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Wholesale Children‘s Boutique Clothing

Buying Skills of Wholesale Children's Boutique Clothing

In recent years, children's clothing investment and agency have developed rapidly, and the children's clothing industry has attracted many entrepreneurs. Some people have joined the army of children's clothing monopoly and children's clothing wholesale.

Because many are newcomers to the children's clothing industry, many newcomers do not know what to pay attention to when they go to the children's clothing wholesale market to wholesale children's clothing? So I share some tips for children's clothing wholesale:

Buying Skills of Wholesale Children‘s Boutique Clothing

1. Wholesale children's clothing must grasp consumer demand

When some novices go to the children's clothing wholesale market to purchase goods, they will not hesitate to spend money on what they think is the most beautiful and expensive children's clothing. They intend to sell a lot, but the result is that they end up at a disposal price, which wastes people and money. The reason is that these children's clothes are not suitable for their customer groups at all. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for", it is not unreasonable The high price determines that the fabric, workmanship and cost of children's clothing are relatively high. Those who are willing to spend a lot of money to buy high priced children's clothes are also customers with certain economic strength.

If your shop is not opened in a very high-end business district, then high priced children's clothes will inevitably be eliminated by your market. On the contrary, if you only want to be cheap and don't care about its quality and style, you won't please customers who just want to buy cheap children's clothes, because customers are picky. What they need is children's clothes with good-looking style, moderate price and reasonable quality.

Therefore, when you go to the children's clothing wholesale market to purchase goods, you should not be too subjective. Experienced children's clothing wholesale merchants can understand their intentions from a customer's eyes and an action. Novices can also inquire more about children's clothing wholesalers' goods that sell well in addition to comparing prices with three stores. After all, sales are the last word.

Buying Skills of Wholesale Children‘s Boutique Clothing

2. Wholesale children's wear don't be too greedy

When you go to the children's clothing wholesale market to purchase goods, you should also pay attention not to be too greedy. You must buy more styles, but the quantity should be controlled. Generally, a children's clothing can be taken first. If it sells well, you can replenish it. The color can refer to the popular style and color at that time.

Warm colors and soft fabrics are popular among children aged three to five. The colors are generally light yellow, light blue and light pink. In recent years, children's clothing wholesalers have added many adult elements such as lace edges and knitted jackets If you can't grasp the popular fashion elements, just remember that "cartoon" is always the eternal theme of children's clothing. For the slightly older children aged 12-16, they are more eager to enter the adult world and hope to wear more fashionable and eye-catching clothes.

Girls will wear lipstick in front of the mirror and put on their mother's clothes and high heels when their mother is not at home, but their faces are still full of childishness. They may prefer a smaller version of "adult clothes" to reflect that they have grown up.

Buying Skills of Wholesale Children‘s Boutique Clothing

3.  Wholesale children's clothing must be the same style as the children's clothing in the store

Buying Skills of Wholesale Children‘s Boutique Clothing

Although the display of children's clothing is also the key, it is also closely related to the style of purchase. A pile of miscellaneous styles hanging in the store will make people feel disgusted without looking at each children's clothing, which should be taken into account when wholesaling children's clothing. The recommended purchase channel for children's wear here is foreign trade children's wear.

The advantage of foreign trade children's wear is that it is the surplus products of the factory outside the foreign trade orders, or there will be some surplus products processed outside the OEM production of some well-known brands. The price is usually very low, which is about 20-30% of the market price of children's wear, and the quality and workmanship are also guaranteed. But generally, buyers are required to eat all, so it is best not to try easily without certain economic strength.

When opening children's clothing stores to purchase goods, in addition to the main commodities sold, it is also necessary to carefully add some intimate small commodities. In winter, it is also necessary to buy a small amount of small gloves, scarves and cartoon masks. These gadgets may be a little expensive, but they will make customers feel very warm and attract more customers. To sum up the above points: wholesale children's clothing must grasp consumer demand, wholesale children's clothing must not be too greedy, and wholesale children's clothing must have the same style of children's clothing in the store. If you master them well, it will be handy to wholesale children's clothing in the children's clothing wholesale market.

Tips for children's clothing wholesale network:

When online children's clothing wholesale, you need to pay attention to the seller's return and exchange conditions. In online children's clothing wholesale, it is difficult to determine the fabric workmanship, so having good return and exchange conditions can prevent the receipt of goods from being inconsistent with the goods you see.