the skin. Category C refers to products that do not come into direct contact with the skin. In addition, there will be quality grades such as "superior products, first-class products, and qualified products" in the product identification (there are also second-class products in some categories), and you should also pay attention to check the washing marks sewn on the clothing, such as model specifications, clothing ingredients, washing method, etc.

The fabric feature of children's clothing is the quality of children's clothing that friends can observe with the naked eye, which will form a preliminary judgment. This is also helpful for friends to choose children's clothing. The color condition, surface defects, stains, patterning, button firmness, smooth use of zippers, and whether the fabric is soft and does not sting the skin, especially the high-value silk, plush, leather and other fabrics should be carefully checked. Also pay attention to the light fabric yarns.

The biggest quality problem of children's clothing may be the problem of excessive formaldehyde. This is also a hot issue that consumers are concerned about. If you smell a pungent odor when choosing children's clothing, it is very likely that the formaldehyde exceeds the standard. Therefore, keep away from some irritating children's clothing friends. These are just a few of the tips for picking out kids' clothing shared by littleoneusa.com. Friends, you should know that some invisible harmful ingredients cannot be completely identified by simply looking, touching, and smelling them. Therefore, children's clothing that does not smell pungent should not be taken lightly.

Children's clothing knowledge that you must know when children's clothing wholesale!

Fabric selection for children's clothing

Fabric is the most intuitive response to determine the comfort of a piece of clothing, especially children's clothing, which has higher requirements in terms of softness, lightness, tear resistance, and washability. Especially recently, the development of children's clothing towards leisure requires more soft fabrics that are sweat-absorbing, breathable and less irritating. Cotton clothing is beneficial to children's physical and mental health because of its comfort and sweat absorption, and has become the main fabric of children's clothing. Secondly, hemp, silk, kv and other natural materials are also good materials for making children's clothing. But because boys are naughty, the wear resistance of the clothing is also very important.

Colors and patterns of children's clothing

The first thing to do is to judge the child's body and skin color. Boys with darker skin should prefer high-brightness, high-purity clothing, bright colors, eye-catching, and spiritual. Boys with bright complexions have a wider range of children's clothing colors. For example, wearing pink, yellow, and red will make people look lively and bright, while wearing gray and black will make people look delicate and elegant.

While paying attention to the color matching with the skin color of the child, we should also pay attention to the matching of the child's body shape and the color of the children's clothing. If it is a fat child, choose cool or dark clothing, which can play a role in visual contraction. , make up for the child's physical defects, and can also enhance the child's self-confidence; and for a relatively thin child, wearing warm and light-colored clothes can give people a warm feeling, and the vision will be fuller.

Tips for purchasing children's clothing

When shopping for clothes, don't forget the principle of safety first. Now, the fabrics of many children's clothes contain harmful substances such as fluorescent powder, formalin, free formaldehyde, etc. If children wear clothes containing these harmful substances, the light ones will have skin allergies, redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms, and the severe cases will continue Cough, which can lead to bronchitis and other diseases.

Therefore, when choosing children's clothing, you must pay attention not to buy children's clothing that has been anti-wrinkle treatment, try to choose children's clothing with small patterns, and the printing of the pattern should not be very hard, and try not to buy bleached children's clothing. When shopping for clothing, smell children's clothing for a strong, pungent odor.

After buying children's clothes, it is best to rinse them with clean water first, and don't wait to put on new clothes for children, because formaldehyde is often easier to dissolve in water, and more washing can effectively reduce harmful components in clothes. After putting on new clothes for your child, if you have symptoms such as skin allergy, emotional disturbance, poor diet, continuous cough, etc., you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

If the color of the clothes falls off seriously, the children's skin will be stained with dyes. Under the action of biocatalysis, the bacteria may undergo a reduction reaction and release carcinogenic aromatic amines, which may diffuse into the human body through the skin and become the inducement of human lesions. factor.

Therefore, in the color selection of intimate clothing, light colors can be considered more. If it is dark children's clothing, it should be washed after buying it home, and then put on the children. If the clothes are found to be seriously faded during washing, you need to pay special attention.

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Top 15 Children's Boutique Clothing brands in China

Top 15 Children's Boutique Clothing brands in China

It is very important to know the brand of children's clothing, for those who do children's clothing wholesale business. So today, let's learn about the top 15 famous brands of children's clothing in China.

How To Start A Children's Clothing Business Online?

Share 15 children's clothing brands, do all mothers know?
In the children's industry for more than ten years, I have paid attention to many children-related brands.
Today, let's take stock of children's clothing brands, each brand has a story, and each brand has a vision.

Take a look at the following brands, do you know them all?



Balabala advocates the brand concept of "different childhood", providing children with fashionable and practical children's clothing products, suitable for different occasions and activities, so that children can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable childhood. Balabala products have fully covered the categories of clothing, children's shoes and accessories for children aged 0-16. Balabala focuses on consumer shopping experience, providing a variety of professional fashion products in a one-stop retail space, and continues to create consumer value with rich choices and excellent value for money.

Piglet Banner PEPCO


Founded in 1995, Guangdong Piggy Banner Garment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Liangfa Group. It is a children's clothing brand operator integrating R&D, production and sales with the purpose of "being a healthy and happy child". The product is positioned for urban children aged 0-15, with the original Nordic ecological design concept, and individuality means individuality highlights the beauty of children's individuality. All along, Piggy Banner takes "fashion, sports, leisure, health and vitality" as its brand style, pursues the idea of ​​"people-oriented", keeps forging ahead, and has achieved remarkable results.

Anta kids

Anta kids

Anta Kids is an exclusive KidS sports brand launched by Anta Company in 2008, and its products cover children aged 0-14. ANTA Children is committed to providing comfortable products, so that children can wear comfortably in various occasions such as school, sports, and travel, so that children can feel the joy and freedom of their minds. Inheriting the never-ending sports spirit of the parent brand, it inspires every child to exercise happily, stimulates children's potential, and creates infinite possibilities.

ABC kids


Founded in 1983, it is a well-known children's clothing brand under Qiqi Co., Ltd. The founders take "helping Chinese children grow up healthily" as the mission of the company, and pass the love of the ABC brand to every consumer. A brand operator and service provider focusing on the children's fashion culture industry. The product positioning is for children aged 3-13, providing professional light and fashionable children's clothing for parents and children who pursue fashion and taste.

Pencil Club

Pencil Club
Founded in 1996, Dongguan Tianxiang Clothing is a well-known brand of children's clothing. The product positioning is for children aged 4-14, focusing on mid-to-high-end fast fashion European style, with the brand characteristics of "classic, elegant European style", leading the new fashion of children's clothing industry consumption. Environmentally friendly and healthy soft-skin fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship provide children with healthy and comfortable children's clothing. The brand conveys "the same childhood, different colors", so that children can have a colorful childhood.

jnby by JNBY

jnby by JNBY

The children's clothing designer brand launched by JNBY in 2011 aims to present the unadorned but unique side of life for children. The brand positioning is for children aged 0-10, allowing children to enjoy a natural and interesting childhood. Taking "free imagination" as the concept, with "freedom, imagination, happiness, and truth" as the core of the design, it conveys good values ​​and beliefs, encourages children and parents to grow each other, and fully demonstrates the true nature and unique talents of children.



Shenzhen Annil Co., Ltd. is a self-owned brand clothing enterprise with independent research and development and design, mainly engaged in mid-to-high-end children's clothing business. It owns the "Annil" children's clothing brand. The company takes "different comfort" as the product theme, pursues high-quality fabrics and comfortable experience, and is committed to providing comfortable, simple and fashionable children's clothing products for the majority of infant consumers.

mar latin


Shanghai Boyue Clothing Co., Ltd., established in 2004, has been focusing on the design, operation and retail of children's clothing. It is an original designer children's clothing brand integrating design, development, production and sales.

Tong Tai


Tongtai Infant Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. After more than 20 years of development, it carries out scientific and humanized management with the purpose of "caring for children and creating the future", and creates a professional brand of "natural, fashionable and healthy". It adopts natural pure cotton and accessories that do not contain harmful substances, with fresh, elegant and soft colors, and pays attention to good characteristics such as delicacy, softness and warmth. Baby gets more complete comfort and care.



Disa takes the inheritance of fashion and simple style as its theme, making every girl a cute little princess! In terms of design style, most of them use the expression methods to reflect children's liveliness and individuality, and fill in the blank of modern fashion and individualized fashion clothes with avant-garde fashion trends. With a deep perception of French art of living, it depicts a pure dream of combining creativity and quality.

Mini Peace

Mini Peace

"Mini Peace" was founded in 2011, the brand intends to express a "fashionable, lively" image of a happy child who dares to pursue the trend. Taking leading fashion and "seeing the world with innocence" as the design concept, the style is novel and the craftsmanship is exquisite. With comfortable clothing fabrics, we integrate fashionable and well-fitting layout designs, and strive to give children the most comfortable skin feeling for each product. Every try on becomes the most beautiful and confident happy moment for children.


Babudou advocates that "the world is my fairy tale kingdom", the design style interprets the combination of pure nature and cute childhood, pursues comfort and safety, takes into account the stylish appearance, and reflects the concept of green environmental protection everywhere, with a full range of 0-16 years old apparel.


NIKE KIDS, Founded: 1972
This is a children's clothing brand specially created by an internationally renowned sports brand for children. This children's clothing brand has many products, including clothes, shoes and sports equipment to meet children's sports needs.


The childishness of comics is integrated into the design concept of children's clothing, and the performance of colors, patterns and styles is inclined to a lively, interesting and rich style, and the most popular elements are injected to highlight children's lively and happy personality, and interpret children's clothing. classic.

DAVE&BELLA/David Bella

Established: August 2011
Brand positioning: high-grade product provider and service provider for infants and young children aged 0-6
Product elements: simple, pure, soft, comfortable
Brand concept: We have always adhered to the concept of "only love" for your baby!

Most of the foreign institutions we cooperated with in the past were educational institutions, and we hope to cooperate with more children's businesses in the future.

Every industry is a world. Clothing, food, housing, and transportation are the number one priority.
The above organize and share 15 children's clothing brands, and encourage each other!

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How To Start A Children's Clothing Business Online?

How To Start A Children's Clothing Business Online?

I want to do children's clothing business, but how do I find the source of goods? What I hope most is that I can personally go to the manufacturer for wholesale, but how can I get cooperation with the manufacturer?

how to start a children's clothing business online?

 How To Start A Children's Clothing Business Online?

1. Choose a good direction

You must have a clear idea. It is best to do children's clothing exclusively. If your store is large, you can do men's clothing or women's clothing. Don't forget what you have come to do in the market, and don't let other things affect your thinking. That is, if you have already decided to run men's clothing or women's clothing, you must have a clear mind, and don't go to the children's clothing wholesale market.

How To Start A Children's Clothing Business Online?
2. Children's clothing positioning

In addition, observe the people who come to buy the goods, what kind of goods they buy, and where to sell them. If you find that this person always comes to buy goods, it means that he is selling well. You should follow him to his store to investigate quietly. , it will be very helpful for you to open a shop right away.

The positioning of children's clothing is to be a brand, or to do school children's clothing, or middle-aged and elderly children's clothing, or children's clothing. Conduct market research on the children's clothing you want to purchase. You must know all wholesalers of sports children's clothing, take a notebook and remember who wholesales what kind of sports children's clothing, what price, who wholesales better, who buys more people, and whose store is prosperous. You can ask for a hand thorn to indicate that you have to keep it in your heart, this is your wealth.

hildren's clothing positioning

3. Children's clothing purchase

Everything is ready, you can buy it now. If it is your first time, you have to pretend to be a regular customer. You can negotiate the price with the dealer. Since you can tell the price of other people's children's clothing, the boss sees that you are very knowledgeable. Not a novice, a novice can't answer the boss's question. There is a Chinese saying: Conscience and knowledge are better than a hundred battles. In this way, you won't spend a lot of money on the first purchase, and you will be given discounts to attract customers like you.

4. Strictly prevent being deceived

Novices can't tell if it's true or false. Under such circumstances, there are still many people who take the goods, and you are worried that you will be deceived. In the process of purchasing, you should pay attention to the fact that there are a lot of clothes trays, and pretend that you are also coming to purchase. The novice is very easy to be fooled. When you see others snapping up, you are afraid that there will be no goods, so you go to snap up. you can take. Ask other wholesalers to buy a few pieces for you. Since the few bosses you buy are not wholesale to you, even if they are wholesaled to you, the price is very high. If you add a little money to each piece of clothing for the person who helps you, you can wholesale to you. If you want to buy clothes, you will save a lot of money than wholesale from your boss. Go back and check. If it sells well, you can buy it according to your needs, so you won't be fooled. The condition is that the wholesaler is not familiar with your case.

5. Children's clothing display

After the goods are purchased, the children's clothing should be placed. The overall effect of the store should be a store that gives people a good feeling. You can go to the wholesaler or specialty store, or the retailer's store to learn about the placement of clothes. You can welcome customers with a new look.

6. Price adjustment

How much to sell and how to sell it is up to you. Grasp the market situation at any time, and find the price adjustment of the wholesaler, you should adjust your price immediately.

7. Promotional flow

Newly opened stores, it is best to do a promotion flow, you can decide to buy gifts according to the size of your store. There are still a lot of people who are greedy for petty gain, and they can capture the psychology of such a group of people. Help you do promotions. When you open, you can put some plastic basins, washbasins. It looks big and tempting. There are also some balloons with characters. Many children like it. Adults will bring children to ask for balloons. Remember that the quality must be good.

On the opening day, gifts will be given to the first 200 customers who come to the store in front of the queue in advance. People who buy things have gifts, and the products will be discounted when they are opened, so that your business will be good, many people will know your store, and people will leave a good impression.


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girl wholesale boutique clothing

girl wholesale boutique clothing,Skills of girl wholesale boutique clothing

Skills of girl wholesale boutique clothing

1. Choose a good direction

You must have a clear idea. It's best to be specific in making girl's clothes. If your store is large, you can make men's clothes or women's clothes. Don't forget what you are doing in the market, and don't let other things affect your thinking. That is, we have decided to operate men's clothing or women's clothing. We should have a clear mind and don't want to do everything when we go to the girl wholesale boutique clothing market.

Skills of girl wholesale boutique clothing

2. Children's clothing positioning

In addition, observe the people who come to purchase, what kind of goods they buy and where they sell. If you find that this person always comes to purchase, it is that he sells well. You should follow him to his store to investigate quietly, which is of great help to you to open a store immediately.

The positioning of girl's clothing is to be a brand, a student's clothing, a middle-aged and elderly girl's clothing, and a girl's clothing. Conduct market research on the girl's clothing you want to purchase. You should know all wholesalers of sports girl's wear. Take a book and remember who wholesales what kind of sports girl's wear, what price, who wholesales well, who purchases more people, and whose store has a prosperous business. You can ask for a thorn to mark it. You should keep it in mind. This is your wealth.

Skills of girl wholesale boutique clothing

3. Children's clothing purchase

When everything is ready, stock it now. If you are the first time to ship it, you should also pretend to be a regular customer. You can talk about the price with the dealer. Because you can say the price of other people's girl's clothes, the boss thinks you are very knowledgeable. You are not a novice. A novice can't answer the boss's question. There is a Chinese saying: conscience is better than knowledge, and you win every battle. In this way, the first purchase will not cost a lot of money, but also to attract customers like you to give you concessions.

4. Strictly prevent being deceived

Novices can't see whether it's true or false. Under such circumstances, there are still many people taking goods, and you're worried about being cheated. In the process of purchasing, you should pay attention to a lot of clothes, pretending that you are also here to purchase. Novices are easily fooled. Seeing others rush to buy, you also rush to buy for fear of being late and out of stock. You can take. Let other wholesalers help you buy a few pieces. Because you don't buy enough, the boss doesn't wholesale to you. Even if you wholesale to you, it's also a high price. If you add a little money to each piece of clothes for the person who helps you, you can wholesale the clothes you want to buy, which saves a lot of money than your wholesale in the boss. Go back and have a look. If it's easy to sell and sell well, you can purchase according to your needs, so you won't be fooled. The condition is that the wholesaler is not familiar with you.
Skills of girl wholesale boutique clothing

5.girl's clothing placement

After the goods are purchased, the girl's clothes should be placed. The overall effect of the store should make people feel good. You can visit the stores of wholesalers, franchises and retailers, and learn how to place clothes there, so that your store can welcome customers with a new look.

6. Price adjustment

I decide how much to sell and how to sell. Grasp the market situation at any time, and if you find the price adjustment of wholesalers, you should also adjust your price immediately.

girl wholesale boutique clothing

7. Promotional flow

For new stores, it's best to do some promotional mobility. You can decide to buy gifts according to the size of your store. At present, there are still many people who are greedy for petty gains and can catch the psychology of such a sect. Help you do a good job of promotion. When you open your business, you can put in some plastic basins and washbasins. It looks big and attractive. There are also some balloons with words.

Many girl like them. Adults will bring girl to ask for balloons. Remember that the quality must be better. On the opening day, give gifts to the top 200 customers who queue in front of the store in advance. People who buy things have gifts, and the goods are discounted when they open, so that the business of your store will be good, and many people will know your store and leave a good impression.
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Buying clothes for children is a difficult task, especially for new parents. It is not about just purchasing beautiful dresses. Instead, you need to keep in mind many other things. For example, the quality of the clothes, the materials, etc.

But again, you are not a master in threads or garments. It is okay that you are not aware of which materials are good for the environment and which are bad. You do not need to worry, though. Little One USA is here to help. Our popular children's clothing blogs will give you complete guidance on children's clothing. 

Learn about the Trends

Fashion trends always change with time. Sometimes, we grown-ups do not keep pace with the children's trends. From our blogs, you can learn about all the latest trends regarding children's clothes. We keep our blogs up to date so that you can be benefitted. 

Staying up-to-date with trends is important to make your children more adorable and charming. They are special and deserve everything special. You cannot just purchase anything at random for them. Learn about all the new trends from our popular clothing blogs and match the trends.

Besides, it is the era of social media. You surely love to share photos of your babies online. If you dress them in outdated dress, your friends will consider you as an irresponsible parent. So, take some time to learn about the trends. 

Tips on Shopping

If you are a new parent, then you really need some tips for shopping for clothes for your babies and kids. All of our blogs are written by writers who are experts in children's clothes. We provide up-to-date tips so that you can buy the best products for your children. 

Buying something beautiful is not enough for children. There are many other things you need to consider. For example, choosing the right accessories that can complement the clothes and enhance their beauty. 

Learn about Ethical Clothing

Clothes are an important part of fashion and of our lives. However, you also need to think of the environment. You should choose clothes that are made of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials so that your environment can stay safe. 

Our environment has already experienced enough damage. It is high time we took care of it and helped it get better. Or else your little ones will one day suffer when they grow up. The earth won't remain worthy of living a peaceful life. Therefore, we want to educate our customers about sustainable and environment-friendly products. 

Tips on Caring for Your Children's Clothing

Purchasing good clothes is only the first step in solving the clothing issue for your children. You need to take care of the clothes properly, or else you will have to purchase new clothes every month. 

Our popular children's clothing blogs will guide you about how you can take care of the clothes properly and how you can store them properly. 

Parenting Advice

You are a great parent; we believe in that. And that is why you will look for solutions to different problems. Because good parents are open to advice from experts. We offer you the best advising blogs, with advice from experienced parents and expert professionals. 

Good parents can lead to a better nation. There is no shame if you find difficulties in rearing your children. You can always take help, and Little One USA is ready to provide that help

Learning has no age and no limit. There is always something new to learn about, and you should be open to learning new things to be a perfect parent. And our best children's clothing blogs and parenting blogs will help you in this regard.