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Model display methods

Boutique Clothing Retail Display Ideas for Your Store

When it comes to display, what is your first understanding? Some students may think that the display is simply placing goods in the wrong place. In fact, it isn't. Display is actually a marketing technology.
So today, let the author take you through the exhibition:
Clothing display is mainly through the organized planning of a series of store elements such as products, cabinets, shelves, props, models, lighting, music, posters, channels, etc., so as to promote product sales and enhance brand image. A visual marketing activity.

The overall matching of the goods is presented in the best visual way, which reflects the overall matching style of the clothing. It can be said that the display design gives consumers a visual satisfaction, thereby stimulating consumers' desire to buy and promoting the growth of sales performance.

Excellent display design can invisibly enhance brand image in the minds of consumers and spread corporate culture.

The display method is one of the important means to create the overall atmosphere of the store, and it is also a way to display the characteristics of clothing

Reasonable display methods can be regarded as silent publicity, which can attract more consumers and play a good guiding role, thereby promoting sales.

Display is a kind of knowledge, and there are also skills to be found. Here I will share with you several display methods.

1. Scientific taxonomy

Scientific classification is a method of classifying according to a certain rational logic. Most women's clothing stores operate a variety of types, ranging from dozens to hundreds. Scientific classification makes purchasing and store management convenient.

Scientific groupings can be divided into the following three categories:

1: Price grouping method:

the left side is the mid-range price clothing, the right side is the high-end price clothing, and the inside is the place that provides after-sales service.

2: Style grouping method:

Similar styles can be divided into groups, such as OL style as a group, sports style as a group, and home style as a group. This is very clear, and it is easy for customers to make joint purchases with one another.

Three: Color grouping method: It is the most effective and basic method to create visual impact with the color of the product itself, and it can be applied to all types of products.

Scientific taxonomy

2. Circular repetition method

Remember, the display of goods is not done once and for all, but needs to be adjusted frequently. Some clothing styles may be placed in a certain position for too long, and no one cares due to the influence of light and surrounding styles. During this time, they can be exchanged, positioned, and recombined with other styles of clothing, which will create a new style of matching and increase the chance of selling the item.

If the clothes on the inner shelf are moved to the outer shelf, it will be more eye-catching. Through repetition, and then with new styles on the shelves, the entire clothing store will give people a feeling of constant change.

Decorative contrast method

3. Decorative contrast method

Let the clothing style and the store decoration style echo each other and set off each other, which can better show the advantages and characteristics of clothing, and it is easy to leave a deep impression on customers. Customers will ask, "How much does this bunch cost?" Placing famous, excellent, special and new clothing products near the old products can also create a contrasting effect. It seems to imply that the products in this exhibition area are good, but the products that are set off should not be too bad.

Model display methods

4. Model display methods

Except for some traditional styles such as shirts, most of the fashions are sold directly to consumers. When people see a beautiful display, they will mistakenly think that they are so beautiful when they wear them. This is an inability to In addition to having a hanging display and shelf display, stores in the heart of resistance can also use models for display, and beautiful salespersons can also act as models. This is how commercial models in the world were born.
Model display methods
It should be noted that clothing deals with fashion goods, and it is necessary to keep up with the trend. Every time there is a gust of fashion, the appearance of the fashion store should be completely new.

If the goods have not changed much, you can make some changes in the display, decoration and decoration, which can also make the store look brand new and attract customers to visit. Not only should we keep up with the trend, the seasons change, and new products are launched. Stores should make corresponding adjustments and changes to highlight the products.