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5 Tips for Selling in Children's Clothing Stores

5 Tips for Selling in Children's Clothing Stores

5 Tips for Selling in Children's Clothing Stores

①Low-cost investment can also boost sales

Print the model pictures as photos, and hang each photo on the corresponding single-item clothes. When customers enter the store and choose a single product, they can recommend a complete set of matching and show the model photos to customers, so that customers can see directly. The effect of wearing it on the body can effectively increase the connection rate, thereby increasing sales. The cost of a photo is only a few cents, but it can drive the sales of other items.

② Walking billboard

Physical stores must customize the packaging bags (handbags) belonging to their own stores with the store QR code printed on them. When customers carry our packaging bags, it is equivalent to promoting the store. Customers with slightly more refined packaging bags generally do not. Throw it away at will, as long as you take out this packaging bag, you will also think of your children's clothing store, so the "walking billboard" board girls must have it.

③ Photo punching area

A small corner of the store is decorated as a photo punching area. You can hang the logo of your own store on the background wall, or you can hang a WeChat QR code. Every small model who tries on can get it by taking a photo in your photo area. A beautiful little toy (bubble gun, bubble wand, car can be used) 90% of the mothers will not refuse this method, so that you have a buyer show, it can improve the order rate, and when you When taking pictures of babies, mothers will inevitably take a photo of their babies and send them to the circle of friends, or save them in albums and send them to friends, which can also achieve an effective publicity effect for the store.

④Place toys

You can place children's tables and chairs, toys space sand or a small doll machine (a doll machine that can be placed on the table) in a prominent position in the store, and place a few more. It is worth dozens of yuan each, and it is cheaper than a dozen Dollar. Customers bring their children into the store, and the children will definitely be attracted to play for a while. At this time, the children will not be noisy because of boredom. They will take their mothers to leave, and prevent the children from being in the store too much.

Running around in the store makes mothers unintentional to look at the clothes. The longer the children play in the store and the longer the mother stops in the store, the greater the possibility of the order rate.

⑤Old hangers turn waste into treasure

Clothes hangers eliminated in the store can also be turned into treasures. When customers buy clothes, they can give away the store's hangers. The hangers have the store's logo. Whenever customers see the hangers in the wardrobe, they will think of this children's clothing. Store, over time, naturally it is deeply ingrained in the hearts of customers.


It’s easy to open a store, but difficult to keep a store. For all things that don’t have a threshold at the beginning, in fact, the later threshold will be relatively high, so think about it before opening.

With the continuous expansion of the sales market of children's clothing, the competitiveness of the market is becoming more and more intense. I want to make children's clothing sell well and achieve the desired sales effect. littleoneusa children's clothing tells you the consumption of children's clothing, how to develop a series of effective sales skills.

1. Be confident when recommending

When a children's clothing store clerk recommends a certain children's clothing to customers, he must have confidence, so as to make customers feel confident in children's clothing; if even the children's clothing store clerk is not confident enough about the products he recommends, then customers will be very suspicious of you. Is the advice given to him correct?

2. Pay attention to the suitability of children's clothing to customers when recommending

When recommending children's clothing to customers, the children's clothing store staff must make recommendations based on the principle of being suitable for customers. Only in this way can customers be interested in the products you recommend. Before the recommendation, the children's clothing store staff should fully understand the actual objective conditions of the customer, so as to make a suitable type of children's clothing recommendation.

3. Recommend to customers with gestures

When recommending children's clothing to customers, the children's clothing clerk can't just move the mouth, but also add body language or some gestures. For example, the children's clothing clerk can hold the children's clothing in his hand and then explain it in detail according to the children's clothing in his hand, so as to make Recommendations don't seem so pale.

4. Recommend according to the characteristics of children's clothing

Each children's clothing has its own different characteristics. When recommending children's clothing to customers, it is necessary to emphasize the difference between children's clothing and other children's clothing, so that customers can choose the children's clothing products they need according to their own needs.

5. Accurately grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various children's clothing

When recommending children's clothing sales to customers, it is necessary to accurately state the advantages and disadvantages of each children's clothing according to the different types of children's clothing products, especially its advantages should be accurately kept in mind. As for the shortcomings, you must be flexible when recommending, so that consumers can feel that your recommendation is more professional, and they will trust the recommendation you make to her. new style