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American children's clothing wholesale website official website Daquan

USA children's clothing wholesale website official website Daquan

Mothers are trying their best to give their babies the best and safest things. What are the big brands of children's clothing in foreign countries, and how to choose the children's size?
Organize the websites of American children's clothing brands for your reference. In addition to the official website of big children's clothing Haitao, we can also go to these comprehensive websites to buy.

Comprehensive Clothing shopping website

Comprehensive Clothing shopping website

1. Amazon Children's Clothing Wholesale Official Website

A comprehensive online mall that sells 32 categories, tens of millions of products, including books, audio and video, digital home appliances, maternal and child department stores, watches, jewelry, clothing, bags, shoes, and outdoor sports. There are many brands of children's clothing, such as tommy, ck, nautica and so on. Children's clothing can be bought here, and there are often discounts. It is very convenient to ship directly to China.

2.6PM Children's Clothing Wholesale Official Website

6PM official website is one of the largest discount shoe shopping websites in the United States, mainly dealing in shoes, clothing, accessories and so on. There are many brands of children's clothing and shoes in it. The famous cabbage shopping website, what you grab is what you earn.

3. Nordstrom official website children's clothing wholesale official website

Stron is an American high-end department store chain. Our products include clothing, accessories, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, household items, and more. is a comprehensive website.

4. The official website of saks fifth avenue children's clothing wholesale

In the United States, discounts are generally only available on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the boutique department store in saks fifth avenue will offer discounts to some big brands throughout the year, including Burberry Burberry, Gucci Gucci and so on. The biggest feature is that the discounted products are basically complete in color and size.

The selling point is that there are some unique styles of merchandise that are only available in limited quantities on Saks Fifth Avenue. Its children's clothing brand category is rich. The website supports some domestic dual-currency credit cards and PayPal payments, and even UnionPay payments. The odds of being cut are low.

5. Macys Children's Clothing Wholesale Official Website

The Macys is the oldest high-end department store in New York and has a high reputation in the United States. Mainly engaged in life shopping, mainly engaged in clothing, shoes and hats, home decorations, and won a good reputation for high-quality services.

It is friendly to the national card and belongs to the online website and children's clothing brand of general department stores.

Children's clothing wholesale usa official website

Children's clothing wholesale usa official website

1. Carter’s

Carter's occupies the No. 1 market in the US 0-24 month baby series. It owns baby series, suits, baby light clothes, and pajamas, with annual sales of more than 1 billion US dollars and production of more than 250 million pieces. The styles are very rich, the fabrics are soft, the colors, cuttings, and craftsmanship are unique and fresh, and are deeply loved by parents and babies. Almost every baby in American families wears Carter clothing, and it's cheap.

2. Gymboree

Gymboree is recognized as a national children's clothing in the United States and is also the most popular children's clothing brand in the United States. Its brand appeal affects the world. Its fabric is very good, the design style is unique, and it likes to use a lot of cartoon childlike patterns and bright and bright colors, which is deeply loved by babies. There are many discounts on the official website, so it has become a hot children's clothing brand for overseas shopping mothers.

3. Gap

GAP is one of the most famous and influential fashion and casual apparel brands in the world. Its children's clothing is simple in style, diverse in style, good in quality, high in reputation, excellent in quality and good in economic benefits. It is a cheap fashion brand that is popular all over the world.

4. Old Navy

The popular American brand Old Navy is one of the brands owned by American clothing manufacturer GAP. It incorporates the natural, sporty and casual styles that Americans love into the design concept. With lively colors and bold designs, it quickly infiltrated every American home and became a household name as the most popular and representative fashion national brand in the United States. Its children's clothing also adheres to its natural and casual style, mainly for children over the age of 5, which is very popular. There are often 50% off, usually ranging from $5 to $30.


OSHKOSH B'Gosh is the highest quality children's clothing in the hearts of Americans. According to a recent survey of mothers buying clothes for their children by Children's Business magazine, 90% of mothers agreed that they don't know what brand is better for their children than Osh B'Gosh. In their eyes, only Osh Burgos fully understood the nature of children. "

6. The Children’s Place

Children's World is one of the most popular children's clothing brands in the United States and the largest professional children's clothing retail service brand in North America. There are more than 1,000 stores in North America and sales of $1.7 billion. The overall design style of the brand is similar to that of Carter, and the styles are equally diverse, ranging from 0-year-old babies to older children's clothing.

7. Disney

Disney children's clothing is one of the most successful products of brand extension in the Disney industry. Its children's clothing design is mainly based on Disney cartoon images, with distinctive elements and full of childlike interest, and is welcomed by children all over the world. At the same time, Disney children's clothing will make a lot of children's clothing similar to cosplay, such as ice queen clothing, elf clothing, etc., which are deeply loved by children.
8. Crazy8
Crazy8 is a sub-brand of American children's clothing brand Gymboree, which mainly provides a full range of clothing and accessories from newborns to 12 years old. Go the brisk style route with bright colors and cute designs. Each series has its own theme, and Mama can choose the corresponding theme color according to her own preferences.

9. Hartstrings

Hartstrings is a high-end children's clothing brand established in the United States, specializing in designing the most fashionable clothing for children, babies, and babies. Pricing is high and goes the high-end route. Its children's clothing style is changeable, fashionable, solemn, cute and playful. Especially in the dress of girls, it is both professional and obvious American casual style, which is close to formal dress in style.

10. Janie & Jack

This brand belongs to the high-end of children's clothing, with excellent workmanship and exquisite fabrics. Good at embroidery and delicate lace, beautifully designed by hand. It is a very delicate and considerate brand with a special style. It is mainly designed with the temperament of a little prince or a little princess, and is loved by many parents. This brand is the lowest, 50% off.

11. ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) is a high-end clothing brand from the United States with a strong American flavor. Polo Ralph Lauren Baby refers to its children's clothing line. It has a traditional and noble fashion temperament, comfortable fabrics, and simple and smooth styles. It is a representative of classic American brands and a brand worthy of parents' trust. In May 2014, designer ralphlauren invited Angel Wang Shiling to be the chief model of RalphLauren 2014 "Children's Fashion Show" in New York. She was also the first Chinese baby to walk on the international runway, stunning the global fashion circle.

12. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a boutique of the leading American leisure brand and has become a globally recognized representative of classic, cool and high quality. Its "Home Kids" brand follows a natural and simple fashion that is in harmony with Native American style characteristics and is loved by the younger generation of parents. Because of the high price of domestic counters, it has become a popular brand in domestic overseas shopping. There are often good discounts on Meiya, it is very convenient to buy, and overseas shopping is also very cost-effective.

13. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand founded in 1968. Its founder is eponymous designer Calvin Klein, who has won four prestigious clothing awards in a row. This brand of children's clothing is of good quality. Meiya often has good discounts, and the difference between domestic and foreign prices is large, which is worth recommending.

14. Nautica

Nautica is a clothing brand founded in New York, USA in the 1980s. Nautica, together with Tommy and Polo, is known as the three major clothing brands in the United States because of its exquisite design craftsmanship and strong and comfortable fabrics. At the beginning of the brand's establishment, it was intended to express admiration for marine life to consumers. The word Nautica comes from the Latin "Nautica" which means boat. Founded in the United States in 1983 by Chinese designer Zhu, Nautica has become a full-fledged lifestyle brand.

15. J. Crew

J.Crew is a casual clothing brand from the United States, which is very popular in the United States. Due to its high-quality fabrics and exquisite workmanship, it has gained a place in the local market and is now one of the mid-to-high-end brands pursued by young Americans. Even the First Lady of the United States wore its brand all the time, so the brand was instantly elevated to national brand status. The design of children's clothing is also exquisite, reflecting the extraordinary quality, mainly children's clothing.