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What problems should a novice do in children's clothing wholesale?

What problems should a novice do in children's clothing wholesale?

At the beginning of making children's clothing, you must be careful when purchasing, don't be greedy for too much, and don't be greedy for cheap.
Don't be greedy for too much: At the beginning, you can't fully grasp the taste of customers, so it is best to have a small amount of various products, take a few more models, and take a little less of each model, and then replenish it after seeing the customer's reaction. Don't be afraid to buy more if you don't have the goods you like.

Don't worry, this model is gone, and many similar models will come out. Making less money is always better than overstocking.
Don't blindly trust the merchant's promise to return and exchange the goods. Some merchants can also return and exchange them all, but the price will be high and their profits will be much smaller. When I do children's clothing wholesale, I declare in advance that it will not be refunded or exchanged.

The price has been made quite low. Even if it is not refunded or exchanged, the profit margin is so large, and it is balanced enough. I believe that it is absolutely no problem for customers to deal with the purchase price. If this price If you can't get out, you can't do it.

There are many customers who have transferred from the original merchants who have returned and exchanged to me, a merchant that does not return or exchange. That is more cost-effective, and the account is easy to calculate.
Don't be greedy for cheap: when you are just starting out, you can't fully grasp the market conditions of the whole market.

You think that the products of this company are cheap and good. This is just your personal feeling. Better), so I still control myself and don’t be greedy for this cheap. You will find many cheaper and better ones in the future. Of course, don't miss a good opportunity.
The goods must be carefully inspected, and do not be confused by the rhetoric of the merchant (the same is true for buying goods from me).
If you don't have a special grasp, don't take the packaged goods, and the novice should not touch the packaged goods that are not allowed to be seen. If the amount of defectives is too large, do not take it easily, otherwise you will lose money in the end.
Children's clothing stores are engaged in promotions. Naturally, there will be many more customers in the store, and the flow of people will increase. Children's clothing salesmen should pay attention to maintaining a distance between themselves and customers. They can neither make them feel that you are too enthusiastic nor let them feel neglected. Also pay attention to the atmosphere in the store, to be "chaotic" and orderly. Here are some lessons learned:

1. The enthusiasm should be moderate.

I think everyone must have this experience. Sometimes when we go shopping in specialty stores or shopping malls, we will encounter some overly enthusiastic shopping guides. They will greet you from afar, and when you walk into her store She followed her around at the counter, and started chattering about their clothes.

As customers, they like to have a relaxed and free shopping environment for them to watch and choose. Indiscriminate introduction will make them feel an invisible pressure and disgust, and take the opportunity to "run away". So we must not be "overzealous".

2. the subconscious effect Now some clothing shopping guides like to use "please take a look" instead of "welcome".

As everyone knows, the welcome phrase "please take a look" just instills a subconsciousness of "see and go" to customers. For example, let’s talk about the role of the subconscious mind on the human mind. In the morning, when you wake up and say to yourself, "I'm in a good mood today, I'm a happy person.

" Then you may be happy all day. This reflects the role of the subconscious mind on people. Therefore, if you are also used to saying "please take a look" to customers, please correct your statement immediately. Approaching customers is an important step in store sales and a skillful job.