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How to Start Wholesale Kids Boutique Clothing Business

How to Start Wholesale Kids Boutique Clothing Business

Recently, a friend wanted to promote children's clothing, and the first problem he faced was that he did not find a good wholesale source. He went to more than N wholesale markets, but in the end he couldn't find a wholesaler that met his own conditions and requirements, so let's come. For friends who want to wholesale and purchase goods, I will tell you in detail the main points that need to be paid attention to about the wholesale and purchase of children's clothing:


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1.the profit model of children's clothing wholesale and children's clothing retail

The biggest difference between wholesale and retail is: Wholesalers sell a single product with low profit and can only make money through a large number of shipments, while retailers sell a single product with high profits, but with fewer shipments than wholesalers.

In the early days of opening a children's clothing store, most operators do not want to press too many products, so they will choose only a small part of each product as a sample, and gradually understand the market demand of consumers through samples. If it is found that the demand for the product is very large, it is decided to replenish it, because it is relatively safe to do so and the risk is small.

But this method also has a disadvantage, that is, when you ask the wholesaler to buy a single product, or no one is willing to give you the product, even if the price is much higher than the wholesale price. In this way, the higher purchase price of your product plus the profit will inevitably make your price uncompetitive, and many customers will give up the purchase, which invisibly interferes with your judgment on the market prospects of this product.

Therefore, before you do it, you need to have a deep understanding of the needs of the customer population, and have absolute confidence in your own selection of goods (if you have no confidence in your own selection of goods, what kind of goods are you going to buy?) In the process of purchasing, give wholesalers enough Sincerity and confidence, use the quantity to get a good wholesale price for yourself.

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2. The quantity of children's clothing purchased

The purchase quantity of children's clothing includes multiple factors, such as purchase amount, purchase commodity type, single commodity type and quantity, etc. There is a relatively simple way to determine the purchase amount, which is to add up the monthly operating costs of your entire store (including store rent, labor, water, electricity, taxes, management fees, etc.), and then divide by the profit margin, the data obtained is your The amount to be purchased each month.

For example, if your total operating cost is $500, and the average profit from product sales is 200%, then you need to buy at least $250, because 500/200% = 2500. That way you'll just be able to make ends meet. If you just bought the goods for 200$.

Then even if you sell these goods within a month, your profit will only be 400, which is not enough for your expenses. For the first time, the variety of incoming goods should be as many as possible, because you need to give customers a choice of various types of products.

When you have a certain understanding of customers, you can lock in certain types of products, because funds are always limited, and only by investing funds in a limited category can you purchase a single product in large quantities, requiring wholesalers Give lower wholesale prices.

When you target certain types of products, the quantity of a single product type can be broken down into display quantity, inventory quantity and turnover quantity. The display quantity is the quantity you put on the shelf, the inventory quantity is the quantity stocked in your warehouse, and the turnover quantity is the actual shipment quantity during the two purchase periods.

From the conclusion drawn by operators with many years of business experience, at least 3 of each single product can maintain a relatively benign product turnover. When you buy a product and it is hot, you will soon need to replenish the product separately. At this time, in terms of time and money, it is not worth the loss. And you don't replenish, and you have to watch customers leave in disappointment.

But if you buy 3 same products, other products may also need to be replenished during the period when these 3 products are sold, so that you can replenish the replenishment at one time to improve the efficiency of replenishment, thereby saving replenishment cargo expenses.

The key to making children's clothing products is to have a wide variety of products and give customers enough room to choose. This is different from other brand stores, not relying on the main models to sell. When it is newly opened, it needs to have a certain amount of stocking, and in the future sales process, the store must also maintain a certain amount of stocking. In xxx's store, there are clothes worn by newborn babies, as well as clothes worn by students aged fifteen or sixteen. There are more than 500 styles of large and small. Children's clothing stores are the most needed and easiest to cultivate "return customers", because if a mother finds you here, then most of her children's clothes will be bought from you from infancy to fourteen or five years old, so there is room for customers to choose. must be big

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3. How to get the support of children's clothing wholesalers

There are two factors that can affect the wholesaler's support for you: the first is your initial purchase amount. If your initial purchase amount is too small, the wholesaler will think that you have no strength, or you have insufficient confidence in his products; The second is the frequency of replenishment. If you often go to the wholesaler to replenish the goods, even if the quantity is small, the wholesaler still thinks that your goods have a fast turnover and can bring long-term benefits to him. The wholesaler's support for you is that once there is a new product, it will notify you as soon as possible, and he may automatically adjust the price when the next purchase is made. In addition, if the wholesaler thinks you are an important customer, they will usually reveal to you the recent hot sale of such products. Understanding these market conditions will allow you to judge the market and customers more accurately.

4.the rules of children's clothing wholesale market

1. Don't check your products slowly at wholesale stores.

When you mention the goods, you just need to check the quantity, and usually go back and find that there is a problem with the product and then ask for a replacement (of course, it is not too far from the time of purchase). If you squat in the wholesale store to order the goods after picking up the goods, it will make the wholesaler think that you are a very troublesome customer, so they are reluctant to deal with you for a long time.

2. Don't expect to reduce risk through wholesaler replacement.

When purchasing goods, do not ask the wholesaler whether the product can be replaced with a good-selling product if the product is not selling well. If you ask this question, the wholesaler will determine that you have never done business before and are in the business field. Beginners (if the risk of doing business can be controlled to this level, everyone may be rich), then it goes without saying that you can guess what kind of quotation the wholesaler will give you. The wholesaler is not obliged to take the risk of purchasing goods for you, and it is a good support that he can replace the defective product for you.

3. The price adjustment in the children's clothing wholesale market is very small.

As mentioned earlier, the profit of a single product for wholesalers is very low, and the reduction of commodity prices cannot be the same as that of retailers. Generally, the adjustment is 2% to 3%, and it is already very powerful to be able to reduce it by 5%. If you stalk the wholesaler and ask for a 20% discount on the wholesale price, it will let the wholesaler know that you rarely go to the wholesale market. On the other hand, in the wholesale market, the general transportation of goods is by car or railway (because the transportation cost is much lower than express delivery), and the buyer is responsible for it. If he encounters a good wholesaler, he is most willing to Help you to consign, but the cost of moving to the yard and freight must be paid by the buyer himself.

Therefore, we must comprehensively consider several aspects to purchase:

  1. The preferences of local consumers
  2. Popular styles
  3. The suitability, safety and cost performance of the goods themselves
  4. It is also necessary to take into account the ease of operation of Mommy, such as whether to open the file, and opening the file will make it easier to urinate. Some moms don't like to open the file, because

She will feel bad looking. There are many other aspects that we all need to understand and study.  In short, you must not go with the flow and buy goods blindly. Good products are half of your success!