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What is the profit of a children's clothing store?

What is the profit of a children's clothing store?

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Q:What is the profit of a children's clothing store?

A:10-30%. 30% is suitable.

The profit of children's clothing is about 30%. This is the gross profit. If the rent is not high, the cost is not high, the flow of people is large, and if you know how to sell or understand sales management talents, this business can be done. Children's clothing is purchased by forehand, and there is no single piece that can be purchased.

10-30%. 30% is suitable.

For example, replenishment must be purchased forehand, so if there are not many customers, there will be a shortage of goods, so 30% of the profit, the net profit at hand is only 10% about.

Children's clothing store precautions

Children's clothing is specially designed for children. Children in the critical period of development have very high requirements for clothing. Therefore, health and comfort are the primary considerations for parents to choose clothing for their children.
Children's clothing store precautions

In addition, in addition to meeting the above two basic requirements, parents also hope that their children can be fashionable and decent, be a modern child, and not fall into the trend of the times, so beautiful fashion is also one of the concepts of children's clothing .
If the daily turnover of the children's clothing store is calculated according to 3000 yuan, the discount of shipment is 40%, the correction coefficient is 80%, and the monthly turnover is 3000*30*80%=72000 yuan, about two months. The investment cost can be recovered.

Children's clothing is purchased by forehand, and there is no single piece that can be purchased. For example, replenishment must be purchased forehand, so if there are not many customers, there will be a shortage of goods, so 30% of the profit, the net profit at hand is only 10% Left and right, is a hard and long business.

Extended information:

Investment cost of brand children's clothing store:

Franchise fee: To join a children's clothing store brand, the brand headquarters will charge the franchisee a one-time fee for joining, security deposit and brand management fees. Generally, this fee is 10,000-30,000.

  • Shop rent: Investors can choose a suitable shop address according to the local market demand. The area of ​​the store is about 30 square meters. In order to ensure the customer source of the store, investors can open the store at the intersection, mature community, near the hospital and other places where the flow of people is relatively stable and concentrated. Generally, the rent of the shop is about 10,000 $.
  • Decoration costs: In order to attract the attention of consumers, investors also need to carefully decorate the store. In the process of decoration, the theme of the store must be highlighted, and the decoration cost is about 20,000 yuan.
  • Equipment costs: Investors also need to purchase some shelves, clothes display props, air conditioners, cash register equipment, etc. The cost is about 15,000 $.
  • The first purchase payment: Investors also need to prepare the first purchase payment of 50,000 yuan to purchase all kinds of clothing.
  • Staff salary: At least 2 people need to be recruited, each person is 2,500 $per month, and the staff salary needs to be 5,000 $.

Other miscellaneous expenses: It is about 1,000 yuan to pay for daily water and electricity expenses, certificate processing fees, etc.

Generally, the investment cost of a brand children's clothing store is around 150,000$.


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