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How to start your own children's clothing store at home

How to start your own children's clothing store at home

How to start your own children's clothing store

How to open a chain store of children's clothing? We all know that now every family has few children, and the children who consume the most are the children! Therefore, the best money for infants and young children! So how to open a chain of children's clothing? How to open a children's clothing store by yourself.

Children's clothing stores are also divided into children's clothing franchise stores and children's clothing retail stores.

1. Children's clothing franchise store

How to start your own children's clothing store

Children's clothing franchise stores, as the name suggests, are those who open a store to join the children's clothing brands currently on the market. The process of opening such a store is basically carried out from several aspects such as "brand selection → store location → store decoration → store purchase → store management → store promotion". Compared with children's clothing retail stores, this kind of store opening method is standardized and easy to operate, and it can also rely on the brand's own popularity and word of mouth to form a chain effect.

2. Children's clothing retail store

Children's clothing retail stores, of course, are independent store owners. What this method of opening a store is about is that all store opening processes must be completed independently by the store owner. The process of this kind of store opening method can be roughly divided into several aspects such as "choose the children's clothing wholesale market → store location → store decoration → store purchase → store management". Compared with children's clothing franchise stores, this method of opening a store is relatively complicated. The advantage is that it is very flexible, and there are no restrictions on the size of the store and the first batch of goods.

Tips for opening a children's clothing store

1. You must first define your store positioning

Children's clothing is also divided into high school and low grade. Which category do you want to put your shop in? This also determines the location of your shop. If you want to sell low to mid grade children's clothing. It is recommended to open in the main street of the residents or near the kindergarten school. If you want to sell middle-grade and high-grade children's clothing, it is recommended to open it in a pedestrian street or a commercial street with many small shops. The flow of people is a very important factor. In addition, children's clothing stores are mainly crowded together. Although the competition is strong. But just be sure of your own goods and prices. Quality pass. It will definitely win many old customers.

2. Let’s talk about the goods and prices mentioned above

If you are dealing with branded children's clothing, it may be a constraint on your profit on price. In addition, the novelty of the clothing will be discounted. Because the brand package has a brand to make a thick shield, but there is also a problem of price transparency. So profit will be difficult to increase, and the repetition rate of clothing is too high. It's the same over and over again, the average mom will go to the store she frequents to buy, not your new store unless you have a much lower price than those with the same brand. But with such a low price, I'm worried that you won't even be able to pay the rent. So it is recommended not to choose branded clothing. In addition, there are many restrictions on the purchase and joining of brand clothing. Funds, styles, sizes, colors, etc. are all you can't completely control!

3. Incoming styles

This requires you to pay more attention to the children's clothing-related magazines every quarter and every month, and know the current trend of children's clothing. You need to do a research on the mothers of babies. For example, white clothes are basically less than 10% likely to be purchased by mothers of male babies in the age group of 3-8. Because boys of this age group tend to get their clothes dirty. And you need to understand and master the relevant issues such as what kind of clothes are more suitable for baby girls at what stage. It is recommended that you do children's clothing with an age group orientation.

How to run a children's clothing store


Pay attention to the positive feelings brought to customers by the hygiene of the store, the cleanliness of the fitting room, the special arrangement, shoes and other details. Wipe with your hands every day to see if there are any traces of dust. Do not put buckets and brooms in the fitting room. It is forbidden to put cartons, plastic bags, etc. in the business premises, and it is not allowed to leave food, beverages and personal items in the store.

When trying on the clothes on the model, wrap the model's body with cloth, which is respect for the customer and the model, and also shows the professionalism of the brand.

How to start your own children's clothing store

Lighting, air conditioning, background music, many things bring customers shopping desire, details should not be ignored!


Out of stock is a "sales killer". Regular inventory counts, sales forecasts, store product adjustments, broken code records, etc., in any case, try to ensure the completeness and quality of the goods. At the same time, you must be able to clearly know what items are placed where, how many sizes, which colors, how much stock is left, and what kind of customers are suitable. It is also necessary to know the FAB of each product, what products will be available in the near future, and which are the best-selling products. Products are like weapons in war. If you don’t understand them, you will soon be defeated by the market.
The sorting and cleaning of the goods can not only allow you to have something to do in your spare time, but also maintain the freshness of the goods, which naturally attracts customers.

All sales staff must be very clear: what are the main passenger flow characteristics of this area and this mall, suitable for those prices, styles, sizes, colors, and styles of goods. This will help you choose the right product when ordering.


The salesperson must have a clear understanding and understanding of his own brand, brand positioning, personality, history, competitors, industry conditions, target customer groups, etc. A shopping guide who is unconfident and unfamiliar with his own brand, how does the customer feel about the brand? Do you have confidence? In the survey, it was found that many shopping guides were not given sufficient training, and the sales pressure was left to the store manager. This is very irresponsible, and it is also very harmful to the brand and sales.

4.How to decorate a children's clothing store

The blue and vast sea is the favorite place for children. The decoration color of the children's clothing store is the theme color of sea blue, with pictures of small animals in the sea, which is the most direct attraction for children. The combination of white and blue makes the store particularly pure and quiet. The light ball on the ceiling is the visual focus of the store and also arouses the curiosity of children. The clothing color series in the store should be based on light and cool colors, so as to echo the theme color of the store.

The warm and comfortable texture of the solid wood floor gives children a comfortable environment for choosing clothes. The low display desk adapts to the child's perspective. They can interact with the displayed clothes and toys to increase their preference. The decoration style of the store is modern and simple. The theme colors are light blue-green and warm yellow on the ceiling. The spotlights on the ceiling are like stars, attracting children to watch. The clothing displayed in the store is mainly bright yellow and red, which is extremely prominent.

The orange and red with high brightness and purity suggest the child's lively and enthusiastic character. The theme color of the entire children's clothing store is bright yellow, and the matching children's clothing is a bright and warm color. Such decorative colors directly capture children's color-sensitive nature. Attract cheerful and active children into the store to buy their favorite clothes.

With white and light brown as the theme colors, the whole store is bright and tidy. The children's clothing on display is mainly orange and green. Against the light-colored background, the bright and lovely children's clothing is highlighted. The layout of the whole store is simple and generous, giving people a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The hangers at the low place allow children to have close contact with the clothes, so that they can choose their favorite clothes.