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How to dress for a baby girl

How to dress for a baby girl

How to dress for a baby girl?

The clothes I usually talk about are mainly aimed at adults, how to wear them to look better and more appropriate. Recently, some mothers have privately messaged me about how children should dress and match. In fact, if it is just a simple problem of dressing and matching, it is similar, but the target is underage children, so we have to consider many factors. , I summed up the following points about How to dress for a baby girl.

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1. Mainly loose and comfortable

Children are still young, and most of them are still active and active when they are still growing. It is not suitable to wear tight clothes. The most important thing is looseness and comfort. Clothes that are too tight restrict the movement of children, causing discomfort and hindering the normal development of the body, so this is very important.

2. Refuse inferior lace to pure cotton

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Children's skin is relatively delicate and sensitive, and they must have higher requirements for close-fitting clothing. Many new mothers, especially mothers with baby girls, like to buy some cute princess costumes, such as lace dresses, but they have high requirements for the quality of lace, and they are not as comfortable as cotton that directly touches the skin. Therefore, children still choose to focus on pure cotton, and they can dress up as they like when they grow up.

3. Choose age-appropriate clothing

A child is like a child. She has her childhood and her own world. Don't pass on some things from the adult world to their world prematurely. What kind of clothes to wear at what age, don't make her look out of place in her world.

4. Respect your child's own choices, don't make your own decisions

I found that many mothers especially like to buy clothes for their children after having a baby girl, and all of them are pink princesses. Maybe every mother wants to fulfill her childhood princess dream, so they all project it on her daughter. The child's dressing style is entirely managed by the mother, which may not be the child's favorite, but the mother's own preference.

I'm not saying that these are not good-looking, of course, we must take into account the child's own mood, whether she likes it or not, whether it is suitable or not. To cultivate children's independent and independent choice ability can start from this small thing. Let her choose the color, style and style of clothes she likes. If there is something wrong, the adult will guide and correct it.

How to dress a child

1. Off-the-shoulder T-shirt + fashionable jeans

Small dew shoulders may be very fashionable for adults, but a one-year-old baby is only cute and playful in this way. Pairing it with stylishly designed jeans will make the baby look more trendy and cool. It can attract the attention of others in minutes and make her cute! The off-the-shoulder T-shirt for the baby must be made of comfortable material, and soft and breathable combed cotton is the best choice. The traditional jeans fabric is harder, and the baby may feel rubbed when wearing it. You can choose the kind of pants in cotton and jeans style, which are more suitable for him to wear.

2. Cute dress + elastic fashion pants

A dress is definitely a piece of clothing in every little girl's wardrobe. After all, who doesn't have a princess dream? The best pairing with dresses is undoubtedly the fashionable trousers with elasticity and self-cultivation. Not only are they comfortable to wear without affecting activities, but they can also avoid the exposure of babies wearing skirts, which is thoughtful and practical. There are many styles of dresses, such as princess-style gauze skirts, Chinese-style imitation Hanfu, and navy-style sailor skirts. Babies are very cute when they wear them. Parents can choose whatever they want, and they will never step on thunder!

3. Casual overalls + cotton soft inner

The overalls are also a clothing that can make the baby's cuteness up. It is very suitable whether it is matched with a T-shirt or a shirt. It can be said that it is very versatile and can never go wrong. Moreover, bibs can be worn by both men, women and children. Put a bib in the baby's wardrobe. You can also wear parent-child clothes when the whole family travels together. Thinking about the picture, it's so cute, it's so loving!

4. Small fresh windbreaker jacket + comfortable hakama

Windbreaker is a kind of clothing that is very suitable for spring and spring, and it is also very suitable for babies to wear it. Moreover, now that the temperature is fluctuating, matching a coat for the baby when going out can also play a role in keeping warm, so why not do it? The hakama is a popular clothing style in recent years. It looks beautiful and chic, and it goes well with the windbreaker!

The above four kinds of dresses look very good on a little girl around one year old. Parents can try it!