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Children's clothing wholesale business experience in 2022

Children's clothing wholesale business experience in 2022

Children's clothing wholesale experience. Be careful not to be too greedy when going to the children's clothing wholesale market. Be sure to buy more styles, but the quantity must be controlled. Younger children: fashion and cartoons Generally a children's clothing can be picked up first. Make up if it sells well. The color can refer to the styles and colors that were popular at the time. Older children: A scaled-down version of "adult clothes".

For older children aged 12-16, they are more eager to enter the adult world, hoping to dress more fashionably, attract more eyeballs, and make clothes profitable, which is what all shop owners want. But the price of clothes is too high to a certain extent, and it will only scare customers away. If you want to be high, you must be cost-effective.
Any customer loves something that's good value for money
So as long as you can make money, you can sell. Customers who may have bought it feel that the price is high and will return to the market for consumption. The high profit of clothes is what all shop owners want, but the high price of clothes is not good, it will only scare customers away. If you want something high, it must be affordable. Any customer likes something that is cost-effective and sells as long as it makes money. It is too early to realize.
As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, and time is very precious, because good goods must be robbed, and the robbing time is concentrated in the four hours from 5:00 to 9:00 in the morning. And during this time, these brand children's clothing suppliers and manufacturers are very busy. If you are picking up the goods, you must ask, and try not to ask if you are not buying, because no one has a good temper when you are busy, and no one has time to take care of you.

branded children's clothing wholesale discount stores

Four reasons for the decline in the performance of branded children's clothing wholesale discount stores for you:


1. The source of supply The wholesale supply of children's clothing of this brand is not good, so the performance must not be good enough.

Many shop owners do not find primary sources of goods, and they do not know how many times they have changed hands, so the price of goods is naturally not the lowest. Consumers love things that are cost-effective!

2. Commodity display Many people don't know much about display, let alone how to match the clothes in the store to look good.

Whether the price is expensive or not, the quality is good or not, if you want to attract customers into the store, it is the last word that you must catch the attention of customers. And now many parents born in the 1990s are cool dads and are very particular about matching. The store must learn to display well!

Children's clothing wholesale business experience in 2022

3. The quality of brand children's clothing discount products should be checked before they are put on the shelves, and there should be no stains and excessive thread ends.

Make sure there are no defective products on the shelves, otherwise customers will pick that defective product, and the image of the store will go down.

4. Many customers in the fitting room only got a letter and came out after a few turns.

Why? Because there is no fitting room in the store, many customers can't handle their own sizes. They are afraid that if they buy a small or large one, they do not know whether the style is suitable for them. Therefore, a separate fitting room must be set up to allow customers to choose the most suitable clothes for themselves.
When your customers are happy, you will be happy too. The brand children's clothing industry is developing rapidly, the market demand is constantly expanding, and the development prospects of the brand discount children's clothing industry are widely optimistic.

usa has a huge number of children's clothing consumers, and the brand discount children's clothing market has a great undeveloped state. Diverse brands, fashionable styles, and long-term cooperation with thousands of brands can ensure sufficient supply.

Children's clothing wholesale business experience

How to get the goods for the first time when making children's clothing?

First, professional knowledge, first find out what sizes of children's clothing are, probably as follows: baby 66-90, child 80-120, middle child 90-130, middle child 110-150, big child 120-165 second , what is the first-hand purchase, the wholesale of children's clothing is the first-hand, normally 5 pieces, if you get back the first-hand goods, there is a code to sell one, and another customer buys this code, you have to take it again First-hand, so at this time, you should consider whether this model is good for sale. If it is not good, you would rather not make this order and introduce other suitable codes to customers.

This avoids overloading too much. First of all, it is necessary to take less and not be greedy. Only take first-hand feedback and then make up for the third. Before taking the goods, do a research on the market. The wholesale market is very small and there are many brands.

The wholesale market is very small and there are many brands

If you are not prepared, it will be a waste of time and energy. After I have a certain understanding of the source of goods, I go directly to the stall I like to get it, which is what I do. Sometimes you can place an order on WeChat even if you can’t go to the market. Fourth, understand the safety standards of children's clothing. Although brands will be more expensive, they have their own relatively complete safety testing standards, which will save you a lot of worry. Therefore, if you buy goods, try to focus on mid-to-high-end sources of goods.