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Where to buy kid's cloths to start a boutique

Where to buy kid's cloths to start a boutique?

Many people don't know what the primary source of goods is?

The primary source of goods is directly processed and produced by the factory, that is, there is no resale by middlemen. Only by obtaining the primary source of goods can sufficient profit margins be maintained. However, with the escalating demand of the market economy, how to find first-hand sources of goods? For example, in NYC, Los, Chicago and other kid's clothing wholesale markets, many factories directly manage primary sources of goods, so primary sources of goods cannot be obtained only in factories, and there are also some wholesale websites with very advantageous prices, which can meet the needs of newbies. Let's take a look at it together:

Large wholesale kid's clothing market

1. Large wholesale kid's clothing market

The advantage is that there are many kinds of clothes in the kid's clothing market, and there are many stalls. You can also put a small amount of goods into the market to try. This wholesale market has large wholesale markets in NYC, Los, Chicago and other places, and the wholesale market is the most exquisite. It is an old customer. If it is reliable, you can establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the manufacturer. If the kid's clothing store manager takes the goods in one shop for a long time, he will get a relatively preferential price, negotiate the return and exchange policy, and avoid the phenomenon of overstocking in advance. .

2. Manufacturers

Generally, if the quantity is large, it is difficult to find a manufacturer to get the goods. Generally, the manufacturer directly wholesales to the second-level wholesaler. Unless you have a large quantity, it will be very convenient if someone works at the manufacturer, and you can get a small amount of goods at a low price.

3. kid's clothing wholesale website

As we all know, Alibaba 1688 is the largest source wholesale website. You can also find a few more, such as Stylepick, FashionGo, LAShowroom, etc., and then compare them. There will be some restocking and some vertical kid's clothing e-commerce platforms.

Where to buy kid's cloths to start a boutique

4. Inventory

You can find some channels to clear inventory, purchase some inventory, and pay more attention to the change of seasons and the information of clearing goods in major shopping malls. Sellers often use low-priced products to drain traffic in seasonal changes or in special stores, so they need to pay attention to market changes, which can be done through dislocation marketing. way to get high-quality goods at low cost.

5. Purchasing

You can entrust foreign relatives and friends. The premise is that you have friends in foreign countries who can help you purchase foreign goods, or you can often go out (profits are large and small).

6. Taobao distribution channels

If you open an online store, you can find some platforms that can be distributed on Taobao for cooperation, that is, open a store with zero supply, you can cooperate without any cost, and sell the products of the supplier on an agency basis. Taking the difference between the selling price and the pricing, the risk of this model is relatively low, but the profit may not be very high.

7. Brand discount discount kid's clothing clothing

Brand discount children's clothing is the excess inventory produced by manufacturers, and then wholesaled to brand discount kid's clothing clothing wholesale companies. It is usually the style of last year, but the wholesale price is very cheap. Basically, you can get the goods at 0.1-0.5% off the original tag. Brand discount kid's clothing clothing Generally, the goods are taken by copy, that is, according to the proportion of shirts and pants, and then packaged, such as 100 pieces/bag, or 200 pieces/bag, you can't choose the style and size, but the price is very cheap.

Where to buy kid's cloths to start a boutique

Reminder: There are too many housing prices in the kid's clothing market, and all kinds of fake products are also flooding the market. Therefore, how to identify the quality of goods is also one of the essential skills in kid's clothing business.