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How to choose the right clothes for my baby?

How to choose the right clothes for my baby?

Newborns will integrate every family member's love into one. Choosing the right clothes for the newborn baby is an important thing for the mother to do. How to choose baby clothes?

 How to choose baby clothes

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  1. Material: It is best to use cotton or gauze fabric, which is soft, breathable and sweat-absorbent
  2. Safety: must be Class A, baby products
  3. Workmanship: It is best to be sewn without bone, the label is on the outside, and it will not rub against the baby's skin
  4. colors: light colors will be safer, I buy mostly white, as environmentally friendly as possible
  5. styles: simple, loose, more comfortable at the neck, easy to put on and take off
  6. Size: According to the baby's height and weight, when buying clothes, my point of view is that it's okay to be bigger, not smaller.

You don't need to buy too many clothes for newborns, just prepare 2-3 pieces. Newborns grow very fast, and they need to change to one size larger in a month.

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6 Tips for choosing clothes

  • 1. Dark-colored clothes are not suitable for newborns. Dark colors are easy to fade, which can easily irritate the baby's skin. If something happens to your baby, dark clothes are hard to spot right away.
  • 2. Try to buy one size larger clothes, because the baby grows faster, a piece of clothing can be worn for two months, and a larger size can be worn for a longer time.
  • 3. Pure cotton clothes have the advantages of good breathability, moisture absorption, heat resistance, etc., and they do not contain chemical materials such as chemical fibers, which can directly contact the skin of the newborn, so that the baby does not feel stiff when wearing it.
  • 4. Check whether the workmanship of the clothes is meticulous, there are not many threads, and the edges are smooth. Generally, the labels and sewing surfaces on baby clothes are on the outside of the clothes, and the side that is worn close to the body is relatively smooth.
  • 5. Newborn babies need to be wrapped in a small quilt, so that the baby can feel safe, just like in the warm embrace of the mother. As the baby grows up, the quilt can also become a tool for the baby to shade and shield the wind when he is out.
  • 6. Girls less than 1.5 years old are not suitable for wearing dresses in summer. It is best to wear children's shorts. Dresses will affect children's walking and crawling. When squatting down to play, it is easy to step on the edge of the skirt, and the skirt is easy to hang around objects, making it inconvenient to move.

Here are some suggestions for choosing clothes, I hope to help you!

  1. Material: The material is the most important. The newborn’s skin is delicate, prone to allergies, and also prone to sweating. Therefore, pure cotton is the most suitable material in terms of material, which is more breathable and sweat-absorbing, and is not prone to allergies.
  2. Style: no zipper, no collar, preferably lace up. Both split and conjoined can be used. Personally, I think conjoined is the best. It will not freeze the baby's belly, and the umbilical cord of the belly button of the newborn will fall off. It should be disinfected every day for the first few days after it falls, and the one-piece suit will not Rub the newborn's belly button.
  3. Color: Light colors are the best, dark fabrics are irritating, and are not good for children's skin and easily cause allergies.
  4. Size: Children are prone to sweating, so it is best to choose a larger size, which is looser and more breathable.

In addition, new clothes must be washed before wearing them for children. They can be washed with baby-specific laundry detergent. (I used to use the baby-specific laundry detergent of the baby brand before I felt very good), and then put them in the sun to dry. , and then dress the child!

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 5 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes

1, choose cotton or silk texture.

Due to the delicate skin of newborns, special attention should be paid to the choice of clothes. And summer clothes are close-fitting clothes, so they should be soft, cool, breathable, sweat-absorbent, and protect the skin. Therefore, it is best to choose cotton and silk clothes. Although chemical fiber fabrics are easy to wash and dry and have bright colors, they are not breathable and are irritating to the baby's skin. Especially for infants and young children with allergies, it is more likely to cause allergies.

2, the size of the clothes.

Clothes should be large rather than small. Infants and young children grow and develop rapidly, and clothing should be large rather than small. Small clothes can make infants uncomfortable and affect their growth and development.

When choosing clothes with elastic bands, the elastic band should not be too tight, because the elastic band will compress the chest and waist, causing the child's chest to deform. In general, choose clothes that are easy to take off and have a simple style.

3, must choose fine workmanship.

For baby clothes with exquisite workmanship, labels are usually sewn on the outside of the clothes to avoid stimulating the baby's skin, and the needles and threads are also very small, and the thread ends are outside.

4. After buying a new piece of clothes for your baby, you should check it carefully before putting it on for your baby, and use scissors to cut off the excess thread, etc., so as not to rub the baby's skin. Also check that the zippers, seams, etc. of the clothing are sewn flat to avoid scratching the baby's skin.

5. After the clothes are bought, they need to be washed with warm water and dried in the sun. Put it away, and you can wear it directly after the baby is born.