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What should be paid attention to in children's clothing wholesale?

What should be paid attention to in children's clothing wholesale?

1. Children's clothing wholesale must pay attention to quality assurance

Whether it is physical wholesale or children's clothing wholesale online children's clothing wholesale, you must find those goods that are easy to sell, with good styles and excellent quality. Don't be greedy for cheap, look for those for a few dollars. you get what you pay for.

You can't have both fish and bear's paw. Generally, if there are quality problems, the products sold at low prices will not be returned. The risk is borne by consumers. Generally, the cheaper it is, the quality will easily go wrong. If the price is higher, it can be returned if there is a quality problem, and the merchant bears the risk. The grade and quality are higher, so that the profit margin of the store is also higher. Price is as important as quality, cheap and without risk, that's not possible.


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2. Children's clothing wholesale can't just look at the price

Whether it is physical wholesale or online wholesale of children's clothing, when it comes to children's clothing wholesale, it depends on the value, that is, whether the cost performance is worth or overvalued. It must be combined with the local market environment and its own strength to maintain the highest cost performance.

The grade of children's clothing wholesale products also represents It depends on the level of the store and the level of people. Therefore, it is not enough to look at the price when wholesale children's clothing. Of course, this is only for the middle-to-high-end crowd.

3. When wholesale children's clothing, you can't choose products with your own eyes

Go to the children's clothing wholesale market, browse the children's clothing wholesale website and Taobao store, and compare more. Also go to the surrounding children's clothing wholesale and retail stores to find out what they are selling.

When buying children's clothing wholesale, don't just use your own eyes to choose, unless you are very experienced, after the children's clothing wholesale is for sale, whether you like it or not, just sell it, even if it is easy to sell, you can ask children's clothing wholesalers or It is a more experienced person. In short, the products selected should follow the trend of the market.

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General purchase rules for wholesale children's clothing in children's clothing wholesale market

When running a children's clothing store, many operators purchase goods in various children's clothing wholesale markets, so it is very necessary to understand the purchasing rules of children's clothing wholesale markets.​​
To buy in the wholesale children's clothing market, do not check your products slowly at the wholesale store first. When you mention the goods, you just need to check the quantity. Generally, when you go back and find that there is a problem with the product, you will ask for a replacement. Of course, it should not be too far from the time of purchase.

If you squat in the wholesale store to order the goods after picking up the goods, the wholesalers will think that you are a very troublesome customer, so they will not want to deal with you for a long time.​

Again, don't expect to reduce risk by exchanging from wholesalers.

When purchasing, do not ask the wholesaler whether the product can be replaced with a good-selling product if the product is not good. If you ask this question, the wholesaler will determine that you have never done business before and are in the business field. Novices, if the risk of doing business can be controlled to this level, everyone may be rich, and it goes without saying that you can guess what kind of quotation the wholesaler will give you. The wholesaler is not obliged to take the risk of purchasing for you, all he can do is replace the defective product for you.​​

Finally, it should be recognized that price adjustments in wholesale markets are minimal.

As mentioned earlier, the profit of a single product of a wholesaler is very low, and it is impossible to reduce the commodity price like a retailer. Generally, the adjustment is 2% to 3%.

If it can be reduced by 5%, it is already very powerful. It is impossible for wholesalers. I'll give you another 20% off the wholesale price. On the other hand, in the wholesale market, the general transportation of goods is by car or railway, because the transportation cost is much lower than that of express delivery, and the buyer is responsible for it. If he encounters a good wholesaler, he is willing to help at most.

You go to the consignment, but the cost of moving to the yard and the freight must be paid by the buyer himself.