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baby's clothing matching

baby and toddler matching holiday clothing

Having seen thousands of combinations, it is better to master the skills.
Every child has a unique personality, and it needs to be dressed in a variety of strange ways, which requires a new identity as a parent - a baby's clothing stylist.

I believe that when many parents don't know what to wear for their baby, the first choice is to look at the matching of other people's homes. They lose the initiative to dress up cute babies, and it is easy for their baby to lose their personality.
So, let's take a look at these practical baby's clothing collocation tips, as long as you master the essence, you will definitely become a qualified trendy mom and dad.

Blue Sunflower Tassel Baby Set

Blue Sunflower Tassel Baby Set

1. Color matching

A striking color of baby's clothing will always catch the attention of others at the first time.

Color matching is the most important item of baby's clothing matching. Needless to say, black and white are versatile, how to match them correctly, and focus on introducing color matching for you.

  • First of all, the color matching should complement the child's skin tone. It can be brightened with high-brightness and high-purity colors, or it may be matched with a wide range of colors to form a visual harmony.
  • Secondly, the color matching should also match the child's body shape. Use cool colors to lengthen the body, or use warm colors to widen the body, which will look more comfortable.
  • Finally, different seasons also have different color requirements. For example, in hot summer, light-colored baby's clothing can make baby look more refreshing, and dark baby's clothing will also significantly reduce the comfort of wearing.
Halloween Pumpkin Turkey Smocked Plaid Baby Onesie

Halloween Pumpkin Turkey Smocked Plaid Baby Onesie

2. Style matching

In the choice of baby's clothing styles, loose fit is always better than tight fit. Because baby are in the golden age of growth and development, they are more lively and active, so loose fit is very important.

If the styles are matched properly, they can also set off the child's personality very well. For example, the plain and clean style can set off the child's delicacy and quietness, and the street casual style can set off the child's lively and cheerful nature.

The style of baby's clothing not only needs to refer to the child itself, but also needs to consider possible accessories, such as small schoolbags, peaked caps, etc., if the style is matched, the accessories will be awarded points; if the style is wrong, all points will be deducted.

Style and color are not only the protagonists of baby's clothing matching skills, but also the soul of baby's clothing design. As a must-have product for baby, the appearance is important, but the quality must not be relaxed.

Red Ruffle Baby Romper

Red Ruffle Baby Romper

baby and toddler matching holiday clothing

Nowadays, fashion is no longer a topic of discussion among adults, and the trend of many baby has made a lot of uncles and aunts feel inferior. Moreover, many mothers have also used their lifelong fashion skills in the matching of baby's clothing, so that their baby can establish a sense of fashion and trend from an early age.

First of all, considering the nature of baby, in the process of playing, the comfort of clothes is a very important factor, and loose and natural casual clothes should be the main feature.

A child’s body is developing, so it is very convenient to wear casual clothes with exquisite appearance, free and easy, loose, and usually play games, sports, etc.; it is not only conducive to the development of the body, but also gives people a gentle, comfortable and casual feeling.

In fact, most of baby's clothes are pink, white, rose red, army green, dark blue, black, etc., mainly soft, no matter how the style of clothing changes, if you want to match the upper body and the lower body perfectly, just take one of the upper body or the lower body Colors are dominant, while others are done in contrasting or coordinating colors.

baby's clothing generally has simple and complicated styles. It is very important to grasp it well~ There is no problem in wearing simple clothes~ But the cumbersome and fancy styles are different~ If you wear floral tops, pants and skirts require color Single, take one of the single colors of the suits.

We can also use the styles of baby's clothing to supplement some baby's lack of shape. For example, for fat baby, when choosing tops for them, they should choose collarless or round-neck clothes, such as round-neck T-shirts, and pants on the lower body. The pants should not be too loose. In summer and autumn, wear leggings Cropped trousers or cropped trousers are better, they are very suitable to wear.

For example: a pair of trousers with narrow trousers will make a slender child look slender and well-proportioned after wearing it; then wearing it like this will give people a feeling of slenderness. The key to baby's clothing is how we match.​​

However, no matter how simple and classic the shape is, it can also wear a distinctive fashion and elegant style. This kind of color matching has a unified and harmonious feeling, and it can also be said to be the most regular way of dressing. However, no matter how simple and classic the shape is, it can also wear a distinctive fashion and elegant style.