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Top 10 Clothing Wholesale Networks in China

Top 10 Clothing Wholesale Networks in China

With the development of the Internet, merchants no longer need to travel long distances to buy goods, and the scene of looking at goods in large and small bags no longer exists. However, it is important to find a reliable wholesale website.

it is important to find a reliable wholesale website.

What are the best clothing wholesale websites?

Littleoneusa.com brings you the top ten clothing wholesale networks in China, including: Huochaotou, Soukan, Let's Do Online Store, Online Shopping Park, Bupi.com, Clothing Network, Yishou.com, Kuyounahuo.com, etc. . Let's take a look.

1. www.hznzcn.com

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In the wholesale website ranking app, Huotou has the best reputation and is recognized as the leader of the online clothing wholesale platform. It cooperates with many wholesale market stalls such as Guangzhou Shisanhang, Hangzhou Sijiqing and Zhili, and has wholesale categories of women's clothing, men's clothing and children's clothing.

Websites have also been graded according to quality, and can even be posted one by one. The one-click upload function of the online store is very powerful, and many Taobao women's clothing sellers are their agents.


2. www.vvic.com

Soukan is also at the top of the list of clothing wholesale websites. By attracting all the wholesale market stalls to settle in, the website has a first-hand source of goods. The wholesalers who settled in are mainly from Guangzhou Shahe, Shisanhang, Baima, Wanjia, Chengnan, Chaoshan Puning, Hangzhou Sijiqing, Shenzhen Nanyou, involving men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, underwear, shoes and bags, etc. On the website, you can contact the booth directly to discuss details like inventory and prices. For friends who open an online store, Soochuan.com can upload pictures with one click, and also supports single-piece delivery. Like other B2B platforms, it enjoys high-volume bargaining power.

3. gz.17zwd.com


Doing online stores together is also a common website recommended by clothing wholesale platforms. The scale of building an online store together should not be underestimated, covering Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Jieyang, Chaoshan, Zhuzhou, Baigou, Xintang, Huadu, Huludao, Chengdu and other source bases, covering a variety of sources.

24 hours on the new supply, you can directly contact the stall on the website through WeChat QQ Want to consult the price and inventory. It also supports one-click upload to Taobao Pinduoduo and other platforms. The platform supports one-piece approval, and one-piece is also a wholesale price. If the quantity is large, you can contact the store to change the price and support return and exchange services.

4. Littleoneusa.com


Littleoneusa.com is the most recommended online business park for Men Wholesale.com. This site is arguably the leader in the men's wholesale online industry. Its sources are mainly Hangzhou, Zhili, Changshu, Shishi, Puyuan and other places. Mainly in men's clothing, relatively young, diverse styles. Follow-up development of women's clothing, children's clothing, shoes and bags, etc. Many men's clothing makers on Taobao choose the money in the online shopping park. The website supports one-click upload, single-piece delivery, and no reason to return after 15 days.

5, www.pilaipiwang.com

pilaipiwang.com for wholesale websites have good reputation? The batch network is very good. This is an open and free wholesale mobile platform. The batch network is based on the traditional wholesale market.

We hope to make wholesale easier and more efficient with the help of the power of mobile Internet. Like Souqian.com, there are many products in Guangzhou, covering the Thirteen Lines, the railway station, and the Shahe business district. There are many new styles every day, supporting live delivery.

This is also the largest traffic entry for all merchants. Some booths put 3 batches on the network to support one batch, and support return and exchange services. For large quantities, you can contact the customer service of the store to negotiate the price, because they are flexible prices.



The Internet of Clothing is one of the most famous clothing wholesale websites in Guangzhou and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. More than 790,000 clothing retail stores rely on the Internet of Clothing to purchase goods, and more than 9,000 clothing wholesalers have settled in the Internet of Clothing. The scale of sellers and buyers is huge.

Physical wholesalers mainly come from clothing wholesale bases such as Shisanhang, Shahe, Baima and Humen. , and can get first-hand goods directly from them. The Internet of Clothing is similar to the batch network. Live broadcast is its characteristic and the mainstream entrance of platform traffic. The platform supports single-piece wholesale return and exchange services, which can be negotiated.

7. www.yishouapp.com

From the name of yishouapp.com, we can see the intention of the website. Yishou.com is a website dedicated to the supply of first-hand goods, which often appears in the list of clothing wholesale websites.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, the platform recruits a large number of high-quality buyers distributed in all wholesale markets, looking for high-quality manufacturers to cooperate and put goods on the platform. The sources of goods come from Guangzhou Shisanhang, Shahe, UUS White Horse, Hangzhou Sijiqing, Puyuan, Pinghu, Shenzhen Nanyou, and Metropolis.

8. www.nahuo.com

www.nahuo.com, also known as Tiantian Shopping Group, has a good reputation among clothing wholesale platforms. Market buyers go to the first-level clothing wholesale market to take pictures and upload them to the Tiantian Shopping Group APP. Clothing store owners can view the goods and place orders in the APP, and can also participate in shopping with store owners with the same style and vision in other regions.

Most of them provide clothing wholesale market sources in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places. However, Kuyou only serves physical store owners, and does not support sellers in Taobao and Kuyou wholesale and retail. littleoneusa.com reminds that not all store owners on the site support one-piece delivery, so be sure to check with the store owner before picking up your order here.

9. www.3e3e.cn

Littleoneusa.com recommends a business network for wholesale children's clothing websites. The merchants on the platform are all real children's clothing manufacturers. Children's clothing purchasing users can find a variety of clothing styles here, and the prices are mostly favorable.

At the same time, all transactions on the platform have the platform's after-sales guarantee, and the manufacturers ship quickly. First-hand products come from wholesale direct suppliers, and there are no middlemen to earn the difference. First-hand children's clothing source, support one.

10. www.rfyiding.com

rfyiding.com is a clothing wholesale APP under R&F Global Commodity Exchange Co., Ltd., focusing on fashion women's clothing wholesale, providing retail shop owners with first-hand sources of fashion and high-quality products and wholesale e-commerce services.

Covering supply factories and surrounding industrial belts such as Guangzhou Thirteen Lines. A piece of clothing can be wholesaled for each piece, and the goods can be picked up with zero threshold. The latest models of 1,000 booths in the primary wholesale market are launched simultaneously every day, each of which has a special 48-hour event and is updated every day.