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Pay attention to these safety hazards when buying Children's Clothing

Pay attention to these safety hazards when buying Children's Clothing

When parents buy Children's Boutique Clothing , they should not only consider whether the style and color of the clothing can be liked by their children, but also whether the price is affordable, and whether it is safe and comfortable to wear.

Unqualified children's clothing may become a "killer" for children's health and safety. Recently, the Suzhou market supervision department issued a consumer warning on the potential safety hazards of some children and infant clothing products.

Children's clothing, referred to as children's clothing, refers to clothing suitable for children to wear, generally refers to clothing worn by people from birth to 14 years old. Among them, children's clothing under 3 years old is also called infant clothing.

common dangers when buying children's clothing

common dangers when buying children's clothing

1. Suffocation hazard caused by small objects (zippers, buttons and other accessories) on children's and infants' clothing

Small objects on children's and infants' clothing may be swallowed or inhaled by children if they are loose due to poor fixation. After entering the respiratory tract, these accessories may block the respiratory tract and cause suffocation; after entering the digestive tract, it will cause intestinal obstruction, intestinal expansion, and in severe cases, intestinal perforation, intestinal necrosis, and even life-threatening. There have been many injuries caused by similar small parts in China.
  • Children accidentally swallow small parts causing suffocation
  • Buttons (small parts) loose on children's and infants' clothing

2. Choking hazard caused by ropes on children's and infants' clothing

Too long ropes on children's clothing are prone to entanglement, easy to be clamped or hooked by moving objects such as doors and elevators, and tripping and other situations will lead to towing accidents, causing hidden dangers to children's safety. Do not choose clothes with any cords on the head and neck for children. At the same time, pay attention to whether the cords in other parts of the garment are too long or easy to form slip knots and loops to prevent accidents.
  • Clothing ropes entangled in slides or vehicles causing danger
  • The rope is too long, and it is easy to cause danger due to clamping and hanging.
Precaution when buying children's clothing

Precaution when buying children's clothing

  1. Buy children's clothing with complete logos.Problems found in the process of wearing are well documented, which is conducive to safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests and avoiding unnecessary losses. Children's clothing should be marked with the manufacturer's name and address, product name, product model or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance methods, implemented product standards, safety categories, etc., and infant clothing should be marked with the words "Baby Products". Durability labels should be used for size specifications, fiber content, and washing methods. Durability labels sewn on baby clothing that can be worn close to the body should be placed in a position that does not come into direct contact with the skin.
  2.  All kinds of accessories, buttons and other small accessories on children's clothing should be checked by hand to see if they are firm and whether there are sharp edges and tips. Avoid buying clothes that are easy to fall off such as metal accessories and buttons to prevent accidental swallowing by children. harm. It is recommended to regularly check whether the buttons are loose or loose, and ensure that they are fastened before wearing them to children, so as to avoid danger due to accidental swallowing by children. When buying, choose clothing that is simple in style and has few decorations.
  3.  If a child accidentally swallows buttons and other accessories, or if a child develops sudden abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting and other clinical symptoms suspected of swallowing hard objects, they should be sent to the doctor immediately for treatment.
Precautions when buying children's clothing

Precautions when buying children's clothing

In the ever-changing clothing industry, the trend is constantly updated. This style may be popular today, and that style will be popular tomorrow. Children's clothing stores should also be at the forefront of fashion and create their own unique characteristics.

1. "Do not covet human traffic"

When opening a children's clothing store, you should pay attention to the spending power of the surrounding groups. Don't covet popular areas with a particularly large flow of people. It is not because the more popular areas are, the better. The main consumers of children's clothing are adults who sell to children. If the price of children's clothing is Generally set too high, beyond the financial affordability of parents, it is difficult to attract long-term stable customers.

2. "You can't ignore it"

Opening a children's clothing store is a clothing business. Nowadays, parents of children are paying attention to fashion trends when buying new clothes. Therefore, they need to pay attention to the information of children's clothing market at any time, and choose appropriate styles to purchase. At the same time, we must also find ways to get familiar with consumers and teach those young parents how to choose their children's products, so as to have a stable source of customers.

3. "Don't be in a hurry"

There is no rush to do business, especially when it comes to opening a children's clothing store.
In general, children's clothing stores may sell dozens of pieces a day when business is good, and may not sell one piece a day when business is bad. Therefore, we should treat it with a normal mind, develop customers slowly, and not rush for success.

The essence of a children's clothing store is to serve children. You can communicate and learn with other children's clothing stores around you in many aspects, and learn from each other's advantages. Only in this way can we develop together. Let's see if your children's clothing store has stepped on these thunders!