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Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

Whether it is a Girl's clothing store or an online Girl's clothing store, if you want to perform well, you have to find a source of good quality and low price. For Girl's clothing stores, Girl's clothing manufacturers are the best source of goods. It has advantages in price and quality.

  • So where do Girl's clothing manufacturers come from?
  • Where can Girl's clothing store owners find first-hand sources of Girl's clothing?

Today, let's take a look at where there are first-hand sources of Girl's clothing manufacturers.

Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

1. Manufacturers' stalls in the clothing wholesale market

The clothing wholesale market is the main channel for Girl's clothing store owners to purchase goods. In addition to the second batch of clothing wholesalers, there are also some wholesale stalls directly approved by manufacturers, or wholesale stalls sold directly by brands. These are basically the source of goods from manufacturers. For example, in Hangzhou Sijiqing Wholesale Market, there are many Girl's clothing manufacturers in the surrounding area.We can go to the wholesale market to find out which manufacturers directly sell goods.

2. Wholesale website

Nowadays, e-commerce is developing rapidly. In addition to online shopping, it is not uncommon to buy goods online. Many bosses who buy Girl's clothing also choose to buy goods online. For example, there are many wholesale websites such as Alibaba, Hangzhou Girl's Clothing. Girl's clothing manufacturers have set up channels to get goods on it, which is not only high-quality and cheap, but also very convenient.

3. Factory direct sales

Buying goods directly from the source (origin or factory) can reduce a lot of turnover links, and the purchase price is therefore the lowest, which can be small profits but quick turnover, but the general factory will not let the dealers take the goods directly, unless you take a lot of goods. Large, or the price you get the goods is higher than the factory direct to the supplier. But if you negotiate well with the factory, there is still room for negotiation.

Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

Where can I find first-hand sources of Girl's clothing? The above are some of the first-hand supply channels for Girl's clothing shared by the editor. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

With the development of the Internet, online wholesale to find sources of goods has become a way for many clothing operators to reduce costs. However, for some newcomers to online approvals, sometimes the online sources of goods are mixed, and it is easy to be deceived if you are not careful, which not only cannot reduce the cost of purchasing goods, but also delays the sales of your own stores. So for the owners of brand discount stores, how can they find a reliable Girl's clothing brand discount wholesale network?

Today, the editor of LITTLEONEUSA will take our own operation as an example to analyze and analyze the issues of avoiding pits on the Internet.

First, check the qualifications of the website operator

For a website engaged in discount wholesale of Girl's clothing brands, the most important thing is her real supply strength. If the strength is reflected on the website, it is the opening rate of the website, the user experience and the qualification of the actual operator of the website.

Taking LITTLEONEUSA as an example, as a website dedicated to communicating with Girl's clothing brand discount suppliers and clothing store owners, it is directly led by Everi Clothing Co., Ltd., which has 13 years of experience in brand discount wholesale operations in the industry.

Through the word-of-mouth and users accumulated by Avery, LITTLEONEUSA provides a more comprehensive information exchange platform and online wholesale channels for store owners and friends, which greatly reduces the cost of purchasing and communication.

Whether the website provides a third-party payment reference

Top 10 Clothing Wholesale Networks in China

As I know from friends who often shop online, if a Girl's clothing brand discount wholesale network provides third-party payment guarantees or online banking transactions, it is relatively more assured than direct payment or code scanning.

As the country attaches great importance to the supervision of online payment, shopkeepers and friends should pay attention before wholesale online, not to be deceived by phishing websites. Before purchasing the goods, you should also consult the settlement method, try to choose the settlement of the company account, or use the online banking transaction that you are familiar with after the first face-to-face settlement, etc., pay attention to the safety tips of the website.

See if there are good reviews and give them a review

Online shopping to see the evaluation, online wholesale can also pay attention to the evaluation section. Because of the actual order generated, you can get some reference in the evaluation. But don't be superstitious when looking at the evaluation, because after all, the actual sales situation of the source of the Girl's clothing brand discount wholesale network in each region is different, and sometimes it is also related to the owner's personal business ideas.

Therefore, when looking at the evaluation, pay more attention to the evaluation related to the objective facts of the product, and remove the reasons that are too subjective, which can help you make a better decision.