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Wholesale children's clothing distributors China

Wholesale children's clothing distributors China

Children's clothing, referred to as children's clothing, is clothing suitable for children. Including baby clothing, children's clothing,middle-aged children's clothing, big children's clothing, etc. Also includes school clothing for primary and secondary schools.

The general pattern of the domestic children's clothing market is that domestic and foreign brands each account for half of the domestic market. Although there are children's clothing brands that perform well in the first, second, or third and fourth markets, as well as regional children's clothing brands that are leading in each area, the concentration of children's clothing brands is not high.

1. Children's clothing wholesale primary sources have

1.1 Large wholesale clothing market

The advantage is that there are many kinds of clothes in the clothing market, and there are many stalls. You can also put a small amount of goods into the market to test the water. This wholesale market has large wholesale markets in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places, and the wholesale market is the largest. Pay attention to the old customers. If they are reliable, they can establish long-term cooperative relations with the manufacturers. If the clothing store manager takes the goods in one shop for a long time, he will get the relative preferential price, negotiate the return and exchange policy, and avoid overstocking in advance. Phenomenon.

1.2. Manufacturers

Generally, if the quantity is large, it is difficult to find a manufacturer to get the goods. Generally, the manufacturer directly wholesales to the second-level wholesaler. Unless you have a large quantity, if a large number of people work in the manufacturer, it will be very convenient to get a small amount of goods at a low price.

2.the wholesale of children's clothing can provide the following aspects for reference.

  1. Introduction of the brand, for the current mixed clothing industry, the values ​​of the brand are gradually recognized by people.
  2. The style and color matching of the clothes reflect the liveliness and attractiveness of children's clothing.
  3. There are also materials used in the product itself, how to reflect the care and consideration for children.
  4. The design of some parts of the clothing reflects the childlike personality (such as cartoon embroidery printing) and related functions (such as some convenient straps and storage bags).

In fact, when it comes to the cheap wholesale supply of children's clothing, if you know the end of the goods, you should think of it first. The clothing tailings industry is also an emerging industry. It has not been long, but the impact is quite large. In the clothing industry, inventory is prevalent, everyone knows it. Therefore, inventory has always been a headache for clothing people. The emergence of tailgating has improved the situation, and it has also gained popularity at a cheap price.

The price of the last goods is far lower than the production cost. Many times the new goods you get, others can get them through the tail goods channel, but the price is doubled. There are a lot of gold mines waiting to be dug by shopkeepers. The price-performance ratio of the tail goods market is extremely high, and the profit in the middle is exaggerated relative to the regular price. This industry is also full of a large amount of information asymmetry. If you want to really rely on tail goods to make money, you need to understand many aspects, try a small amount and try more, I believe you Be sure to use the tail market to supplement your store's profit.

In recent years, everyone should have a better understanding of tail goods. Few people should think that the tail goods must be the kind of foreign garbage that is weighed by the catty. There are several kinds of tail goods, among which the acceptance of brand discounts will be higher. Because there are brands there, the quality will be relatively guaranteed. Everyone also knows that there will be a lag between brand discounts in terms of time and new models.

Some are about a week later, which is called half-price in the industry, some are one quarter later, and some are New Year’s Eve. These are standard end products, and they will be processed every few years. Yes, these tailstocks have more defects (this kind of thing is generally a well-known big brand for a long time). The ex-factory price of these residual goods will be relatively low, and they are processed in the form of packaging, so the volume will be relatively large. The general store owner may not meet the requirements, so you can find some brand discount wholesalers to get the goods. On-site orders at the exhibition are also slightly cheaper.

Every year, there are a large number of children's clothing exhibitions all over the country, and sufficient choices can be provided at the exhibition site, and the operators of children's clothing stores can directly communicate with children's clothing manufacturers face-to-face, which is more conducive to getting the goods at a lower price. However, this requires you to pay more attention to the situation in this area, so that you can know the specific time of their meeting in time. If you are not in the know, you can also look at the stores of those agents. They know the time. Just follow them. 

They'll also send you invitations if you're taking them from them often and in large quantities. In fact, you can consolidate with some shop owners, so that you can get cheaper goods at the exhibition site.

There is also the children's clothing wholesale market, and many cities will have some large children's clothing wholesale markets. Although the price will be slightly higher than the purchase price of the manufacturer's agent, it is better than the variety and style of children's clothing.

Going to the wholesale market to purchase goods is also a very important purchase channel for many owners of children's clothing stores, and it is also the most traditional way to purchase goods. The advantages and disadvantages of this purchase channel are still very obvious. The advantage is that you can see the quality of the source of goods.

So if you want to get your favorite and cheap goods in the children's clothing wholesale market, then you have to go to see more, don't rush to start, it is very important to shop around, because the price of some stalls will be relatively high One point, and when you go to the wholesale market to get the goods, you have to go to the wholesale market first, write down what you think you can, and then browse carefully the next day, so that it is easier to find the goods you like and the price is cheaper.

Let's talk about the topic of where is cheaper in wholesale of children's clothing. I hope you can find good quality and cheap products and do a better business.