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7 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying children's Clothes

7 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying children's Clothes

1. Do not buy children's clothing with strong smell and strange smell.

This smell is generally the smell of processing aids left during printing and dyeing, which is irritating to children's skin and respiratory system.
Especially children's immune systems are more sensitive and prone to allergies.
This kind of smell may not be removed by washing with water alone. If it is found to be smelly after washing, it will also affect the return. From this point of view, it is recommended that parents do not buy such clothes.

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2. Choose products with plain colors or small print patterns, and less products with bright prints and stiff fabrics.

Such chemical additives are added more, and the risk is also high.

3. Avoid clothes with many accessories.

Underwear or summer clothes for children's close-fitting, avoid buying clothes with too many decorative items such as ropes, drawstrings, pom-poms, beads, sequins, bows, buttons, etc.
For example this:
Clothes with ropes look cute, but when children slide down slides or take elevators, the ropes are easily entangled and there is a risk of suffocation.
And sequins, buttons and other decorations are easy to fall off, and there is a risk of suffocation after being eaten by children. And some sequins have sharp edges, which can easily scratch the child's skin.

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4. Newly purchased children's clothing is recommended to be washed before wearing.

The reason is the same as 1, and the residual processing aids are washed away.
It should be reminded that if the irritating odor after bathing is still relatively obvious, it means that the odor of clothing is mostly unqualified, and it is recommended not to wear it to children.

5. Pay attention to whether there are national safety technical specifications on the hangtag/label.

When buying clothes for children, you must pay attention to whether there is this standard (GB 31701) on the label, which is the most basic guarantee for the safety of clothing. If you can't even achieve this, let alone the comfort of wearing.

6. Considering the comfort and cost-effectiveness of wearing, cotton fabrics are the first choice.

However, the quality of cotton clothing products is mixed. From this point of view, it is recommended that parents prefer big-brand cotton clothing.
As for the ramie/linen material mentioned by some people, it will be rough for children, and it will feel itchy when worn. Moreover, this material is not cheap, and there are relatively few brands using it for children's clothing on the market, so there is no room for choice. many.

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Skeleton Love Pumpkin Baby Onesie

7. Parents who are more concerned about details can pay more attention to these aspects:

  • Whether the suture and seam are smooth
  • Whether the clothes are symmetrical from left to right and front to back
  • Whether the placket and collar are blistered, etc.