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What is the best wholesale website for children's clothing in USA in 2022?

What is the best wholesale website for children's clothing in USA in 2022?

  • The most important thing in opening a store and doing business is the goods. How to buy goods in a children's clothing store?
  • Which products do consumers like?
  • What are the purchase channels for children's clothing?
  • You must be familiar with the good children's clothing wholesale markets in the country. How do children's clothing stores purchase goods?

What is the best wholesale website for children's clothing in USA in 2022?

6 Best Baby & Children’s Fashion Clothing Wholesalers (USA/EU/China Included)

1. Babeeni

Babeni baby fashion wholesaler

Babeni is a Vietnam-based wholesaler of hand shields for children and baby clothing. Founded in 2007, the company mainly exports products to the US and EU markets.

The company has 5 factories in Vietnam with a total area of ​​150,000 square meters and more than 2,120 workers. This enables the production capacity to exceed 1 million pieces/year.
Regarding the product selection, Barbeni offers boys and girls tops, bottoms, one-pieces, two-pieces, swimwear, pajamas, dresses, baby coats, one-pieces, one-pieces, monogrammed clothing, blankets, hair Belts, hats, and more.


  • Worldwide shipping within 5-40 days depending on destination.
  • 3%-6% off for orders over 1000 pieces.
  • OEM/ODM service.
  • Custom labels and tags (additional cost).
  • Pay with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Wire Transfer and Paypal.


  • The MOQ is 200 pieces (50 pieces per design).
  • Production may take 30-50 days.
  • Customers must register to see prices.


children's clothing

2. Kkami

Kkami Baby and Kids Fashion Clothing Wholesaler

In 2011, Kkami, as a retail online store selling Korean children's clothing and children's shoes, quickly established a strong relationship with Korea's top wholesale suppliers, offering high-quality and unique clothing at competitive prices.
Currently, the company supplies more than 100 different brands of clothing and has expanded its product line to the women's clothing industry.


  • Worldwide shipping within 2-21 days via UPS, EMS and registered airmail.
  • One-stop OEM/ODM service, from design concept, fabric selection, sampling, manufacturing to personalized branding.
  • Bank transfer, credit card and PayPal are supported.


  • The minimum order requirement is EUR 500.
  • Up to 7 business days to process orders.
  • Not all product information is translated into English.
Kkami Baby and Kids Fashion Clothing Wholesaler

3. Distribution of children

Kids Distribution Baby and Kids Fashion Clothing Wholesaler

Kids Distribution is an EU licensed dropshipping wholesaler with over 20 years of experience in distributing designer teen and baby fashion apparel.

It owns more than 100 Italian and international famous brands, including Blumarine, Brest, Cesare Paciotti Girl, Gaudi, Diesel, Harmont&Blaine and more.
In total, the company maintains a vast catalog of over 200,000 references, updated daily and in stock.


  • Fast shipping to all countries in Europe and most outside Europe via DHL.
  • Up to 20% off retail prices.
  • Free returns within 15 days of delivery.
  • Blind investment transportation services are provided.
  • Multilingual consulting services in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Russian.
  • Accepts PayPal, major credit cards and bank transfers.


  • The minimum order value is 200 EUR.
  • Products are not delivered worldwide.
  • Customers must register to view prices.
Kids Distribution Baby and Kids Fashion Clothing Wholesaler

4. Bambini children's clothing

Bambini baby fashion wholesaler

Founded in California, USA in 1992, Bambini Baby Clothing is an organic wholesale supplier of a wide range of boutique newborn/baby/toddler clothing such as t-shirts, mittens, booties, crawling suits, pajamas, gowns, hats, Hats, blankets, towels and other specialty items.
The company offers classic-style detailed embroidery, unique prints and soft pastel colors made from 100% cotton.


  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Ship worldwide via DHL, FedEx, UPS, and more.
  • Offers baby and children's clothing delivery services.
  • Private labels and custom orders are supported.
  • Processing times are usually the same day.
  • Accepts credit cards, bank transfers and Paypal.


  • You must register to see prices.
Bambini baby fashion wholesaler

5. Child blank

Children's Clothing Wholesalers
Kids Blanks is a wholesale distributor of fashion apparel for babies and children established by the family business in 2000. It uses 4 CPSIA certified fabrics for different embossing and decoration processes to meet the various needs of customers.
In 2021, Kids Blanks received a SAGE A+ Supplier Rating for its high-quality products, new designs and exceptional service.


  • There is no minimum price (however, to get wholesale prices you need to order at least 6 pieces based on style number, size and color).
  • Prompt international delivery within 6-12 business days.
  • In the US, free shipping is available on orders over $300.
  • Offers wholesale print-on-demand and dropshipping solutions.
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal and COD.


  • All returns after 14 days will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  • Processing time can be long.
Children's Clothing Wholesalers

6. Kiss

Kissing Baby Fashion Clothing Wholesaler

Kiskishing is a Chinese fashion apparel manufacturer with 30 years of experience called Sintex.
The company has an own production facility and more than 20 long-term partner factories, enabling the company to offer a wide range of wholesale products ranging from baby rompers, skirts, boy suits, girl princess dresses, swimwear, knitwear, to hats, headwear Belts, blankets, socks and other children's accessories.


No minimum order quantity.
Ships within 7-25 business days.
2%-8% off orders

Kissing Baby Fashion Clothing Wholesaler

The purchase of children's clothing stores is also learned, and the three suggestions for children's clothing purchases should not be ignored!

The choice of the number of yards when purchasing

First of all, each brand of clothing is positioned in a certain age group, such as 18-25 years old or 30-40 years old. The same is true for children's clothing. Few manufacturers say that they can produce 0-10 year olds.

If any manufacturer tells you: We are a manufacturer, we have 0-10 years old, and the quality is very good and the price is very low, it must be a fool. Because of the real strength, those who want to be brands will not stretch the production line that long.
When purchasing, the best-selling size should be considered. Generally speaking, the size of the two ends should be less. According to my recent consultation, I have consulted with many children's clothing store owners and learned that children's clothing 2-4 years old is the best seller.

Choice of clothing styles

When buying goods, many friends who have just joined the industry make the most common mistake: to choose the style to be imported according to their own preferences. As a customer the other day, when she asked me to stock up, I recommended a few of our best sellers (definitely based on our sales statistics) and she said, I don't like any of them!

I think every friend who wants to be a children's clothing store must understand at all times that your clothes are sold to children, and most of them are other people's children. So we have to comprehensively consider several aspects to purchase:

  1. The preferences of local consumers
  2. Current popular styles
  3. The suitability, safety and cost-effectiveness of the product itself
  4. It is also necessary to take into account the ease of operation of Mommy, such as whether to open the file, and opening the file will make it easier to urinate.

Some moms don't like to open the file, because she will not look good when the file is opened. And so many aspects, we all need to understand, to study. In short, absolutely can not follow the trend, blindly purchase. Good stuff is half of your success!

When stocking, I am afraid that there are too many goods, and the pressure on the goods will reduce the funds.

What is the best wholesale website for children's clothing in USA in 2022?

Imagine that a shop has too few products, can customers find suitable clothes for her? In addition, 10,000 items may be able to sell 50% of the items, for example, 7,000 items are sold, but you only have 7,000 items, how can you sell 7,000 items? Woolen cloth?
You must know that it takes time and energy to purchase goods, and if the quantity is small, the discounts given by general manufacturers or wholesalers will not be too low. Therefore, if the local area is still easy to do, it is necessary to enter the possible stocking. A low wholesale price means a reduction in your costs, and at the same time you have a more competitive advantage, so the price is also crucial.
Generally speaking, the price quoted by the merchants will not be the lowest price. Don't easily believe those who say that we quote a price. Try to show your strength, imply that your volume will be large and you will cooperate for a long time. Of course, businessmen are cunning and cunning, and they must constantly improve their negotiating ability.