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Children's clothing business ideas in 2022

1. When is the best time to open children's clothing?

The beginning of the year is the best time to open children's clothing, because children's clothing in spring and summer does not need to invest too much money, you can practice your hands and accumulate experience. Autumn and winter are the harvest season. It is not recommended to take too much in one paragraph, and take less frequently to avoid the risk of stockpiling.

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2. Address selection

It is recommended to choose a place with a lot of traffic. For example: the surrounding areas such as communities, early education training institutions, primary schools and kindergartens.

3. Shop area

When opening a store for the first time, it is best to choose an area of ​​20-30 square meters. The larger the area, the more expensive the rent, and the more goods are distributed, and the higher the expenditure cost. If you can save money at the beginning, it is not too late to expand the store with good results. Finding a good target store is also the key to site selection!

Four, code segment positioning

  • First, decide what code snippet you want to do!
  • Infants: 66-90
  • Children: 80-120
  • Middle and small children: 90-130
  • Middle child: 100-140
  • Middle and large children: 110~150
  • Big child: 120-160
  • Teens: 130-170

For the code segment, we can choose two. For example: infants and young children, middle and small children. Many mothers only want to make children's clothes after giving birth to a baby, so they can start with their own baby's size first, so that they can not only make their baby a model (living sign), but also know more clearly what style to wear in this age group. nice.

At the same time, the reputation of newly opened stores is very important, and the quality of children's clothing must be checked, so as to have more repeat customers with high quality and low price. In general, the editor recommends mid-to-high-end products with foreign styles and guaranteed quality.

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Pumpkin Ruffle Plaid Twirl Dress

5. Source of goods

The supply is divided into: one batch and two batches

One batch: own factories or wholesalers who make their own orders. Generally, the batch size is relatively large and the price is relatively cheap.

For example, Littleoneusa is a group of manufacturers. If the quantity is large, you can get the package price. The package price refers to the single color of five pieces. In 21 years, it has been changed to three pieces. Novices can go to open their eyes and learn from them. Display and collocation, but it is not recommended to take goods, too much will increase the risk of stockpiling.

Second batch: Order from one batch of markets and put them on the shelves in the second batch of markets. Generally, the first batch is taken, and the threshold is low. The stalls we often say refer to the shops in the second batch of markets.

6. Novices suggest to take brand children's clothing tails, why?

When you first opened a store, you still don’t know what your customers like. Most people will go to the market and choose them by themselves. However, things that are too subjective may not be suitable for your market.

The brand end goods, the price is low, the style is many, the quality of the brand goods is guaranteed. You can choose different brands, different styles, and different code segments, and integrate them in your store. You can temporarily ignore which products sell well. Anyway, you have bought so many products and they have been sold in one store. After that, there is always a product that will suit your customers. Moreover, if you do not impose subjective concepts on the goods, you can get any kind of customer online.

Then, you can adjust the products when you sell them. Which style and code segment are better to sell, you can replenish them in a targeted manner. For those products that are not easy to sell, you can use this product to do specials, lucky bags, redemption and other activities. Clean it up in time to avoid overstocking and affecting capital turnover.

Therefore, brand tailstocks have a relatively high fault tolerance rate for newly opened stores.

Light Tan Leopard Twirl Dress

7. Drainage

In the past, brick-and-mortar stores relied on natural traffic, but now in the Internet age, brick-and-mortar stores rely on online + offline! As for how to attract traffic, you can read other articles on the official account. I have shared many tips for attracting traffic before.

Eight, into the children's clothing community

As the saying goes, the insiders watch the doorway, and the outsiders watch the fun. If you don't integrate into this circle, you never know where to start and how to operate. The valuable experience of your peers can also help you avoid detours, quickly understand the market and fashion trends in the children's clothing industry, and keep up with the pace of the times, rather than playing alone. Fight alone! So this is the importance of having a peer exchange group for children's clothing.

in conclusion:

Many people think about opening children's clothing after the new year, but they just talk about it without actual action, and it is impossible for anything to reach the sky in one step.

You may find it difficult if you don't get in touch at first. In fact, not necessarily, as long as you do enough preparatory work! Continuous optimization in the later stage! Children's clothing is actually not as difficult as you think. Take advantage of this time to study hard, accumulate experience, and start when you are ready.