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How to Open up a children's clothing store

How to Open up a children's clothing store

The first children's clothing store experience

Want to open a children's clothing store, but have no experience? I hope the following 8 little knowledge of children's clothing will be useful for you to open a store.

1. Site selection

It is recommended to be around a large community or a street for children's clothing, etc., where there is a high traffic flow, can it be around the kindergarten where the most questions are asked? I don't recommend it very much. Parents send their children to work and pick them up and rush home for dinner, so they don't have time to visit your store.

2. Store size

According to the budget, it is recommended not to be too large for beginners. 20.30 square meters is enough. The larger the store, the more expensive the rent, the greater the stock volume, and the higher the risk. It is not too late to consider expanding the store after accumulating a certain source of customers.

3. Positioning

Determining code snippets and styles

  • Infants: 66-90 Children: 80-120
  • Middle child: 90—130 100—140 110—150
  • Big child: 120—160 170 180 all

Generally, it is enough to choose 2 code segments. Otherwise, each code segment will not have much money, and there is not much choice, or you will hoard a lot of goods, and the pressure will be great.

Style: not too complicated, affecting the visual effect, nothing special, not easy to attract

4. Decoration

Do simple planning: first make a simple plan, how big is your children's clothing store and what areas do you want, whether it is suitable or can accommodate so many areas, such as cashier area, fitting room, inventory placement area, goods Display area, accessories display area, children's entertainment area, photo spots, etc.

Style positioning: After determining these areas, it depends on what kind of style you want. It is recommended that everyone decorate with the style of net red. It does not mean that everyone must follow the fashion, but to design their own characteristics, such as some People who like bright colors can choose some special colors as the background color or jump the color in a certain place, which is very special and unique, and can also attract people's attention, but it is recommended not to try it if you don't have a particularly good idea.

Because it may be self-defeating if you don’t grasp it well, I recommend that everyone’s decoration should be minimalist, and the soft decoration should be mainly light-colored. This is generally not easy to make mistakes, and the flexibility is large and it is convenient for future style adjustments. Properly configure some green plants in the store It will give customers a better experience.

Store facade: The design window of the facade is the first point to attract customers to enter the store. Not only the clothing sets displayed in the window are attractive, but also must be carefully selected when decorating.

A good facade is the first step to attract customers. A good window display will allow customers to enter your store involuntarily. The door must be clean and tidy, the accessories or soft clothing should be exquisitely placed, and the clothing matching should be enough to attract customers.

Track lighting in the store: The color temperature of the light source is different, and the color of the light brings different feelings. The color temperature is divided into 3000k yellow light, 4000k neutral light, and 6000k cold light. It has different color display for clothes, and the ability of light to display color. The stronger the color, the better the color of the clothes can be restored. Note that the installation distance is too close, which will cause the customer's eyes to be uncomfortable. Too far away will affect the customer's observation of the clothing material. Generally, a distance of about 20-30 cm is suitable. It depends on the size of the store.

Selection of display racks: In recent years, there are many popular branch display racks, metal display racks, stainless steel display racks, desktop displays, etc. for everyone to choose from. Specifically, it is necessary to choose the display rack that suits you according to the decoration style of the store.

5. Source selection

The supply of children's clothing is divided into one batch and two batches. One batch has a favorable price and a large quantity of goods. The second batch is slightly more expensive, but the threshold is low, and many can get the goods from the first hand. Novices are advised to choose the second batch.

I have recommended high-quality sources of many styles before, please move to the homepage to check.

6. Industry rules for picking up goods

To take the goods in the whole hand, each size of 66-90 or 80-120 needs to be matched, and you cannot choose the size yourself. For example, for children, you can get 5 pieces (80.90.100110.120 yards) in one hand, and replenishment also needs to be replenished in whole hands, and individual stalls can be replenished in bulk.

For exchange, each stall has its own exchange rate, such as 5 for 1, 5 hands, of which 1 can be exchanged, the premise is that the whole hand is exchanged in the season, so if it is not easy to sell, quickly change it. It is recommended to focus on a few companies to get the goods. If you have a good relationship with the boss, it may give you more benefits, so don’t think about it when you get the goods. Today, this one is tomorrow, and no one is familiar with it. Special benefits Don't even think about it.

7. Entry time

Autumn and winter are the peak seasons in the clothing industry. If you want to make money, start from autumn and winter, but you will also have great challenges for yourself, because the price of goods is high, and the pressure to hold goods is greater.

Novices can also start in the spring and summer. After all, the financial pressure is not so great, and they should accumulate customers in the early stage.

You can start anytime you want, wait, wait, and others will rob your customers.

8. Proportion of taking goods

Tops 7 Bottoms 3 Girls 6 Boys 4 Don't take too much at one time, and refill after selling. Now it is very convenient to replenish online.

50% of the basic model, 30% of the drainage model, 20% of the window model

Novices should prepare at least 2 days of shopping time, the first day to watch, filter styles, and the next day to get the goods.