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The first time to children's clothing business online wholesale tips

The first time to children's clothing business online wholesale tips

Many novices want to make children's clothing, because they will be very blind and don't know where to start? Help you sort it out, and share the real experience to help you avoid pitfalls. 

The first time to children's clothing business online wholesale tips

1️⃣Understand the basics of children's clothing

Such as children's clothing size, basic fabrics, children's clothing grade classification, delivery channels (P market distribution), children's clothing special leaf terms, etc.


Children's clothing wholesale fabric selection

.☁ Cotton

The most common fabric, ideal for baby's skin.

☁ Hemp

A vegetable fiber that is cool to wear and does not stick to the skin after sweating.

☁ Mulberry silk

Natural animal protein fiber, very shiny, smooth and soft. Warm in winter and cool in summer.

☁ Rayon

Processed from materials containing natural fibers, it has good moisture absorption, is cool to wear, and is not easy to pilling.


Polyester fiber, high elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, high strength.


Polyester amine fiber, light to wear, good waterproof and windproof, good strength and elasticity.


Very shiny, average elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, comfortable to wear.


Also known as spandex, it has good elasticity and is machine washable.


Chinese traditional textile with soft luster.

☁Interweaving hemp

The texture is fine, the hand is softer than pure linen, and it is comfortable to wear.

☁acetate fiber

The natural material is chemically processed for high elasticity, light and comfortable to wear.


The texture is light and thin, the upper body is very comfortable, and the moisture absorption is good.

☁ Muslin

The fabric is firmer than silk, the surface is smooth, and it is thin and thick.

☁ Plush

Good warmth retention, bright suede surface, thick feel and durable.

☁ Melton

The hand feels plump, the details are flat, and the wear resistance is not easy to pilling.

☁ Thin tweed

Lightweight, comfortable to wear and breathable.


The texture is tight and elastic, and the cloth surface is glossy and flat.


Wool mixed with polyester, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant.

☁ Camel Plush

Light color, soft to the touch, good warmth retention and elasticity.

☁ Fine wool-like fabric

Thick texture, not easy to deform, good warmth retention.

☁ Plush

Soft to the touch, rich in elasticity, and good in warmth.

☁Hemp cotton blend

The appearance is not as clean as pure cotton fabric, but it has good luster and is not easy to fade.

☁ Polyester and linen blend

Good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry.

☁ Silk

It is a high-grade textile material, thin and soft, comfortable on the upper body, elegant and luxurious.


Bright and noble, lustrous, comfortable, elegant, luxurious, breathable and comfortable to wear.

☁ Tencel

An environmentally friendly fiber with good air permeability, bright dyeing, and not easy to pilling.

☁ Mercerized cotton yarn

Silk-like bright luster, with the breathability of cotton, and silk-like smooth and bright characteristics.

☁Bamboo fiber

Environmentally friendly fiber, good air permeability, bright dyeing, antibacterial and deodorizing, and UV protection.


The structure is compact, not easy to be deformed, and not easy to shrink.

☁ Mercerized wool

Soft luster, strong hygroscopicity and good breathability.

☁Linen blend

It feels plump and has a silky sheen.

☁ Pure linen fine spinning

Fine, thin, quite expandable, good breathability and comfort.


Soft to the touch, warm and comfortable to wear.

Now mothers pay great attention to the comfort of their baby's clothes. If you want to make children's clothes, you must be familiar with these fabrics.

2️⃣Understand market conditions/find sources

Children's clothing wholesale

Before opening a store, you must understand the market conditions in advance, don't be blind! Communicate and learn more with seniors, and through them, you can avoid detours and save time and cost. You can also enter the children's clothing peer group first, understand the brands of children's clothing sources in advance, and understand the latest trends in the market. Information big data analysis can allow us to grow rapidly.

The supply of goods is the basis of making children's clothing. Novices generally recommend that you get the goods in two batches. You can get one batch with less starting quantity. There is also a good exchange rate. For example, Hangzhou Sijiqing, Guangzhou Zhongshan Eighth Road, Wenzhou Elephant City, etc., make style brands in advance. Raiders positioning

3️⃣Shop location and style positioning

Children's clothing wholesale

The location selection of a physical store is very important, which directly affects the development of the store. Do market research first to understand whether the surrounding environment is self-interested, the size of the store, the location and environmental vision, and traffic conditions. Position yourself in the direction of development according to the location of the store, such as investment, decoration positioning, style code segment positioning, price positioning, etc.

4️⃣Shop decoration

Shop decoration

For decoration, you can refer to the stalls in Zhili, Huzhou. Basically, there will be two decorations a year, which are worth learning and reference. Some good decoration elements of coffee shops and cake shops can also be integrated into it, which is simple and high-end.

Note that the door must be done well. The first thing is the decoration outside the door, and then the lighting effect. Remember that it should be bright, but not dazzling! A rest area and a play area can be prepared indoors, so that babies can have fun and mothers can rest when they are tired.

5️⃣How to get the goods

How to get the goods

You must make a plan in advance to get the goods. It’s not what you want to get. Pay attention to the matching, and don’t take a little from this stall and another. Determine the style of the code segment, first go through the stalls, look at the stalls, and remember the stalls you like, and then determine a few as long-term purchases. First, it has good after-sales service, and secondly, it can build trust and lay the foundation for taking large products in the future.

Take the proportion of goods for reference:

20% of the drainage, 70% of the profit, 10% of the high segment

Male to female ratio 5:5

7:3 boy to top ratio

Girls top and bottom skirt ratio 5:2:3

It can also be matched with some accessories, socks, hats, etc., or a small amount of shoes, which can be adjusted as appropriate.

6️⃣Learn to attract customers, combine online and offline

Don’t wait for customers to come to your door, follow the general trend of the Internet economy, learn to attract customers online with short-view screens, and increase customer sources by pushing traffic to your store through AliExpress, Amazon, tiktok, and youtube. Do a good job in store display and offline matching, maintain door-to-door customers, and achieve online and offline integration.