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How to sell baby clothes

How to sell baby clothes for children's clothing store

  1. Control costs.
  2. It is very important to cultivate a fixed consumer group.
  3. Ask more about other people's purchase channels and price.
  4. Discounts are the most effective means of all promotional activities.
  5. Network is money, popularity is wealth, and network determines life.
  6. Popularity and children like to go are the main reasons for choosing a place to buy.
  7. Introducing culture and services to the market is the biggest selling point of the maternity and baby product industry.
  8. Trust is greater than strength. 97% of sales are building trust, and 3% are closing.
  9. Improve relevant knowledge, product knowledge, sales knowledge, and improve your own expertise in a timely manner.
  10. 10. Catch repeat customers, 80% of a store's profit comes from repeated purchases by 20% of customers.
  11. We must first be altruistic and do altruistic things. Create incredible, irresistible marketing solutions for your customers.
  12. The store requires a distinctive clothing image. Example: You can make a dress that makes you feel very close to your mom.
  13. Establish children's consumption files, and do a good job in after-sales service or sales follow-up according to the information recorded in the file materials.
  14. If the goods do have quality problems, the customer returns or exchanges caused by them should be provided free of charge, and apologize and admit.
  15.  Do a good job in serving customers every time you enter the store. You will never have a second chance to build your first impression on customers.
  16. Be sure to tell customers about things with gold content, and be sure to learn to create value and create the value that customers need.
  17. Rejection is the beginning of a deal. Sales is a game of zero deposit and withdrawal. Every time a customer refuses, they are saving money for you.
  18. Customers are good teachers, peers are good role models, and the market is a good school. Take the strength of the people, and you can be longer than the people.
  19. Only when you find a common topic with customers, can you establish a relationship with him. Selling is about building relationships, building connections.
  20. To deepen the impression of customers, you can print some business cards, paper bags, etc. with our store name/contact information for distribution.
  21. Sales is the transmission of confidence, the transfer of emotions, and the persuasion of physical strength; negotiation is a contest of determination; transaction is a manifestation of willpower.
  22. Other promotion methods, such as: discount area, the goods only need to be placed on the trolley, which does not take up space and can be convenient for users to choose.
  23. Compared with other clothing items, parents are not particularly sensitive to price and pay more attention to quality. Therefore, the profit is relatively high.
  24. Draining water anytime, anywhere, turning drainage into a habit. Growth is always more important than success. You can make a deal without attracting traffic, but you can't grow without attracting traffic.
  25. Establish certain cooperative relations with kindergartens in the community, for example: kindergartens are allowed to post new product posters. Moreover, the kindergarten itself is also a concentration of direct consumers.
  26. Commodities strive to be complete and new. It saves mothers the trouble of purchasing separately and the requirement of young mothers to pursue fashion, and learn to update in time. At the same time, products can also be filtered according to customer source and age group.
  27. Don't conflict with the existing consumer projects in the community, and it can continue to be an exclusive business for a period of time. If the operation is good, the first to enter is the biggest, and it can be established in the core position of the children's products store in the community.
  28. Print some brochures with various products, prices and other product information, and implement door-to-door delivery. You can become a member by purchasing as many items as you like at a time, and you will get some points for every item you buy, and you can exchange for suitable items when you accumulate a certain number of points.
  29. The service attitude should be friendly. This is the business creed that will never change. To treat customers, we should provide services within our ability. For example: provide customers with purchasing advice, and don’t quarrel with people even if they encounter bad customers, because there will be joint reactions, and a group of customers will be lost due to the loss of one customer.
  30. The grade positioning should be clear, and the products should be divided reasonably according to the customer source and age group.
Green Leaves Twirl Dress

(In the initial stage, it can be divided into two grades - boutique and general, but both require new and beautiful styles. In the follow-up, we will gradually explore more profitable products suitable for our region, and the discount area is mainly based on foreign trade orders and seasonal products. Comprehensive products area - hats, shoes, socks, etc.)

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