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kid's clothing vendors in china

How do I find good quality kid's clothing vendors in china?

The children's clothing market is different from the adult clothing market. Because children's clothing started relatively late, the demand is relatively large. In addition, the audience of children's clothing is between 0-14 years old, and the age span is relatively large.

It is one of the fields with relatively high profits in the maternal and infant industry. So what are the children's clothing wholesale markets in China? Where are the top ten children's clothing wholesale markets in China?

1. Huzhou Zhili China children's wear city

1. Huzhou Zhili China children's wear city

Huzhou Zhili children's wear city of China is located in Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City. Historically, the weaving industry in Zhili town has been quite prosperous, and there are records of "hearing the sound of the loom all over" in historical materials. Zhili town is a well-known children's clothing base in China. Since the mid-1980s, there have been more than 70000 people specializing in children's clothing industry in the town, and there are more than 6000 children's clothing production enterprises. Zhili China children's wear city covers an area of 600 mu, with a total construction area of 700000 square meters and a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan.

Advantages of Zhili children's clothing industry: accurate market positioning. In general, it mainly produces medium and low-grade products, with an appropriate amount of high-end products; The product specifications are complete. Various specifications and models are complete, with more than 500 children's clothing styles per season; The enterprise is organized in the form of individual and private enterprises, with independent production and operation, well-informed market information, fast and flexible decision-making, and the enterprise can adjust its products at any time according to the changes of market demand.

2. Guangzhou Children's clothing wholesale market

2. Guangzhou Children's clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou has a superior geographical location. It is located in the coastal area of South China and close to Hong Kong and Macao. Garment processing has formed an industrial scale, and enterprises undertake a large number of garment processing orders. Guangzhou Children's clothing wholesale market is one of the largest children's clothing wholesale markets in China. It is a domestic clothing production base and wholesale center. It has a large flow of passengers and many areas of visitors. It is also one of the places where fleeing goods is easy to occur.

In Guangzhou, there are also many powerful suppliers of first-hand supply of brand children's clothing wholesale. Guangzhou Children's clothing wholesale market is mainly medium and high-end, mainly including Guangzhou Zhongshan 8th Road business circle, Nantian market, R & F mall, children's clothing square, Zhuorong children's department store wholesale city, Shahe market and so on.

 Hangzhou children's clothing wholesale market

3. Hangzhou children's clothing wholesale market

Hangzhou children's clothing wholesale market is mainly the Sijiqing children's clothing wholesale market. More than 80% of the stalls here are mainly wholesale, and there are nearly 1000 clothing production enterprises here. Sijiqing Jiabao children's clothing market is a modern clothing wholesale and trading market integrating children's clothing, children's shoes, children's bags, children's toys and children's supplies. It brings together all kinds of fashionable styles of children's clothing in the world today, and forms a professional middle and high-end children's clothing market characterized by franchising wholesale and foreign trade.

In addition, there are also many children's clothing wholesale in Huanbei commodity market on Fengqi road. The wholesale price is lower than that of Sijiqing, but the clothing quality is relatively lower than that of Sijiqing.

4. Foshan children's clothing wholesale market

4. Foshan children's clothing wholesale market


Foshan children's wear has a history of more than 30 years and is the traditional pillar industry of Foshan. There are more than 6000 children's wear enterprises in Foshan, and the output of children's wear accounts for 1/3 of the country. Foshan children's clothing wholesale market is mainly located in zumiao street. It is a famous town of children's clothing in China and one of the origins of children's clothing in Foshan.

The main industrial carrier is the children's clothing city around Foshan, which is a complete industrial chain of children's clothing design, processing, production and logistics, as well as a linkage and complementary children's clothing industrial cluster. It is the largest centralized production base of children's clothing in China and one of the manufacturer's direct sales centers. Its products are exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, South Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions, and a number of well-known brands have emerged. In addition, Jiancun children's clothing wholesale market in Foshan is a very early children's clothing wholesale market, which mainly sells children's clothing, accessories and daily necessities. The wholesale price of children's clothing here is also cheaper than other domestic markets.

5. Dongguan children's clothing wholesale market

Dongguan children's clothing wholesale market

Dongguan Fumin children's clothing wholesale city, also known as Fumin Jinhui children's clothing city, is located in Yinlong Road, the core business district of Humen Town, Dongguan City. Founded in 1995, it has a business area of more than 6000 square meters and more than 300 shops. It is the largest professional children's clothing wholesale mall in South China. Mainly engaged in middle and high-grade children's clothing, handbags and leather goods, wholesale and retail. Products range from baby clothes, children's, middle-aged children's, older children's, baby products to exquisite handbags and leather goods, and there are many brands. Children's wear city follows the unique "front store and back factory" business characteristics of Fumin commercial building, greatly reducing logistics channels, ensuring many advantages such as low price, high quality, fashionable, beautiful and diversified commodity style. Children's wear has new styles, many styles, good quality and reasonable price, which is supported by our customers.

6. Wuhan children's clothing wholesale market

Wuhan children's clothing wholesale market is located in Wuhan Hanzheng Street, mainly along Sanshu street, guanghuo lane, Dajia street and around Xinxin street. It has two large children's clothing indoor markets, namely, the Central Mall and the children's clothing building in Laosan town. With a business area of 10000 square meters and nearly 2000 households, there are a lot of clothing styles in the Hanzheng Street market, and the prices belong to the middle and low end. In addition, the "mingpin Street Street", located in guanghuo lane, specializes in brand clothing. The whole street is only 250 meters long, but it gathers nearly 100 wholesalers including "Youngor", "BUSEN" and "Shanshan" domestic well-known brands, and forms a large-scale operation with the surrounding yaduan Lane market and Xintai market, becoming the largest children's clothing trading area in Wuhan.

7. Zhengzhou children's clothing wholesale market

Zhengzhou children's clothing wholesale market

As a commercial city, Zhengzhou now has nearly 400 wholesale markets of all sizes. Zhengzhou children's clothing wholesale market is concentrated in the railway station clothing market, mainly including Hengtai children's clothing wholesale market, which has children's clothing from the lower first floor to the eighth floor. There are more miscellaneous bulk goods below the third floor, and there are more brands above the fourth floor, with a very complete variety; In addition to Hengtai, there are also children's wear areas on the lower first and fifth floors in the west of the world trade mall. There is a market in the southeast of Zhengzhou Yinji Trade City, which is full of wholesale children's wear. The lower first floor of Yinji is also children's wear, which is positioned at the middle and low end. There are multiple entrances to the market, which are divided into high-grade and low-grade areas. The low-grade ones enter from the entrance of the first road, and the high-end ones go to the entrance of the world trade mall.


8. Shenzhen Children's clothing wholesale market

Shenzhen Children's clothing wholesale market is a domestic foreign trade clothing export and wholesale center, with a large flow of customers and many regions. There are mainly Shenzhen wanghong foreign trade clothing wholesale market, whose main products are foreign trade clothing. The surrounding traffic environment of the market is convenient, the market is fully equipped, and the business of foreign trade clothing has a wide variety; Dongmen Baohua Baima clothing wholesale city, located in the Dongmen commercial pedestrian block with an active business atmosphere, is mainly engaged in fashion wholesale, dealing with all kinds of high, medium and low-grade clothing, with a complete range of products. It is currently the largest fashion distribution center in Shenzhen; The first floor of Mingshi shopping mall in Dongmen, Shenzhen is a shopping mall that operated children's clothing wholesale earlier, and so on.


9. Chengdu Children's clothing wholesale market

 Chengdu Children's clothing wholesale market

Chengdu Children's clothing wholesale market is mainly concentrated in the Dacheng market of Hehuachi, block e of phase II of Chengdu Hehuachi metropolitan market, floors 1, 2 and 3 of Baifu Second District of Chengdu hehuohuachi, floors 1 and -1 of the first district of Chengdu Hehuachi department store, and trading area 16 of Chengdu Hehuachi. Chengdu Hehuachi children's clothing wholesale market was established in 1986, with many merchants and products, low price, good quality, large commodity radiation and throughput. It is an important channel for children's clothing wholesale and purchase in Chengdu. Except Chengdu, it covers the whole Sichuan, and Yunnan, Guizhou and even Tibet and Xinjiang have some purchases.

10. Shishi children's clothing wholesale market

Shishi children's clothing wholesale market

Shishi children's clothing base originated in the 1980s. The main gathering place is Fengli street with a long history. At present, Fengli has more than 750 enterprises related to children's clothing, producing more than 50 million sets of children's clothing every year, with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan. Fengli children's clothing has gradually become the leader of Shishi and even Quanzhou children's clothing with its unique characteristics such as novel style, fashionable design style, high quality and low price. Whether at home or abroad, its market share is expanding, and its influence and popularity in the children's clothing industry in the country are increasing.

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