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Do children's boutiques make money?

Do children's boutiques make money?

  • How to open a children's clothing store, how to open a children's clothing store to make the most money?
  • Why do many people open children's clothing stores without making money?
  • How did you get 5$ for a piece of children's clothing?
  • Where is the unspoken rule of buy one get two free?

Friends who have never opened a store have too little experience. The old driver's routine of opening a children's clothing store is revealed. Here, I introduce some successful experiences and experiences. In this relatively popular and outdated children's market industry, children's products are very powerful and very good entrepreneurial projects. In this fierce competition, in the market, opening a store requires not only luck and opportunity, but also skill.

How to make money by opening a children's clothing store?

1.reduce the profit of excessively high costs.

A small children's clothing store of less than 20 square meters is booming. The owner of the shop is very enthusiastic and confident to share his successful experience with us to see how he has profited from losses. Whether it is a children's clothing store or other stores, if you want to open a children's clothing store to make money!

You have to play your own way. He said that the reason why his small children's clothing store is so good is basically that he has lowered the cost of high profit and returned it to customers. And the quality of my children's clothing is better, because even if I don't advertise myself, there will be many new customers introduced by old customers, and mature customers will also introduce new customers. And because I often go to the mall to summarize some ideas, I once went to the mall to see some children's clothing with less well-known brands being discounted. I took a look.

Although marked 7-8 fold, but after the fold is about 70-80 yuan. I asked some people in the industry and they said, don't look at so many deals. In fact, the profit in the middle is still very considerable! Profits can reach around 40-50%. After learning a lot, I decided to open my own children's clothing store. If I open it myself, I can control the profit cost and reduce the expenses of the shopping mall. You can give these fees back to my current clients, so that you can reduce excessive profits and achieve distinctive and relatively low-priced children's clothing. It also depends on the characteristics and personality of my store and my price advantage to attract customers!

  • How to open a children's clothing store to prevent losses and make money
  • Why not open a children's clothing store to make money?
  • Do you know how many unspoken rules there are?

2.find a good store address.

If the location of the store is not selected correctly, a good children's clothing store will be buried, let alone making money by lightly packing. After a thorough investigation for a while, the shop owner decided to buy the goods and started the shop. The owner owns a small shop, so he thinks that the address of the shop should be in a mature clothing street or clothing market, where there are many and fierce clothing merchants. Because the market competition is fierce, it means that customers are highly targeted, which contributes to the popularity of new stores.

3. joint procurement and store special operation

After opening the store for a while, the owner found a lot of shortcomings. In the early stage of a period of time, the income and expenditure will be flat or even lose money at times. In order to keep the styles of the products constantly updated and the types change alternately, we often go out to buy some cost-effective products.

Then came the problem. All kinds of expenses to go out are not considerable! Over time, the cost of children's clothing has increased in direct proportion to the selling price. This is very unfavorable for small shops fighting price wars! So the owner racked his brains and finally got inspiration and made a decision. Engage in chain operations and joint procurement plans!

That is, you can find several stores that are similar to your own store to purchase together, which can not only reduce costs, but also sell products in batches with different styles of products. Reduce travel time and maintain freshness of merchandise, thereby attracting customers and boosting store sales. The owner of the store said: "Our main concern is price advantage, so we have to reduce costs. Because we believe that customers who can enter the store are basically at a fair price. And with the store's unique business philosophy (providing a relaxed and free shopping environment), unlike most private stores, they are too enthusiastic as soon as they enter the store and are busy selling and introducing.

Management skills of children's clothing store

4.buy one get one free is to lose money or make money?

Children's clothing is not only buy one get one free, but also buy one get two free. It's about real delivery here! This is a trick that doesn't lie. Every time you buy a children's clothing, you get a second one. The formula here is that the first block is priced according to the higher price of the two blocks. If your children's clothing style is enough to attract mothers into the store, the old drivers will say that it is 100% profitable. The premise is that your store must have a good experience and the decoration quality of fresh children's clothing is acceptable. Otherwise, the profit of low-end children's clothing is low, even if you buy one.

5. Buy clearance wholesale children's clothing at low prices to make money.

Many friends go to some children's clothing wholesale markets in New York to buy goods, but the price of the same children's clothing you purchase may be the retail price of others. Why is this so?

Many bosses who can make money by opening children's clothing stores rely on this clearance and low-cost wholesale sources. A piece of children's clothing is as low as 2 yuan and 5 yuan for children's clothing wholesale, or weighed by catty. In fact, there is no profound routine, it all depends on the all-powerful facebook. To open children's clothing, you must add more children's clothing wholesale facebook, many of them will not operate. At this time, it may flow into the market like this, and facebook is the largest. Clearance children's clothing will definitely recognize your goods at a lower price in the Guangzhou children's clothing wholesale market.

This method can not only obtain high-quality children's clothing, but also obtain some high-end brands of children's clothing sources, which is of great help to improve the sales of children's clothing stores.

Everyone's way of opening a children's clothing store is different. If you want to make more money and avoid losses, you must learn more about other people's business methods.

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Best online children's boutiques recommendations

Best online children's boutiques recommendations

Best online children's boutiques

"Children grow fast, buy less clothes, just wear some clothes." "Children's clothes are one size larger, arnd they can wear them next year." These two "views" are already a thing of the past in front of parents in the new era. Today's parents would rather not have to wear it themselves, and must not be harsh on the baby! I understand the feelings of the old father and the old mother, I understand you and everyone understands.

Although I always want to buy, buy and buy, but considering economic reasons, after all, we also don't have banknotes from strong winds, so the most important thing is to look good and to be cost-effective! This week, the editor gathered the treasure mother group to buy, buy, buy, and buy, and share with you the conscience store of children's clothing.

Before recommending, let mommy popularize some little knowledge about buying children's clothing~

According to the textile product safety regulations implemented in my country, the product safety levels are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. It is the grade regulation for formaldehyde content, PH value, dyeing degree and peculiar smell.

  1. Category A is a product that can be worn by babies under 3 years old;
  2. Category B is a product that can come into contact with the skin;
  3. Category C is a product that cannot be in direct contact with the skin;

Class A is the best to buy clothes for babies, followed by class B, and class C is the basic requirement. Be sure to look at the safety category when buying~

1. SASA KIDS custom girls

This is a shop for girls in the style of baby Office lady. It has different categories. It is very suitable for taking pictures and small formal occasions. It is very suitable for parent-child clothes with mothers. It is a store that I like very much. Average price: 200 yuan.

Home-SASAKIDS Customized Girls- Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, SASAKIDS custom girls

Although the clothes are biased towards adults, they will not give people the feeling of being mature at all. The appearance and temperament of small models are very good, and many styles are worthy of daily reference.

2. Wild persimmon children's clothing

Domestic original brand, mainly Japanese-style small fresh and retro style, good at contrasting colors, large color blocks, polka dots, bright colors, both boys and girls, and there are many parent-child, sister and brother clothes, average price: 200 yuan .

Now that the autumn clothes are new, you can pay attention to buying clothes for the season. Because it is a retro style, there are many combinations of hats and socks. I also like his little model. She is a cute little girl without heavy makeup.

wild persimmon children's clothing
3-12 years old original children's clothing brand

3. Little body

The style is more French, there are many simple and beautiful styles, the main hand-made customization, and most of the styles are pre-ordered, no quality problems will not be returned, but often the code will be broken as soon as it is put on the shelves, with an average price of 150 yuan.

Home - LITTLEBODY - Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, LITTLE BODY

4. Colormo Karamo original children's clothing

A shop with a simple British style, there are no complicated colors, all are very gentle low-saturation colors, versatile and versatile. The style of the clothes is mainly based on silhouette tailoring, and the upper body is very temperamental, especially their knitted sweaters feel very good. The average price is 100 yuan.
Simple British style boys wear very well.

colormo Karamo original children's clothing
children's clothing

5. Mini snbl original children's clothing

College risk control can be seen here. His family style has college style, Republic style and ancient style. It is suitable for little ladies and can also be matched with parent-child clothes, and they are all designed in a complete set. There are soft waistcoats and knitted coats. Don't worry It is very suitable for matching, going out to play or daily matching, with an average price of 100 yuan.

Home - minisnbl original children's clothing girls - Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, mini snbl original children's clothing for girls

6. Trojan horse mushroom growing children's clothing store

A cool boy's clothing store, high street style loose version, suitable for slightly older boys to control, don't worry about matching, just buy a set and wear it directly. The average price is 70 yuan.

Home-Trojan Mushroom Growth Children's Clothing Store- Taobao
Taobao, Shop, Prosperous Shop, Trojan Mushroom Growing Children's Clothing Store

7. Hacikis children's clothing

The store is full of Morandi-colored clothes, which are very simple and elegant, the kind that will not go wrong no matter how you shoot or match them.

T-shirt / shirt - Hato children's clothing hacikis - ChinaglobalMall
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, hacikis children's clothing


A boy's shop suitable for middle-aged and older children, it is street-style, and a complete set is very nice. The quality is very good. Although it is a men's version, sweaters and cardigans can also be worn by girls. The average price is 180 yuan.

Home - MAXFORFUN - Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, MAXFORFUN

9. Youyou boy store

The average price of this store is around 75, which is mainly suitable for babies aged 2-8. The material is mainly cotton, which is more comfortable for children to wear. There are a lot of inner wear and shirts, full of senior style, a shirt and a pair of pants, it looks good. Accessories are relatively few.
His little model is always smiling and super cute.

Home-Youyou Boys Shop-Taobao.com
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, Youyou boy shop
Youyou also has a girls store, which also has many styles and high cost performance.

Home-Youyou Girls Store-Taobao
Taobao, Shop, Wangpu, Youyou Girls Store

10. mipo flagship store

It is a designer brand from Hangzhou. The average price of this store is 130 yuan, which is suitable for children aged 2-10. Compared with the previous store, the age span is larger. The overall color matching is bright, and the baby wears full of sunshine and sports style, which is very suitable for lively children.

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Buying clothes for children is a difficult task, especially for new parents. It is not about just purchasing beautiful dresses. Instead, you need to keep in mind many other things. For example, the quality of the clothes, the materials, etc.

But again, you are not a master in threads or garments. It is okay that you are not aware of which materials are good for the environment and which are bad. You do not need to worry, though. Little One USA is here to help. Our popular children's clothing blogs will give you complete guidance on children's clothing. 

Learn about the Trends

Fashion trends always change with time. Sometimes, we grown-ups do not keep pace with the children's trends. From our blogs, you can learn about all the latest trends regarding children's clothes. We keep our blogs up to date so that you can be benefitted. 

Staying up-to-date with trends is important to make your children more adorable and charming. They are special and deserve everything special. You cannot just purchase anything at random for them. Learn about all the new trends from our popular clothing blogs and match the trends.

Besides, it is the era of social media. You surely love to share photos of your babies online. If you dress them in outdated dress, your friends will consider you as an irresponsible parent. So, take some time to learn about the trends. 

Tips on Shopping

If you are a new parent, then you really need some tips for shopping for clothes for your babies and kids. All of our blogs are written by writers who are experts in children's clothes. We provide up-to-date tips so that you can buy the best products for your children. 

Buying something beautiful is not enough for children. There are many other things you need to consider. For example, choosing the right accessories that can complement the clothes and enhance their beauty. 

Learn about Ethical Clothing

Clothes are an important part of fashion and of our lives. However, you also need to think of the environment. You should choose clothes that are made of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials so that your environment can stay safe. 

Our environment has already experienced enough damage. It is high time we took care of it and helped it get better. Or else your little ones will one day suffer when they grow up. The earth won't remain worthy of living a peaceful life. Therefore, we want to educate our customers about sustainable and environment-friendly products. 

Tips on Caring for Your Children's Clothing

Purchasing good clothes is only the first step in solving the clothing issue for your children. You need to take care of the clothes properly, or else you will have to purchase new clothes every month. 

Our popular children's clothing blogs will guide you about how you can take care of the clothes properly and how you can store them properly. 

Parenting Advice

You are a great parent; we believe in that. And that is why you will look for solutions to different problems. Because good parents are open to advice from experts. We offer you the best advising blogs, with advice from experienced parents and expert professionals. 

Good parents can lead to a better nation. There is no shame if you find difficulties in rearing your children. You can always take help, and Little One USA is ready to provide that help

Learning has no age and no limit. There is always something new to learn about, and you should be open to learning new things to be a perfect parent. And our best children's clothing blogs and parenting blogs will help you in this regard.