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How to Match and Match Outfit Ideas for Girls

How to Match and Match Outfit Ideas for Girls

Fashion trends are not only catching up with the trendy men and women who pay attention to appearance, but now the trendy children in society are the requirements of parents and mothers for their children.

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How to dress a child as a trendy kid?

The choice of clothing is to pay attention to the color of the clothes and the skin color of the child. For example, if the skin is dull, you should choose clothes with brighter colors, which will make the child look more energetic. If the child's skin tone is fairer, you can choose some light colors. Yes, it will look lively!

By the way, in addition to these, you should also pay attention to the matching of the child's body and the color of the clothes.

  • Slightly fat children choose cool colors. Such as blue, green, purple.
  • If you are thin, choose warm colors instead. Such as red, yellow, orange.

In fact, the color matching of children's clothes is not too fixed, just wear it to make everyone look comfortable.

Taking into account the child's playful nature, it should be mainly loose. The child's body is in the process of development, and it is good to wear some casual clothes at ordinary times, which will also make the child look cute, comfortable and fashionable!

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In fact, no matter what the child wears. In the hearts of parents, whatever your baby wears is the cutest.

When parents choose children's clothing brands, most of them first pay attention to the color of children's clothing. Yes, children have original sensitivity and unique preferences for colors. Therefore, when buying children's clothing, the first thing to do is to judge from the shape and skin color.

If the child is a little girl with dark skin, high brightness, High-purity, colorful children's clothing, such a dress will appear spiritual and eye-catching. If the little girl has a brighter complexion, such as wearing pink, yellow, and red children's clothes, she will look lively and bright, even if she wears gray or black, she will look delicate and elegant, giving people a comfortable and natural feeling

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1. Color matching of children's clothing

While paying attention to the color matching with the skin color of children, we should also pay attention to the color matching of children's body shape and children's clothing. If a child is fat, choose cool or dark children's clothing, such as: gray, black, blue and other cool or dark children's clothing, because it has a shrinking effect when wearing it, which can make up for the child's physical defects; if the child She is relatively thin, so you can choose some warm-colored children's clothing for her, such as green, beige, coffee, etc. These colors of children's clothing expand outward and can give people a warm feeling.

2. Style matching of children's clothing 😊

The style of children's clothing should be loose and simple without too many decorations, but children's clothing must have pockets, which can hold handkerchiefs and things that children like. The sleeves, trousers and hem of children's clothing can be cut longer so that they can be worn the next year. Two sets of sweaters can be prepared, the small one can be worn close to the body, the large one can be worn outside as a smock, and it can be added to the padded jacket when the weather is cold. The types of children's clothing that fat children should not wear are: suspenders, checkered pants, tights, ultra-short and more complicated children's clothing.

Suitable children's clothing: mid-length, large pants, skirts, children's clothing with darker colors as much as possible, but also with bright colors. For thin babies, unsuitable children's clothing are: sleeveless, thin suspenders . Suitable children's clothing are: ultra-short, tight-fitting, and more children's clothing in full and jumping colors.

3. The fabric collocation of children's clothing 😊

Because children are lively, active, and have no awareness of protecting clothes, the fabrics of children's clothing are generally strong, durable, and not easily damaged. At the same time, the comfort of wearing fabrics should also be considered. Because the clothes are close to the skin, children's skin is generally sensitive, and the clothes and the skin often rub against each other, so the fabric is particularly required to have good hygroscopicity and good ventilation. It is necessary to consider the requirements of sweat absorption and ventilation.

Master the above children's clothing matching and style matching skills, I believe that parents can buy children's clothing suitable for their babies and create a fashionable and beautiful appearance for their babies.

With the rise of living standards and the improvement of residents' economic income, parents don't spend a bit on their children. No matter what the reason is, parents want to dress up their beloved baby in the most fashionable and cute way.