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How to start a children's clothing stores  with no experience in 2022

How to start a children's clothing stores with no experience in 2022

Many children's clothing stores have been struggling for two years before closing because many people think that it is too simple to open a store and do business. It is not to rent a store and then buy goods and wait for customers to come to the door to make money. If you want to make money to support your family, you must think carefully about a few questions:

  1. What is the spending power of your city? How much clothes can the customers who enter the store consume; (most of them are fine, there are not bad money everywhere, we rely on most people to do business)
  2. The costs of store rent, property, water and electricity, etc. are calculated by 2 years. Can you afford it? (It takes time and planning to let most people know about your store and consume it)
  3. Is it inconvenient to park at the door? (This is especially important. Think for the sake of old customers and think in a different position. You bring convenience to customers, and customers bring benefits to you)
  4. Do you have a simple data analysis ability, and whether you can determine the style of clothes your customers like and the approximate flow analysis of each quarter of the store through 2 years of precipitation (this professional topic is discussed separately);
  5. Do you have the ability to circle customers (leave email), and do you have the ability to maintain customers

After considering these issues, the next step is the process:


First envision a decoration plan by yourself, then go to your local peer shop to see how they decorated it, absorb the good points of others, and constantly improve your envisioned plan. (PS: If the store is big enough, be sure to leave an area, put a small table, put some toys such as children's building blocks, children like other people's toys, when children play, parents should see if you hang them in your store clothes?)

  1. After playing for so long, does the child leave without buying anything? This is the human mind.
  2. Increase the popularity of your store. Everyone has a herd mentality. From the outside, there are many mothers and children in your store. The first reaction is that there are many customers in this store. Is it good? Go and see, this is a bonus item


The link where many people are deceived is also the root cause of not making money. Remember that there is no basis for cooperation. If you buy goods online in the early stage, you must first buy samples to see the workmanship and quality.

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  1. If you don’t have experience to support you at the beginning, don’t buy a lot of goods like Lengtouqing (now basically a model is 3-5 hands to pick up the goods, which requires a lot of money and the money will drag you down for a long time); In the early stage, including the later stage, it is also necessary to consolidate the goods. The advantages of consolidating goods are many: you can get more styles with the same capital. And the size is yours to choose, if you think the size is good, take the size.
  2. The type of goods: choose the goods according to your own vision, do not listen to the suggestions of manufacturers or wholesalers: they will recommend the remaining stocks or those that are not easy to sell to you, and you will press the goods when they clear the stock. So you must communicate more with your peers (now the circle is bigger than everything) and watch online children's clothing exhibitions or children's clothing catwalks. This is the direction and trend. Your aesthetic also indirectly determines your business. Next, you must buy some basic models (vests, shorts) Waiting for the clothes that must be worn) These profits can be low, but the volume, so that customers try not to leave the store empty-handed, it is very important to develop the habit of spending in your store
  3. The styles of the goods can be more, but the quantity must not be too much. Everyone's preferences are different. After this model is sold out, you can replenish or make up new models, but the goods are a pile of fabrics, which is your burden.
  4. Now that the network is developed, try to find manufacturers to make orders to get the goods. The local wholesalers basically have three batches of four batches, and the price of the goods is too high.


In doing business, you must have a big-picture view, and you must control the quantity of goods, the flow rate of funds, and the long-term flow of old customers. Do what others didn't think of or didn't have time to do.

  1. Promote your store, post some small activities planned by yourself at the door, you can keep up with the festive atmosphere or you can do promotions and discounts yourself;
  2. The matching of clothes is very important, this is a very effective way to increase the consumption amount of a single customer (coat + bottom shirt + pants look good and hang together)
  3. Buy some practical gifts online, and buy more gifts to warm the hearts of customers, so that new customers can become old customers and then become your loyal customers;
  4. To maintain the customer's V letter, try not to use your own private account, it is easy to confuse work and business;
  5. Don't think about getting your friends to support you, buy clothes from your store, unless your friends voluntarily come to join in, the business of acquaintances is the most difficult thing to do, it's okay to say that if you don't make money, don't lose money and others think you owe him A human relationship, no matter how good a relationship is when money is involved, it will change the taste.

There are also some marketing activity planning, aesthetic improvement methods, and data analysis, etc., and then take the time to talk about it in detail.

Finally: opening a store and doing business is actually a service industry. It’s okay to practice your smile in front of the mirror, and let your personal charm help your career.