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What factors should you consider when buying children's clothing?

What factors should you consider when buying children's clothing?

9 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes

  • When shopping for clothing for children
  • What should be paid attention to?

1.Buy from regular places

Try to go to shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores to buy children's clothing.

The management of formal business premises is relatively standardized, there are inspection and control measures when purchasing goods, and the after-sales service is relatively perfect.

2.see logo

When purchasing children's clothing, pay attention to the product identification, that is, the instructions for use.

Check the manufacturer or operator on the hangtag first, and keep the hangtag during the use of the garment.

Secondly, check the safety category (ie, Category A, infant textile products should at least meet the requirements of Category A, and must be marked with the words "Baby Products" on the instructions for use, suitable for infants under 36 months or 100cm in height and below ; Category B, textile products that directly contact the skin should at least meet the requirements of Category B; Category C, products that do not directly contact the skin should at least meet the requirements of Category C).

Looking at the quality level status, it is divided into excellent products, first-class products, and qualified products (there are also second-class products in some categories).

Finally, check the durability label sewn on the garment, whether it is marked with the model specification, clothing composition, washing method, etc. It is necessary to choose different categories of children's clothing according to different ages and needs, and to see whether the content on the shopping invoice is consistent with the real object.

3.Material selection

In terms of materials, the choice of children's clothing should be based on comfort, softness, good hygroscopicity, and no irritation to the skin. Children's clothes should be mainly made of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool, and they should be close-fitting clothes, but also soft and skin-friendly. Among them, the cotton material is the best, which is soft and hygroscopic, not irritating, and not easy to hurt the delicate skin of children.

The brighter the color of the clothing, the more chemical substances such as color-fixing agents are used. Relatively speaking, the color fastness to rubbing, soaping, and perspiration is not good. In other words, it is easier to fade. Try to buy children's clothing in light colors, without optical brighteners or without pigment printing, and try not to buy children's clothing with anti-wrinkle treatment.

In addition, in autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, it is hot and cold, and the children are restless. Adding or removing clothes according to the weather has become a problem for many mothers. Therefore, when choosing clothes for children, the breathability of the fabric is also very important.


Decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes are prohibited in children's clothing, and there must be no odor, such as musty smell, gasoline smell, kerosene smell, fishy smell and various aromatic hydrocarbon smells, etc. At the same time, children's clothing with fragrance should be avoided.

At the same time, it should be washed and dried before use to protect the health of children.

5.Check Accessories

Infants and children may grab or tear out of their own curiosity or instinctive actions, and even mistake them for food and have terrible phenomena such as gnawing or swallowing.

Pay attention to the firmness of various decorative parts such as buttons to prevent them from falling off and being accidentally swallowed by children. Accessories used in infant and children's clothing should also be free of accessible sharp objects and objects containing sharp edges. Try to choose as few accessories as possible for young children, especially clothing with few metal accessories.

6.Check the rope

Clothing for children under 7 years old (under 130cm) should not have any cords on the head and neck. The shoulder straps should be fixed, continuous and have no free ends. Decorative cords on shoulder straps shall not have free ends exceeding 75mm in length or loops exceeding 75mm in circumference.

Also note that apart from the belt, there should be no cords sticking out or attached to the back.
Children's clothing, referred to as children's clothing, refers to clothing suitable for children to wear, generally refers to clothing worn by people from birth to 14 years old. Among them, children's clothing under 3 years old is also called infant clothing.

common dangers

1. Suffocation hazard caused by small objects (zippers, buttons and other accessories) on children's and infants' clothing

Small objects on children's and infants' clothing may be swallowed or inhaled by children if they are loose due to poor fixation. After entering the respiratory tract, these accessories may block the respiratory tract and cause suffocation; after entering the digestive tract, it will cause intestinal obstruction, intestinal expansion, and in severe cases, intestinal perforation, intestinal necrosis, and even life-threatening. There have been many injuries caused by similar small parts in China.

Children accidentally swallow small parts causing suffocation

Buttons (small parts) loose on children's and infants' clothing

2. Choking hazard caused by ropes on children's and infants' clothing

Too long ropes on children's clothing are prone to entanglement, easy to be clamped or hooked by moving objects such as doors and elevators, and tripping and other situations will lead to towing accidents, causing hidden dangers to children's safety. Do not choose clothes with any cords on the head and neck for children. At the same time, pay attention to whether the cords in other parts of the garment are too long or easy to form slip knots and loops to prevent accidents.

Clothing ropes entangled in slides or vehicles causing danger

The rope is too long, and it is easy to cause danger due to clamping and hanging.


7. Buy children's clothing with complete logos.

Problems found in the process of wearing are well documented, which is conducive to safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests and avoiding unnecessary losses. Children's clothing should be marked with the manufacturer's name and address, product name, product model or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance methods, product standards implemented, safety categories, etc., and infant clothing should be marked with the words "Baby Products". . Durability labels should be used for size specifications, fiber content, and washing methods. Durability labels sewn on baby clothing that can be worn close to the body should be placed in a position that does not come into direct contact with the skin.

8. All kinds of accessories, buttons and other small accessories on children's clothing should be checked by hand to see if they are firm and whether there are sharp edges and tips.

Avoid buying clothes that are easy to fall off such as metal accessories and buttons to prevent accidental swallowing by children. harm. It is recommended to regularly check whether the buttons are loose or loose, and ensure that they are fastened before wearing them to children, so as to avoid danger due to accidental swallowing by children. When buying, choose clothing that is simple in style and has few decorations.

9. If a child accidentally swallows buttons and other accessories, or if a child develops sudden abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting and other clinical symptoms suspected of swallowing hard objects, they should be sent to the doctor immediately for treatment.

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Where to buy clothes to start a children's clothing boutique

Where to buy clothes to start a children's clothing boutique

In fact, the profit of opening a children's clothing store is still very considerable, especially if the clothes in your store are all popular and explosive, then it should be profitable every day. Therefore, if you want to make money when opening a children's clothing store, you must know the purchasing skills. ! A successful children's clothing store is mainly based on unique styles.

I said that we should rely on styles to attract customers, but not the ones with poor quality. No matter how attractive the style and fashion elements of the clothes are, we also need to rely on the quality to support them. Just like the street goods are sold by everyone, the quality is similar, and finally the Shopping for prices, and finally selling at a loss. Therefore, when purchasing goods, we must first look at the quality, and then select the model under the premise of ensuring the quality.

Talking too much nonsense, let's just point it directly. The following are some tips I have summarized about the purchase of children's clothing stores, for everyone to learn from.

1. Find a cheaper source of children's clothing The wholesale price of children's clothing determines the price of children's clothing.

When the wholesale price of children's clothing has skyrocketed, children's clothing store owners need to find a cheaper source of children's clothing.The low-cost online wholesale of children's clothing wholesalers can become the focus of an attempt.

Many children's clothing wholesale cities have also established their own online wholesale functions. If you are worried that online wholesale is easy to be deceived, you can try it on the wholesale website of a professional children's clothing wholesale market. Those online wholesales are both physical and network operations. You can physically inspect wholesalers, and then wholesale through the Internet to reduce the cost of your own purchases.

2. Unique children's clothing styles and price wars are most likely to occur in the same children's clothing.

The same style in order to win consumers, then the price becomes a weapon. Therefore, seeking innovation in children's clothing styles and seeking differences can avoid the same styles as those of the same industry. In terms of price, children's clothing store owners will have more initiative.

3. Reduce other expenses

Now many children's clothing store owners have begun to reduce costs. Because children's clothing purchase prices, shop rents, electricity and water bills have all risen, children's clothing store owners need to reduce their cost pressures in other aspects. Specific measures include sharing a warehouse with others, reducing the number of hired workers, and so on. Only when their own costs are reduced, the price of children's clothing will be more advantageous.

Running an online clothing boutique is a great way to have a retail business without taking on the overhead of a traditional brick-and-mortar operation. However, unless you plan on manufacturing your own stock, you'll need to source your online boutique inventory from wholesalers and other creators. We'll show you how to do just that in this guide on how to get inventory for your online boutique. Here's a look at the specifics of what we'll cover:

  • Where to buy clothing wholesale
  • how to vet suppliers
  • How to store and organize your inventory
  • How to set prices

How to get inventory for an online boutique: Where to buy clothing wholesaleIf you want to know how to start an online boutique, one of the first things you'll need to do after writing your clothing store business plan is source inventory. You have six primary routes you can take to get inventory for your online boutique: 

  • Attending trade shows
  • Working with online wholesale suppliers
  • Working directly with manufacturers
  • Visiting offline wholesalers
  • Using wholesale directories
  • Reselling used goods

1. Wholesale boutique clothing trade showsAttending a trade show is a great way to get inventory for an online boutique.

A trade show is an exhibition where suppliers showcase their latest products—in apparel retail, their latest lines and designs—for industry professionals and consumers . Some shows are open to the public, but many require you to be a representative of a company to attend.

Pros: working with wholesalers can help you get products to market faster than manufacturing your own, and by visiting a trade show, you can test the quality of products in person. You can also start building up the crucial relationships required to consistently buy wholesale by interfacing with supplier representatives in person.

Cons: while there are different trade shows happening around the world throughout the year, each individual trade show is only open for a short amount of time. That means if you need to buy inventory for your online boutique and there isn't a trade show happening near you in the near future, you'll need to pay out of pocket for travel costs.

Keep in mind that as most trade shows require you to prove that you're a fashion buyer, you'll need to be prepared to upload a business card or share your job title and business name upon registration. Some of the most popular trade shows for wholesale boutique clothing are:

Agenda – Hosted in Las Vegas twice a year and featuring more than 1,000 brands, Agenda specializes in exhibiting streetwear and providing an educational and supportive community to designers and buyers.

American Handcrafted – For boutique owners looking to source handcrafted clothing, accessories, and gifts, attending American Handcraft in Philadelphia is a must.

COAST – COAST is Miami’s premiere fashion trade show and is held four times a year. This juried show features a curated collection of established and emerging designers.

COTERIE – This show connects the best brands in women’s fashion, including apparel, accessories and footwear, with buyers from around the world in New York City and online. COTERIE also has an annual show dedicated to swimwear and resort wear in Miami.

Designers & Agents – Designers & Agents showcases a curated selection of 300 designers every season in New York and Los Angeles.
MAGIC – This wholesale trade show specializes in exhibiting the latest trends in contemporary clothing for women and men. They have shows several times a year in different locations across the United States, including New York City, Las Vegas and Nashville.

Pure London – This London-based fashion trade show showcases womenswear, menswear and kidswear brands twice a year.

2. Wholesale clothing websites If traveling to a trade show isn’t an option for you, you can also source online boutique inventory via wholesale boutique clothing websites. These are ecommerce sites that specialize in selling in bulk to busines

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Best online children's boutiques recommendations

Best online children's boutiques recommendations

Best online children's boutiques

"Children grow fast, buy less clothes, just wear some clothes." "Children's clothes are one size larger, arnd they can wear them next year." These two "views" are already a thing of the past in front of parents in the new era. Today's parents would rather not have to wear it themselves, and must not be harsh on the baby! I understand the feelings of the old father and the old mother, I understand you and everyone understands.

Although I always want to buy, buy and buy, but considering economic reasons, after all, we also don't have banknotes from strong winds, so the most important thing is to look good and to be cost-effective! This week, the editor gathered the treasure mother group to buy, buy, buy, and buy, and share with you the conscience store of children's clothing.

Before recommending, let mommy popularize some little knowledge about buying children's clothing~

According to the textile product safety regulations implemented in my country, the product safety levels are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. It is the grade regulation for formaldehyde content, PH value, dyeing degree and peculiar smell.

  1. Category A is a product that can be worn by babies under 3 years old;
  2. Category B is a product that can come into contact with the skin;
  3. Category C is a product that cannot be in direct contact with the skin;

Class A is the best to buy clothes for babies, followed by class B, and class C is the basic requirement. Be sure to look at the safety category when buying~

1. SASA KIDS custom girls

This is a shop for girls in the style of baby Office lady. It has different categories. It is very suitable for taking pictures and small formal occasions. It is very suitable for parent-child clothes with mothers. It is a store that I like very much. Average price: 200 yuan.

Home-SASAKIDS Customized Girls- Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, SASAKIDS custom girls

Although the clothes are biased towards adults, they will not give people the feeling of being mature at all. The appearance and temperament of small models are very good, and many styles are worthy of daily reference.

2. Wild persimmon children's clothing

Domestic original brand, mainly Japanese-style small fresh and retro style, good at contrasting colors, large color blocks, polka dots, bright colors, both boys and girls, and there are many parent-child, sister and brother clothes, average price: 200 yuan .

Now that the autumn clothes are new, you can pay attention to buying clothes for the season. Because it is a retro style, there are many combinations of hats and socks. I also like his little model. She is a cute little girl without heavy makeup.

wild persimmon children's clothing
3-12 years old original children's clothing brand

3. Little body

The style is more French, there are many simple and beautiful styles, the main hand-made customization, and most of the styles are pre-ordered, no quality problems will not be returned, but often the code will be broken as soon as it is put on the shelves, with an average price of 150 yuan.

Home - LITTLEBODY - Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, LITTLE BODY

4. Colormo Karamo original children's clothing

A shop with a simple British style, there are no complicated colors, all are very gentle low-saturation colors, versatile and versatile. The style of the clothes is mainly based on silhouette tailoring, and the upper body is very temperamental, especially their knitted sweaters feel very good. The average price is 100 yuan.
Simple British style boys wear very well.

colormo Karamo original children's clothing
children's clothing

5. Mini snbl original children's clothing

College risk control can be seen here. His family style has college style, Republic style and ancient style. It is suitable for little ladies and can also be matched with parent-child clothes, and they are all designed in a complete set. There are soft waistcoats and knitted coats. Don't worry It is very suitable for matching, going out to play or daily matching, with an average price of 100 yuan.

Home - minisnbl original children's clothing girls - Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, mini snbl original children's clothing for girls

6. Trojan horse mushroom growing children's clothing store

A cool boy's clothing store, high street style loose version, suitable for slightly older boys to control, don't worry about matching, just buy a set and wear it directly. The average price is 70 yuan.

Home-Trojan Mushroom Growth Children's Clothing Store- Taobao
Taobao, Shop, Prosperous Shop, Trojan Mushroom Growing Children's Clothing Store

7. Hacikis children's clothing

The store is full of Morandi-colored clothes, which are very simple and elegant, the kind that will not go wrong no matter how you shoot or match them.

T-shirt / shirt - Hato children's clothing hacikis - ChinaglobalMall
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, hacikis children's clothing


A boy's shop suitable for middle-aged and older children, it is street-style, and a complete set is very nice. The quality is very good. Although it is a men's version, sweaters and cardigans can also be worn by girls. The average price is 180 yuan.

Home - MAXFORFUN - Taobao
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, MAXFORFUN

9. Youyou boy store

The average price of this store is around 75, which is mainly suitable for babies aged 2-8. The material is mainly cotton, which is more comfortable for children to wear. There are a lot of inner wear and shirts, full of senior style, a shirt and a pair of pants, it looks good. Accessories are relatively few.
His little model is always smiling and super cute.

Home-Youyou Boys Shop-Taobao.com
Taobao, shop, Wangpu, Youyou boy shop
Youyou also has a girls store, which also has many styles and high cost performance.

Home-Youyou Girls Store-Taobao
Taobao, Shop, Wangpu, Youyou Girls Store

10. mipo flagship store

It is a designer brand from Hangzhou. The average price of this store is 130 yuan, which is suitable for children aged 2-10. Compared with the previous store, the age span is larger. The overall color matching is bright, and the baby wears full of sunshine and sports style, which is very suitable for lively children.

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Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

Whether it is a Girl's clothing store or an online Girl's clothing store, if you want to perform well, you have to find a source of good quality and low price. For Girl's clothing stores, Girl's clothing manufacturers are the best source of goods. It has advantages in price and quality.

  • So where do Girl's clothing manufacturers come from?
  • Where can Girl's clothing store owners find first-hand sources of Girl's clothing?

Today, let's take a look at where there are first-hand sources of Girl's clothing manufacturers.

Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

1. Manufacturers' stalls in the clothing wholesale market

The clothing wholesale market is the main channel for Girl's clothing store owners to purchase goods. In addition to the second batch of clothing wholesalers, there are also some wholesale stalls directly approved by manufacturers, or wholesale stalls sold directly by brands. These are basically the source of goods from manufacturers. For example, in Hangzhou Sijiqing Wholesale Market, there are many Girl's clothing manufacturers in the surrounding area.We can go to the wholesale market to find out which manufacturers directly sell goods.

2. Wholesale website

Nowadays, e-commerce is developing rapidly. In addition to online shopping, it is not uncommon to buy goods online. Many bosses who buy Girl's clothing also choose to buy goods online. For example, there are many wholesale websites such as Alibaba, Hangzhou Girl's Clothing. Girl's clothing manufacturers have set up channels to get goods on it, which is not only high-quality and cheap, but also very convenient.

3. Factory direct sales

Buying goods directly from the source (origin or factory) can reduce a lot of turnover links, and the purchase price is therefore the lowest, which can be small profits but quick turnover, but the general factory will not let the dealers take the goods directly, unless you take a lot of goods. Large, or the price you get the goods is higher than the factory direct to the supplier. But if you negotiate well with the factory, there is still room for negotiation.

Where do Girl's clothing manufacturers find their sources?

Where can I find first-hand sources of Girl's clothing? The above are some of the first-hand supply channels for Girl's clothing shared by the editor. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

With the development of the Internet, online wholesale to find sources of goods has become a way for many clothing operators to reduce costs. However, for some newcomers to online approvals, sometimes the online sources of goods are mixed, and it is easy to be deceived if you are not careful, which not only cannot reduce the cost of purchasing goods, but also delays the sales of your own stores. So for the owners of brand discount stores, how can they find a reliable Girl's clothing brand discount wholesale network?

Today, the editor of LITTLEONEUSA will take our own operation as an example to analyze and analyze the issues of avoiding pits on the Internet.

First, check the qualifications of the website operator

For a website engaged in discount wholesale of Girl's clothing brands, the most important thing is her real supply strength. If the strength is reflected on the website, it is the opening rate of the website, the user experience and the qualification of the actual operator of the website.

Taking LITTLEONEUSA as an example, as a website dedicated to communicating with Girl's clothing brand discount suppliers and clothing store owners, it is directly led by Everi Clothing Co., Ltd., which has 13 years of experience in brand discount wholesale operations in the industry.

Through the word-of-mouth and users accumulated by Avery, LITTLEONEUSA provides a more comprehensive information exchange platform and online wholesale channels for store owners and friends, which greatly reduces the cost of purchasing and communication.

Whether the website provides a third-party payment reference

Top 10 Clothing Wholesale Networks in China

As I know from friends who often shop online, if a Girl's clothing brand discount wholesale network provides third-party payment guarantees or online banking transactions, it is relatively more assured than direct payment or code scanning.

As the country attaches great importance to the supervision of online payment, shopkeepers and friends should pay attention before wholesale online, not to be deceived by phishing websites. Before purchasing the goods, you should also consult the settlement method, try to choose the settlement of the company account, or use the online banking transaction that you are familiar with after the first face-to-face settlement, etc., pay attention to the safety tips of the website.

See if there are good reviews and give them a review

Online shopping to see the evaluation, online wholesale can also pay attention to the evaluation section. Because of the actual order generated, you can get some reference in the evaluation. But don't be superstitious when looking at the evaluation, because after all, the actual sales situation of the source of the Girl's clothing brand discount wholesale network in each region is different, and sometimes it is also related to the owner's personal business ideas.

Therefore, when looking at the evaluation, pay more attention to the evaluation related to the objective facts of the product, and remove the reasons that are too subjective, which can help you make a better decision.

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where to source boutique clothing

where to source boutique clothing

Affordable Girls' boutique clothing wholesale littleoneusa

The clothing industry has always been the hottest part of Amazon, Alibaba and offline flagship stores. When most consumers choose a children's clothing store, they not only look at the style and version of the clothes, but also pay attention to the brand and price of the clothes. In China, the sales of first-tier brands and some big-name discount stores abroad are basically the best. For merchants, if they want to get discount children's clothing, which brand discount children's clothing purchase channels are worth choosing?

First of all, in addition to the wholesale of goods, some brand owners will also expand the service of brand franchise stores. For merchants who have no experience in opening a store and do not know how to choose products, it is a very good way to choose brand discount children's clothing to join. In general, children's clothing stores can choose clothing with a price of more than 80-100. For example, Barabara, Disney, etc. are very well-known in the market.
Secondly, the price of the children's clothing wholesale market is very

affordable. The only shortcoming is that if you do not understand the rules of the children's clothing wholesale market, it is very easy to wholesale high-priced products. This requires friends who open stores to shop around and choose a product that has a reputation and a well-known reputation. In addition, in the process of wholesale brand children's clothing, you still need to look at the version and production details of the clothes. If there are too many threads and rough workmanship, even if the purchase price is cheap, it is not recommended to start.

In addition, it is also a very good idea to use foreign trade brand clothing as a brand discount children's clothing purchase channel, because most of the foreign trade clothing orders will still have some surplus in the primary selection warehouse after import and export. If you wholesale at this time, the price is generally Discount or get the goods at the manufacturer's cost price, so this channel is still quite good.

Girls' clothing brand recommendation

link:Top Kids Clothing Brands (Girls)

There are many channels for the purchase of brand discount children's clothing. In the face of a large number of brands, everyone still needs to keep their eyes open. Don't just look at the price. Quality, market prospects and brand influence must be taken into consideration.


Kipsta is a team sports brand under the professional sports supermarket Decathlon. Its products cover all aspects of mainstream sports. Decathlon is a European sports retail group. Decathlon precisely locates the mass sports market and is committed to bringing mass sports together under one roof. Currently, Decathlon conducts retail business in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Innovation is the DNA of Decathlon. The group has R&D centers in Europe to meet the sports needs of users and design products that enhance the sports experience. About 3,000 new products are launched every year.


A world-renowned sporting goods retailer, founded in France in 1976. Decathlon entered China in 2003. Decathlon Group provides a rich product line of its own brand, and according to different sports categories, currently has more than 21 passion brands to meet the needs of more than 60 kinds of sports. From beginners to professional sports enthusiasts, Decathlon can provide sportswear, equipment and various creative sports products. Its whole industry chain control mode makes its products have high cost performance.


A well-known Japanese clothing brand, established in 1984, when it was a small clothing store selling suits, it is now a household name. The brand insists on providing modern, simple and natural, high-quality and easy-to-match products to consumers around the world. The concept of "all-match" advocated is also well known to the world.

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Wholesale children's clothing distributors China

Wholesale children's clothing distributors China

Children's clothing, referred to as children's clothing, is clothing suitable for children. Including baby clothing, children's clothing,middle-aged children's clothing, big children's clothing, etc. Also includes school clothing for primary and secondary schools.

The general pattern of the domestic children's clothing market is that domestic and foreign brands each account for half of the domestic market. Although there are children's clothing brands that perform well in the first, second, or third and fourth markets, as well as regional children's clothing brands that are leading in each area, the concentration of children's clothing brands is not high.

1. Children's clothing wholesale primary sources have

1.1 Large wholesale clothing market

The advantage is that there are many kinds of clothes in the clothing market, and there are many stalls. You can also put a small amount of goods into the market to test the water. This wholesale market has large wholesale markets in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places, and the wholesale market is the largest. Pay attention to the old customers. If they are reliable, they can establish long-term cooperative relations with the manufacturers. If the clothing store manager takes the goods in one shop for a long time, he will get the relative preferential price, negotiate the return and exchange policy, and avoid overstocking in advance. Phenomenon.

1.2. Manufacturers

Generally, if the quantity is large, it is difficult to find a manufacturer to get the goods. Generally, the manufacturer directly wholesales to the second-level wholesaler. Unless you have a large quantity, if a large number of people work in the manufacturer, it will be very convenient to get a small amount of goods at a low price.

2.the wholesale of children's clothing can provide the following aspects for reference.

  1. Introduction of the brand, for the current mixed clothing industry, the values ​​of the brand are gradually recognized by people.
  2. The style and color matching of the clothes reflect the liveliness and attractiveness of children's clothing.
  3. There are also materials used in the product itself, how to reflect the care and consideration for children.
  4. The design of some parts of the clothing reflects the childlike personality (such as cartoon embroidery printing) and related functions (such as some convenient straps and storage bags).

In fact, when it comes to the cheap wholesale supply of children's clothing, if you know the end of the goods, you should think of it first. The clothing tailings industry is also an emerging industry. It has not been long, but the impact is quite large. In the clothing industry, inventory is prevalent, everyone knows it. Therefore, inventory has always been a headache for clothing people. The emergence of tailgating has improved the situation, and it has also gained popularity at a cheap price.

The price of the last goods is far lower than the production cost. Many times the new goods you get, others can get them through the tail goods channel, but the price is doubled. There are a lot of gold mines waiting to be dug by shopkeepers. The price-performance ratio of the tail goods market is extremely high, and the profit in the middle is exaggerated relative to the regular price. This industry is also full of a large amount of information asymmetry. If you want to really rely on tail goods to make money, you need to understand many aspects, try a small amount and try more, I believe you Be sure to use the tail market to supplement your store's profit.

In recent years, everyone should have a better understanding of tail goods. Few people should think that the tail goods must be the kind of foreign garbage that is weighed by the catty. There are several kinds of tail goods, among which the acceptance of brand discounts will be higher. Because there are brands there, the quality will be relatively guaranteed. Everyone also knows that there will be a lag between brand discounts in terms of time and new models.

Some are about a week later, which is called half-price in the industry, some are one quarter later, and some are New Year’s Eve. These are standard end products, and they will be processed every few years. Yes, these tailstocks have more defects (this kind of thing is generally a well-known big brand for a long time). The ex-factory price of these residual goods will be relatively low, and they are processed in the form of packaging, so the volume will be relatively large. The general store owner may not meet the requirements, so you can find some brand discount wholesalers to get the goods. On-site orders at the exhibition are also slightly cheaper.

Every year, there are a large number of children's clothing exhibitions all over the country, and sufficient choices can be provided at the exhibition site, and the operators of children's clothing stores can directly communicate with children's clothing manufacturers face-to-face, which is more conducive to getting the goods at a lower price. However, this requires you to pay more attention to the situation in this area, so that you can know the specific time of their meeting in time. If you are not in the know, you can also look at the stores of those agents. They know the time. Just follow them. 

They'll also send you invitations if you're taking them from them often and in large quantities. In fact, you can consolidate with some shop owners, so that you can get cheaper goods at the exhibition site.

There is also the children's clothing wholesale market, and many cities will have some large children's clothing wholesale markets. Although the price will be slightly higher than the purchase price of the manufacturer's agent, it is better than the variety and style of children's clothing.

Going to the wholesale market to purchase goods is also a very important purchase channel for many owners of children's clothing stores, and it is also the most traditional way to purchase goods. The advantages and disadvantages of this purchase channel are still very obvious. The advantage is that you can see the quality of the source of goods.

So if you want to get your favorite and cheap goods in the children's clothing wholesale market, then you have to go to see more, don't rush to start, it is very important to shop around, because the price of some stalls will be relatively high One point, and when you go to the wholesale market to get the goods, you have to go to the wholesale market first, write down what you think you can, and then browse carefully the next day, so that it is easier to find the goods you like and the price is cheaper.

Let's talk about the topic of where is cheaper in wholesale of children's clothing. I hope you can find good quality and cheap products and do a better business.

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Children's clothes wholesale distributors in USA

Children's clothes wholesale distributors in USA

If you want to do a good job in the children's clothing store business, finding a good source of children's clothing is an essential step. Where is the best wholesale source of children's clothing?

To find littleoneusa children's clothing wholesale manufacturers to get the goods directly, you should follow the selection principle of high quality and low price. Where can children's clothing wholesalers with good quality and reasonable price and high cost performance get the goods directly?



A good source of children's clothing has nothing more than two conditions. First, the goods are of good quality. Second, the price of goods is affordable. In fact, the source of children's clothing that can meet these two conditions at the same time - littleoneusa children's clothing brand manufacturers get the goods directly.

littleoneusa children's clothing distributors

littleoneusa has its own children's clothing factory, which provides distributors with first-hand children's clothing sources, which can be shipped directly from the factory to the distributors, which also reduces the middlemen earning the price difference, which can effectively reduce the financial pressure of the distributors when purchasing goods. The purchase price advantage is fed back to the product terminal sales and transformed into a cost-effective advantage. For products of the same quality, the purchase cost is lower, and the retail price can be more affordable.

littleoneusa children's clothing

On the ordering platform of the littleoneusa children's clothing brand, there will be new products every week, and the distributors can complete the selection as long as they log in to the ordering platform. In addition, littleoneusa also provides selection guidance services for dealers.

For dealers who are not sure about the quantity and style of the selection, the operation specialist of littleoneusa will recommend suitable styles and reasonable purchase quantities according to the market conditions of the corresponding area, so that the dealers can choose the best products suitable for the local area and the best products that can sell well. Adapt measures to local conditions, so that children's clothing stores do not have to worry about business!

littleoneusa children's clothing has excellent quality and affordable price, giving you a big business opportunity for trendy children's clothing. There are many brands in the children's clothing market. It is precisely because there are many brands that it is difficult for many consumers to choose a brand when purchasing. The emergence of littleoneusa children's clothing has good quality and cheaper prices than other brands, which is very attractive to consumers. Investors are also relatively recognized for such brands.

Investors cooperate with brands such as littleoneusa children's clothing, which have many product quality assurance styles, and of course they can achieve good development in their careers. littleoneusa children's clothing headquarters provides free full-course training for merchants, the lowest discount is the direct supply from the factory, the free return and exchange, and will give a lot of support and help during the operation, so that such a brand can attract everyone in the market.

Littleoneusa direct supply from the factory, no price difference, free exchange and low risk! Self-produced and self-sold: each piece of clothing is self-produced and self-sold, and the intermediate links are largely omitted. Online purchase: The operator can complete the purchase and replenishment online, and enjoy the intimate service of door-to-door logistics delivery.

Free exchange of goods: Implement a complete return and exchange guarantee. If the dealer has the wrong product, he can apply to the headquarters for exchange. Dedicated assistance: With many years of production experience and a professional planning team, we provide a complete set of comprehensive services from store purchase to store operation.

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Best children's clothing wholesale suppliers

Best children's clothing wholesale suppliers

Best children's clothing wholesale suppliers told us ,The advantages of brand discount children's clothing are:

children's clothing wholesale

  1. There are many styles and a strong overall sense. Brand discount children's clothing is generally divided into many styles. If you have 200 pieces, you can get as little as 40 or 50 styles, and as many as 80 or 90 styles. This way, the display will be very rich, and customers will be willing to see more styles. Go to the store for further selection.
  2. Good quality. The clothes of brand discount children's clothing are all available in specialty stores, and the quality of the clothes is definitely much better than that of bulk goods at the local wholesale market.
  3. Easy to get the goods. Take the brand discount children's clothing in batches to save time and worry, and you can buy if you are optimistic about the brand. When it is displayed in a retail store by color, it will naturally coordinate, and you can easily operate it without going out to get the goods.
  4. Do not bump into shirts. Brand discount children's clothing is divided into 100 pieces of clothing and there are many styles. The bulk goods are basically purchased from the nearby wholesale market. There are many similar styles in the surrounding retail stores, and even a lot of the same styles as Taobao. There are so-called explosive styles in every family. Profit to speak of.

How to Find Best children's clothing wholesale suppliers? What kind of market is better to look for?

Generally speaking, most customers will go to field inspection or wholesale online to find sources of goods. I think if it is convenient for me to visit and negotiate on the spot, I will be more assured and I can go to the warehouse to unpack the goods and see the goods. You can also take the version so that it is more convenient to take it back without having to display it yourself.


For example, the wholesale company you find online must be found on a regular website or platform that is so reliable Whether there is a listing because some traders rely on the circle of friends to send a circle without the company and no goods to make you believe that he asks you to pay the deposit or the full payment will not send the goods and block you. Second, they will send you a bunch of groceries, so you need to Be cautious, you can search this company to see if these products exist

When picking up the goods, you must pay attention to how to get the goods. First, when the large goods arrive at the warehouse, they have been divided into 200/300/500 pieces according to the proportion of the goods given by the manufacturer. There are hundreds of styles on the board. If you take a small number of styles and you want to match them well, you can take the version of what you see in the video.

Because some discount companies make high prices for other customers to choose goods, other goods are sold at normal prices, resulting in incorrect goods. You must remember that this way of getting the goods is not cost-effective, although you can choose it yourself, but if the goods are wrong, it is difficult to say whether the goods you want are the same.

Christmas Tree Polka Dots Girl Ruffle Pant Set
Christmas Tree Polka Dots Girl Ruffle Pant Set

Next, LITTLEONEUSA recommends a professional brand discount company to you!

The purpose of selling goods

  1. 1. Product real shot guarantee, all the product pictures of our company are real shots of the exhibition hall to ensure the authenticity of the goods.
  2. 2. Professional delivery guarantee: The wholesale goods sold by our company are all products in the original proportion of the manufacturer, and do not do dynamic proportioning.
  3. 3. Brand authenticity guarantee: The company often reaches strategic cooperation with domestic first- and second-tier brand manufacturers.
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How to dress for a baby girl

How to dress for a baby girl

How to dress for a baby girl?

The clothes I usually talk about are mainly aimed at adults, how to wear them to look better and more appropriate. Recently, some mothers have privately messaged me about how children should dress and match. In fact, if it is just a simple problem of dressing and matching, it is similar, but the target is underage children, so we have to consider many factors. , I summed up the following points about How to dress for a baby girl.

Girl Halloween Outfit Set, Leopard Watercolor Pumpkin Distressed Denim Bottom Set

1. Mainly loose and comfortable

Children are still young, and most of them are still active and active when they are still growing. It is not suitable to wear tight clothes. The most important thing is looseness and comfort. Clothes that are too tight restrict the movement of children, causing discomfort and hindering the normal development of the body, so this is very important.

2. Refuse inferior lace to pure cotton

Snowman Smocked Plaid Dress

Children's skin is relatively delicate and sensitive, and they must have higher requirements for close-fitting clothing. Many new mothers, especially mothers with baby girls, like to buy some cute princess costumes, such as lace dresses, but they have high requirements for the quality of lace, and they are not as comfortable as cotton that directly touches the skin. Therefore, children still choose to focus on pure cotton, and they can dress up as they like when they grow up.

3. Choose age-appropriate clothing

A child is like a child. She has her childhood and her own world. Don't pass on some things from the adult world to their world prematurely. What kind of clothes to wear at what age, don't make her look out of place in her world.

4. Respect your child's own choices, don't make your own decisions

I found that many mothers especially like to buy clothes for their children after having a baby girl, and all of them are pink princesses. Maybe every mother wants to fulfill her childhood princess dream, so they all project it on her daughter. The child's dressing style is entirely managed by the mother, which may not be the child's favorite, but the mother's own preference.

I'm not saying that these are not good-looking, of course, we must take into account the child's own mood, whether she likes it or not, whether it is suitable or not. To cultivate children's independent and independent choice ability can start from this small thing. Let her choose the color, style and style of clothes she likes. If there is something wrong, the adult will guide and correct it.

How to dress a child

1. Off-the-shoulder T-shirt + fashionable jeans

Small dew shoulders may be very fashionable for adults, but a one-year-old baby is only cute and playful in this way. Pairing it with stylishly designed jeans will make the baby look more trendy and cool. It can attract the attention of others in minutes and make her cute! The off-the-shoulder T-shirt for the baby must be made of comfortable material, and soft and breathable combed cotton is the best choice. The traditional jeans fabric is harder, and the baby may feel rubbed when wearing it. You can choose the kind of pants in cotton and jeans style, which are more suitable for him to wear.

2. Cute dress + elastic fashion pants

A dress is definitely a piece of clothing in every little girl's wardrobe. After all, who doesn't have a princess dream? The best pairing with dresses is undoubtedly the fashionable trousers with elasticity and self-cultivation. Not only are they comfortable to wear without affecting activities, but they can also avoid the exposure of babies wearing skirts, which is thoughtful and practical. There are many styles of dresses, such as princess-style gauze skirts, Chinese-style imitation Hanfu, and navy-style sailor skirts. Babies are very cute when they wear them. Parents can choose whatever they want, and they will never step on thunder!

3. Casual overalls + cotton soft inner

The overalls are also a clothing that can make the baby's cuteness up. It is very suitable whether it is matched with a T-shirt or a shirt. It can be said that it is very versatile and can never go wrong. Moreover, bibs can be worn by both men, women and children. Put a bib in the baby's wardrobe. You can also wear parent-child clothes when the whole family travels together. Thinking about the picture, it's so cute, it's so loving!

4. Small fresh windbreaker jacket + comfortable hakama

Windbreaker is a kind of clothing that is very suitable for spring and spring, and it is also very suitable for babies to wear it. Moreover, now that the temperature is fluctuating, matching a coat for the baby when going out can also play a role in keeping warm, so why not do it? The hakama is a popular clothing style in recent years. It looks beautiful and chic, and it goes well with the windbreaker!

The above four kinds of dresses look very good on a little girl around one year old. Parents can try it!

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How to Start Wholesale Kids Boutique Clothing Business

How to Start Wholesale Kids Boutique Clothing Business

Recently, a friend wanted to promote children's clothing, and the first problem he faced was that he did not find a good wholesale source. He went to more than N wholesale markets, but in the end he couldn't find a wholesaler that met his own conditions and requirements, so let's come. For friends who want to wholesale and purchase goods, I will tell you in detail the main points that need to be paid attention to about the wholesale and purchase of children's clothing:


Peace Love Cow Fringe Bell Bottom Set

1.the profit model of children's clothing wholesale and children's clothing retail

The biggest difference between wholesale and retail is: Wholesalers sell a single product with low profit and can only make money through a large number of shipments, while retailers sell a single product with high profits, but with fewer shipments than wholesalers.

In the early days of opening a children's clothing store, most operators do not want to press too many products, so they will choose only a small part of each product as a sample, and gradually understand the market demand of consumers through samples. If it is found that the demand for the product is very large, it is decided to replenish it, because it is relatively safe to do so and the risk is small.

But this method also has a disadvantage, that is, when you ask the wholesaler to buy a single product, or no one is willing to give you the product, even if the price is much higher than the wholesale price. In this way, the higher purchase price of your product plus the profit will inevitably make your price uncompetitive, and many customers will give up the purchase, which invisibly interferes with your judgment on the market prospects of this product.

Therefore, before you do it, you need to have a deep understanding of the needs of the customer population, and have absolute confidence in your own selection of goods (if you have no confidence in your own selection of goods, what kind of goods are you going to buy?) In the process of purchasing, give wholesalers enough Sincerity and confidence, use the quantity to get a good wholesale price for yourself.

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2. The quantity of children's clothing purchased

The purchase quantity of children's clothing includes multiple factors, such as purchase amount, purchase commodity type, single commodity type and quantity, etc. There is a relatively simple way to determine the purchase amount, which is to add up the monthly operating costs of your entire store (including store rent, labor, water, electricity, taxes, management fees, etc.), and then divide by the profit margin, the data obtained is your The amount to be purchased each month.

For example, if your total operating cost is $500, and the average profit from product sales is 200%, then you need to buy at least $250, because 500/200% = 2500. That way you'll just be able to make ends meet. If you just bought the goods for 200$.

Then even if you sell these goods within a month, your profit will only be 400, which is not enough for your expenses. For the first time, the variety of incoming goods should be as many as possible, because you need to give customers a choice of various types of products.

When you have a certain understanding of customers, you can lock in certain types of products, because funds are always limited, and only by investing funds in a limited category can you purchase a single product in large quantities, requiring wholesalers Give lower wholesale prices.

When you target certain types of products, the quantity of a single product type can be broken down into display quantity, inventory quantity and turnover quantity. The display quantity is the quantity you put on the shelf, the inventory quantity is the quantity stocked in your warehouse, and the turnover quantity is the actual shipment quantity during the two purchase periods.

From the conclusion drawn by operators with many years of business experience, at least 3 of each single product can maintain a relatively benign product turnover. When you buy a product and it is hot, you will soon need to replenish the product separately. At this time, in terms of time and money, it is not worth the loss. And you don't replenish, and you have to watch customers leave in disappointment.

But if you buy 3 same products, other products may also need to be replenished during the period when these 3 products are sold, so that you can replenish the replenishment at one time to improve the efficiency of replenishment, thereby saving replenishment cargo expenses.

The key to making children's clothing products is to have a wide variety of products and give customers enough room to choose. This is different from other brand stores, not relying on the main models to sell. When it is newly opened, it needs to have a certain amount of stocking, and in the future sales process, the store must also maintain a certain amount of stocking. In xxx's store, there are clothes worn by newborn babies, as well as clothes worn by students aged fifteen or sixteen. There are more than 500 styles of large and small. Children's clothing stores are the most needed and easiest to cultivate "return customers", because if a mother finds you here, then most of her children's clothes will be bought from you from infancy to fourteen or five years old, so there is room for customers to choose. must be big

Blue Farm Animals Twirl Dress

3. How to get the support of children's clothing wholesalers

There are two factors that can affect the wholesaler's support for you: the first is your initial purchase amount. If your initial purchase amount is too small, the wholesaler will think that you have no strength, or you have insufficient confidence in his products; The second is the frequency of replenishment. If you often go to the wholesaler to replenish the goods, even if the quantity is small, the wholesaler still thinks that your goods have a fast turnover and can bring long-term benefits to him. The wholesaler's support for you is that once there is a new product, it will notify you as soon as possible, and he may automatically adjust the price when the next purchase is made. In addition, if the wholesaler thinks you are an important customer, they will usually reveal to you the recent hot sale of such products. Understanding these market conditions will allow you to judge the market and customers more accurately.

4.the rules of children's clothing wholesale market

1. Don't check your products slowly at wholesale stores.

When you mention the goods, you just need to check the quantity, and usually go back and find that there is a problem with the product and then ask for a replacement (of course, it is not too far from the time of purchase). If you squat in the wholesale store to order the goods after picking up the goods, it will make the wholesaler think that you are a very troublesome customer, so they are reluctant to deal with you for a long time.

2. Don't expect to reduce risk through wholesaler replacement.

When purchasing goods, do not ask the wholesaler whether the product can be replaced with a good-selling product if the product is not selling well. If you ask this question, the wholesaler will determine that you have never done business before and are in the business field. Beginners (if the risk of doing business can be controlled to this level, everyone may be rich), then it goes without saying that you can guess what kind of quotation the wholesaler will give you. The wholesaler is not obliged to take the risk of purchasing goods for you, and it is a good support that he can replace the defective product for you.

3. The price adjustment in the children's clothing wholesale market is very small.

As mentioned earlier, the profit of a single product for wholesalers is very low, and the reduction of commodity prices cannot be the same as that of retailers. Generally, the adjustment is 2% to 3%, and it is already very powerful to be able to reduce it by 5%. If you stalk the wholesaler and ask for a 20% discount on the wholesale price, it will let the wholesaler know that you rarely go to the wholesale market. On the other hand, in the wholesale market, the general transportation of goods is by car or railway (because the transportation cost is much lower than express delivery), and the buyer is responsible for it. If he encounters a good wholesaler, he is most willing to Help you to consign, but the cost of moving to the yard and freight must be paid by the buyer himself.

Therefore, we must comprehensively consider several aspects to purchase:

  1. The preferences of local consumers
  2. Popular styles
  3. The suitability, safety and cost performance of the goods themselves
  4. It is also necessary to take into account the ease of operation of Mommy, such as whether to open the file, and opening the file will make it easier to urinate. Some moms don't like to open the file, because

She will feel bad looking. There are many other aspects that we all need to understand and study.  In short, you must not go with the flow and buy goods blindly. Good products are half of your success!
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How to sell baby clothes

How to sell baby clothes for children's clothing store

  1. Control costs.
  2. It is very important to cultivate a fixed consumer group.
  3. Ask more about other people's purchase channels and price.
  4. Discounts are the most effective means of all promotional activities.
  5. Network is money, popularity is wealth, and network determines life.
  6. Popularity and children like to go are the main reasons for choosing a place to buy.
  7. Introducing culture and services to the market is the biggest selling point of the maternity and baby product industry.
  8. Trust is greater than strength. 97% of sales are building trust, and 3% are closing.
  9. Improve relevant knowledge, product knowledge, sales knowledge, and improve your own expertise in a timely manner.
  10. 10. Catch repeat customers, 80% of a store's profit comes from repeated purchases by 20% of customers.
  11. We must first be altruistic and do altruistic things. Create incredible, irresistible marketing solutions for your customers.
  12. The store requires a distinctive clothing image. Example: You can make a dress that makes you feel very close to your mom.
  13. Establish children's consumption files, and do a good job in after-sales service or sales follow-up according to the information recorded in the file materials.
  14. If the goods do have quality problems, the customer returns or exchanges caused by them should be provided free of charge, and apologize and admit.
  15.  Do a good job in serving customers every time you enter the store. You will never have a second chance to build your first impression on customers.
  16. Be sure to tell customers about things with gold content, and be sure to learn to create value and create the value that customers need.
  17. Rejection is the beginning of a deal. Sales is a game of zero deposit and withdrawal. Every time a customer refuses, they are saving money for you.
  18. Customers are good teachers, peers are good role models, and the market is a good school. Take the strength of the people, and you can be longer than the people.
  19. Only when you find a common topic with customers, can you establish a relationship with him. Selling is about building relationships, building connections.
  20. To deepen the impression of customers, you can print some business cards, paper bags, etc. with our store name/contact information for distribution.
  21. Sales is the transmission of confidence, the transfer of emotions, and the persuasion of physical strength; negotiation is a contest of determination; transaction is a manifestation of willpower.
  22. Other promotion methods, such as: discount area, the goods only need to be placed on the trolley, which does not take up space and can be convenient for users to choose.
  23. Compared with other clothing items, parents are not particularly sensitive to price and pay more attention to quality. Therefore, the profit is relatively high.
  24. Draining water anytime, anywhere, turning drainage into a habit. Growth is always more important than success. You can make a deal without attracting traffic, but you can't grow without attracting traffic.
  25. Establish certain cooperative relations with kindergartens in the community, for example: kindergartens are allowed to post new product posters. Moreover, the kindergarten itself is also a concentration of direct consumers.
  26. Commodities strive to be complete and new. It saves mothers the trouble of purchasing separately and the requirement of young mothers to pursue fashion, and learn to update in time. At the same time, products can also be filtered according to customer source and age group.
  27. Don't conflict with the existing consumer projects in the community, and it can continue to be an exclusive business for a period of time. If the operation is good, the first to enter is the biggest, and it can be established in the core position of the children's products store in the community.
  28. Print some brochures with various products, prices and other product information, and implement door-to-door delivery. You can become a member by purchasing as many items as you like at a time, and you will get some points for every item you buy, and you can exchange for suitable items when you accumulate a certain number of points.
  29. The service attitude should be friendly. This is the business creed that will never change. To treat customers, we should provide services within our ability. For example: provide customers with purchasing advice, and don’t quarrel with people even if they encounter bad customers, because there will be joint reactions, and a group of customers will be lost due to the loss of one customer.
  30. The grade positioning should be clear, and the products should be divided reasonably according to the customer source and age group.
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(In the initial stage, it can be divided into two grades - boutique and general, but both require new and beautiful styles. In the follow-up, we will gradually explore more profitable products suitable for our region, and the discount area is mainly based on foreign trade orders and seasonal products. Comprehensive products area - hats, shoes, socks, etc.)

Littleoneusa carry boutique clothing & accessories for girls and babies, We work with small boutiques and specialty retailers at cheap prices!

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How do I start a kids fashion business in 2022?

How do I start a kids fashion business in 2022?

For the novice Xiaobai, some things about opening a children's clothing store are unclear, so they have not dared to implement the plan of opening a store easily. Century Fairy Tale has been engaged in the wholesale of brand discount children's clothing for more than ten years, and has rich experience in wholesale of brand children's clothing. There are customers with good business, and customers with poor business, and I have heard the sharing of many customers. Today, autor has sorted out some details about opening a store and problems that need attention. At the same time, autor will also summarize the problems encountered by Century Fairy Tale customers in the process of opening a store. This article may be a bit long, but autor hopes that any friends who want to do a good job in their own shop will take a closer look. Please correct me if I say something wrong, we can discuss and learn from each other.

Watercolor Rainbows & Dots Ruffle Twirl Dress

Watercolor Rainbows & Dots Ruffle Twirl Dress

First of all, there should be a long-term plan to open a children's clothing store. There needs to be a simple plan. The autor divides it into several links.

1. Preparatory stage before opening

1. Psychological preparation stage

  • Do you really want to open your own clothing store with your heart?
  • Are you interested in clothing?
  • Do you treat opening a store as a business or as your own business?

Is there enough motivation to keep you going? Was your opening a passion or the result of careful thought? Do you have the energy to take care of the store after it opens? Do you have the energy and time to deal with the various problems that arise at any time in the process of opening a store? ? When you can say yes to all the above questions, you can prepare for the next step.
Many people who don't have much experience, just because they are full of enthusiasm and lack of professionalism, often after opening a store, in the first few months, friends will join in and the business will be good, but after leaving the support of friends and accepting the test of the real market, the business will not became very difficult to do.

2. Funding preparation

How much does it cost to open a children's clothing store? This is the first question that many newbies ask. What we should think about is how to open a store with the least amount of money, not just how much money you have. Don’t open a store for the sake of opening a store. As a layman, first of all What should be considered is the risk. The most effective way to reduce the risk is to increase the income and reduce the expenditure, and to control the investment cost.

The initial stage of opening a children's clothing store is basically the following four expenditures:

1) Storefront rent

Store rent is not directly related to children's clothing brands, but is determined by factors such as the local price level, the location of the store, the size of the store, and the type of apartment. The location of the store should be selected as far as possible in line with the customer's habit of purchasing children's clothing products, such as: large local commercial centers, clothing pedestrian streets, accessories of large residential areas, etc. There is a truth that the storefront with more money will definitely be the one with the largest traffic flow. According to the budget, you can finally choose the location and rental cost of the children's clothing store that suits you.

2) Store decoration

There is no way to give birth to the cost of decoration. Your grade and price are actually directly related to your decoration, which is rarely mentioned by the autor. The environment can change a person's consumption concept. You would say that capital is the priority, but you don't want to do how gorgeous decoration, but make the limited funds perfect in decoration. There are a lot of shop decoration plants on the online platform. Get more exposure to relevant decoration knowledge, make your own personality and taste, and strive to decorate the most beautiful storefront with the least amount of money.
Generally speaking, the decoration cost of children's clothing store will be around 500 yuan per square meter. If you want to decorate more high-end, then you need about 800-1000 yuan per square meter. The specific amount of money needs to be determined according to the grade of the children's clothing store and the area of ​​the store.
There are also some in-store facilities: shelves, hangers, cashiers, models and other in-store facilities cost about 3,000 yuan for racks and hangers. Then the model is expected to cost about 1,000, and the cashier is expected to be about 500. If the store is relatively large, an additional budget of about 1,000 yuan is almost the same.

3) Employee salary

Some friends manage their own stores, so they don't need to count this fee.
If it is a small children's clothing store, it will have a certain advantage. Only 1-2 employees are needed, the salary is about 3,000 yuan per month, and the commission is determined by the employees' own sales ability. If you don't have time to manage the store, you need at least 2 employees, and try to hire people who are familiar and reassuring for the cashier.

4) Funds for the first purchase and later replenishment funds

The costs involved are also different for getting goods from different purchase channels. If you go to the children's clothing wholesale market to buy goods, the purchase volume will not only be large, but the products are not guaranteed, and the price may not be cheap; if you buy from some weak children's clothing brands, they usually obtain the goods through the children's clothing factory for processing, and provide them to the distribution.

The goods of the dealer are also second-hand sources, and they need to transfer the cost of processing to the dealer to make a profit. Therefore, the purchase cost of the dealer includes the cost of processing and the logistics cost of multiple transfers. Therefore, the above-mentioned children's clothing purchase channels all have middlemen who make the difference, and the purchase cost of children's clothing is not cost-effective.

It is a good choice to find a first-hand children's clothing brand manufacturer to purchase the goods. Century Fairy Tale Clothing provides the first-hand supply of brand children's clothing, and there is no cost for middlemen to earn the price difference. profit margins.

It is recommended that novices take the goods in the early stage and purchase in a small amount. If the first purchase is too much, there may be a backlog of inventory later. Therefore, when purchasing goods for the first time, you can purchase a small amount of goods, and you must control the cost, and try to focus on the complete variety.

Then, during the sales process, record the styles with better sales for replenishment, for general cities. The initial purchase cost of small children's clothing stores should be controlled within 4000-5000$; larger ones should be controlled within 6-7000$ yuan as much as possible. If it is in a first-tier city, the cost budget will be higher.

Green Leaves Twirl Dress

Green Leaves Twirl Dress

3. Knowledge preparation

The current retail environment and the upgrading of the consumer market have also put forward higher requirements for clothing retail stores. The threshold of the clothing retail industry has become higher and higher. To put it bluntly, it is not professional, and it is difficult for the store to make a profit.

Everyone thinks that the threshold of the clothing industry is low, and you can be a boss as long as you pay for it. You think that the person who opens a clothing store is to buy goods, hang clothes and sell them. Then you are very wrong. Anyone who has been in a clothing store can become an all-rounder!
Learning about clothing

Knowledge of fabrics, styles, workmanship, colors, accessories, etc. needs to be learned carefully, at least by looking at the model number, color, size, price, fabric composition, etc. on the hangtag of the clothes; knowing the main fabric ingredients such as: cotton, Hemp, chemical fiber, etc. The best and most direct way to learn more experience is to visit shopping malls, or go to the Internet to search for relevant materials to learn. Practice makes perfect. The more you see it, the more you will naturally understand.

2) Learning from shop opening experience

 If you have friends who have opened a store, it is best, you can let them take you, don't be embarrassed, learn with an open mind, you will definitely benefit a lot. But not all experiences can be learned. Many of them must be experienced by oneself and experienced only after suffering.

3) Learning of knowledge in the clothing industry

The clothing industry is changing very quickly. If you want to truly grasp the cutting-edge children's clothing market, it is best to go to all the nearby wholesale markets and take notes while watching. At least be aware of what the general trend is this year, what is the trend direction, what is popular, and what is the price range, know the quality and grade of the clothing in the price range you want to sell, whether it is before opening a store or After opening the store, there is only one thing to do well in your own store, that is, study, study, and study.

After the above preparations are done, then we can move on to the next step - site selection and market research.

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2. Market and site inspection

Just entered the clothing industry, don't rush to open a store, go to the clothing industry market first to understand clearly and then do a comprehensive market research, the best period is about a month. It is best to inspect the streets around it to see how the flow of people is? How's business? How many passengers are there in a day? And you can enter the store to learn about their prices, the services of the sales staff, pay attention to their sales skills, and so on...

This is the foundation of the foundation. Even if you have a good facade, the product is not attractive, but as long as there are people, the traffic will change quickly, and the poor facade will be miserable, so the autor simply divides the site selection into The following points.

1. Main Street and Back Street Site Selection

To open a children's clothing store, you need to choose a good address. The first choice should be to choose a location with a lot of traffic or a lot of children (of course, this is still more difficult), and then choose the facade of the community (residential area), and then you want to open a large scale. You know, choosing a good address is the first step to success. As long as the cost difference between the two is less than 50%, the autor is in favor of choosing Main Street. Because the main street of each city is a bustling commercial street, people in this city know this street, so the source of tourists is not a problem, and there will be regional advantages for future development.

2. Inspection of passenger flow

Passenger flow is the direct reason that determines the survival of a store. The same store is placed in different passenger flow areas, and the ratio of entering the store to see the goods and pick up the goods is relative. Because the ratio of entering the store to get goods is proportional to the flow of people passing by in front of your door. Everyone knows to open a store in a place with many people, but at the same time pay attention to what constitutes the main body of these people's traffic. For example, if you open a children's clothing store in the place with the most people in Guangzhou Railway Station, the autor estimates that the business will not be very good, because it The main body of the flow of people is people who go home or go out, they will not stop to buy, and they are not in the mood to buy. Therefore, during the inspection, we must understand the main situation of the crowd around the store and the main situation of the passenger flow.

3. Inspection of similar competitors

First understand the city, there are not many children's clothing stores, how many are there, where are their geographical locations, how are they decorated, and what are the brands of children's clothing stores opened? How is the style? What are the advantages of the children's clothing store you are going to open?

4. Investigation of consumer groups

The crowd structure around the store you choose is mainly students or companies, whether there are more communities or more commercial streets, and you need to carefully observe the age structure and spending power of the stores around you. Because The structure of consumer groups directly affects the positioning of their own grades.
During the inspection process, it is best to record all the information inspected in the mobile phone memo, or on the notebook, in order to facilitate thinking and research. For the store you want to choose, if you can trust the reliable information you have, then you should make a move, because there are often people looking for a prosperous store, but not a prosperous store. As the saying goes, there are many dreams in the night, if you miss it, you will regret it too much.

3.positioning phase

Make a precise positioning for your store according to the results of the inspection and the scope of your actual ability. Every mature clothing store has its own style positioning. Some have different styles, such as trendy stores, some are new and fast, such as fast fashion, and some have different styles, such as foreign trade stores or Korean stores. A clear positioning can deepen the impression of a store in the minds of consumers. This positioning is the first place that comes to mind when there is a certain shopping demand that meets your positioning.

Clothing store crowd positioning is not accurate, there is no user portrait, and I don’t know who to sell the clothes to. Every lady boss who has no clear positioning and swayed left and right for a long time, or finally left in disappointment, or found a direction to dig deep and form It belongs to its own style, and eventually survives and grows.

Why do clothing stores need to be positioned?

A very fundamental reason is that the area of ​​the store is fixed, the number of goods that can be placed in the space is limited, and the categories of goods are also limited, which cannot meet the diverse needs of consumers.

When many shop owners buy goods in the early stage, they want to take this model and that one, in order to manage as many products as possible to meet the needs of more consumers. You must know that in terms of the number of products, small stores and large stores are incomparable. Large supermarkets have a large enough space, complete products, and clear clothing categories, which can meet the different needs of different ages, but the width of our small store is after all. Limited, complete products are not a bad thing, but there are nearly 10,000 kinds of clothing products, how many can be placed in one store? At this time, we need to identify our own positioning and consumer groups, cultivate a group of old customers through daily operations, gradually form our own style, reduce commodity categories, and highlight selected products for display.

Only by accurately positioning its own customer group, carefully selecting products suitable for such customers, and then building its own unique competitiveness with a small amount of purchases and a fast update speed.
Before opening a store, customers often ask Century Fairy Tale about how to accurately position the store. Century Fairy Tale’s opinion is: positioning must be based on its own resource advantages, target market positioning, and build online sales channels. Increase item width.

We must be precise in the positioning of the market, not greedy, we can be greedy in the early stage, and we can get diversified goods, but in the daily business process, we must cultivate a group of loyal customers, find the positioning of our own store, and provide targeted services for these customers, meeting their shopping needs.

4.the decoration stage

Renovation according to the positioning of the store, or the same sentence, store decoration is the face, it must not be saved, or it will be more than worth the loss if you are not satisfied with the anti-work in the future.

1. Door head decoration

The decoration of the front door has a great influence on the rate of customers entering the store. If the whole store feels sloppy, disorganized, and the light is dim, customers are too lazy to enter the door. If your store is simple and refreshing, set up floor-to-ceiling windows and place a few trendy models. , people can see it at a glance from the outside, the lighting is warmer and warmer, and the whole speaker is put on a little soft music to create a comfortable shopping environment, just like a fire in the dark night, giving customers a different freshness It will definitely attract customers to enter the store, and then make a transaction logically.

There are also children's clothing names that should be chosen according to your storefront characteristics and the characteristics of your clothing grade taste. This is a university question, and there is a chance to discuss it slowly.

2. In-store decoration

  1. Ceiling. Simple and bright, don't be depressed, you can have decorations, but don't make it dark like a haunted house. Also, when decorating, the ceiling must be high, and don’t feel stuffy as soon as you enter the door. It’s best if you can make a few beautiful chandeliers, and the atmosphere is simple.
  2. Walls. Wallpaper is the best choice. As for the color, it is better to match the color of the goods you are selling, or it is better to use bright tones. If you are creative, you can make several three-dimensional display windows, and the size, specifications and materials are also matched according to the mainstream colors of the products. If there is space, it is best to make a three-dimensional mirror, which will definitely have a good effect.
  3. Image the wall. It is the main wall behind the bar facing the door, which is a showcase of your store’s personality and taste. As for how to decorate, that's your wisdom, remember one thing, keep it simple and elegant, and highlight the theme.
  4. Locker room. Don't underestimate the dressing room, this is a private place, and it is the most sensitive place for women. First of all, it is self-evident that it is closed. Third, there must be enough light, the space should not be too small, and there must be a seat. place. There must also be hooks. The most important thing is to have a mirror, so that you don't have to change one and look at the mirror once. If it is not suitable, you can just replace it directly inside, so as to avoid the embarrassment of being seen.
  5. A place to rest. If the space in your store is really limited, then at least two high stools should be prepared; if there is enough space, it is best to put a simple coffee table combination or high-end seats, so that regular customers can sit and communicate with you when they come. , which will add a lot of emotion.
  6. Lighting decoration. Why does autor put the lighting separately? Because autor slowly discovers the importance of lighting, the same clothes, different lighting, the display effect is completely different, the difference in visual effects directly affects the desire to buy, as for the lighting The collocation and decoration should be determined according to the specific situation. This is also something that needs to be pondered. If you do it well, there will be unexpected results.

The next stage is the purchase stage. In fact, this stage should be carried out at the same time as the decoration, even in the preparation stage of the first stage, because the source of the goods is also what everyone is most concerned about and worried about.

Rainbow Stripe Ruffle Twirl Dress

5.the purchase stage

In the preliminary inspection, the inspection of the source of goods is also included. Now, we will start to purchase goods when the store is decorated. The general principle should be a small amount and a variety of styles.
As a clothing store owner, you must know the principle of the proportion of goods in the physical store, divide the goods in the store systematically, arrange the proportion of styles reasonably, 20% of the special items, which are affordable and cost-effective, the main purpose is to attract customers; 60% is the basic Products, as your profit point, mainly rely on them to make profits; 10% are the main products, the meaning of their existence is to allow customers to make comparisons, so that the profitable products are more high-quality and cheap; the other 10% are associated products, don’t underestimate These small pieces, sometimes these small pieces can balance the daily expenses of the store. Therefore, before picking up the goods, you must make a rough estimate based on the store's positioning and psychological budget. If you exceed the budget, don't take it. The proportion of goods taken by a clothing store is generally as follows:

The proportion of goods taken:

  1. Basic products, the goods that make money in the store, with good styles and suitable prices, usually account for 45% to 60%;
  2. Main products, mainly big brands, enhance the overall image of the store, and improve the grade of other products in the store, accounting for 10% to 15%;
  3. Associated products, clothing-related, such as underwear, socks, home clothes, school bags, umbrellas, small hairpins, silk scarves, etc. Sometimes these small items can balance the daily expenses of the store, accounting for 10%.
  4. Special offer products, specifically to get some low-priced and high-quality goods, come and go to make gimmicks for your store to attract traffic, so that customers can go to his store to see other products through these low-priced products, Account for 10% to 20%.

6. Sales stage

What the store does after opening is to sell things. Three points for the product, seven points for the sale. As for how to sell, then you have a lot of knowledge. It can be said that the strength of sales ability directly affects whether the product is hot or not, and affects the transaction rate, association rate, repurchase rate and so on of the store.

As for how to do a good job in sales, it cannot be finished in one or two sentences. Today, I will briefly talk about a few points that need to be paid attention to.

1. Shopkeeper Psychology

Remember three words when doing business, be normal. Don't expect everyone who comes into the store to buy your clothes, let alone sell every piece of clothing. Therefore, after the store opens, you must adjust your mentality. The autor feels that you should adjust the following mentality:

1) Self-adjustment

After spending so much energy, the children's clothing store is about to start business. The expectations are very high. There is a saying that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. So you must correct your mentality, as long as you work hard, you will be able to do it well. Tell yourself that you run the store as your own, and I will do my best to do my best. Give yourself a position in your heart, that is, what is the future business idea, what is the style of the product in the future, and what is the service to customers. This is called the central idea. Even if you deviate a little in actual operation, you can still change it if you have a guiding idea. come over.

2) Customer attitude

autor always agrees with a friend-style business model. Don’t treat customers simply as paying customers. They can be your friends. As for why they are not friends, there is only one reason. You have no contact and communication. People’s first impression is very important. Yes, so you have to create your own storefront or your own gold service attitude, which is an intangible asset. People are emotional animals, especially women, as long as you grasp their psychological demands, you can definitely get in-depth contact. It doesn't really matter if you buy or not, because it's a world of difference between getting a friend and getting a customer or an order. Since it's a friend-based business, you have to make some human-friendly changes, such as price flexibility. , event discounts, small gifts and other details.

3) The attitude towards the store clerk

The clerk should not be just an employee. If you think that they will work hard for you if you pay, then you are wrong, because the store is not a big company after all, and small mistakes will not be magnified. But in a small clothing store, the mood, mentality, and attitude of the clerk directly affect sales. Communication is a kind of psychology. You can make her do what she needs to do seriously only if you give her a sense of dependence and trust. If you are always guarded or distrusted, then your clerk will definitely not work hard for you, because your disrespect will directly make her have a psychological change. When dealing with shop assistants, autor feels that they should encourage them more in life and spirit, care more about life, give them more praise and affirmation at work, give them hope and goals, and make some promises that can be achieved. As for how to do it, it depends on the shop owner. mentality and behavior.

4) Coping with a changing mindset

The plan can never keep up with the changes, and there are many things to do every day when opening a store, such as purchasing, placing, selling, after-sales, replenishing, statistics and so on. Therefore, you must maintain a good attitude, and then learn to summarize and summarize a set of methods suitable for your own shop. In this way, unnecessary workload will be reduced. If there is only oneself in the store, it is easier to adjust. If there are several shop assistants, it is even more necessary to have a changed mentality to face them. Because if you do not handle the relationship well, it will directly affect the sales of goods and the image and performance of the store. As for how to communicate with the clerk, this is a topic, and I will talk about it separately when I have time.

2. Buyer Psychology

There are many types of buyers, which can be roughly divided into: those who have direct consumption awareness and enter the store to see the goods; those who may visit the store without consumption awareness; those who visit the store with potential consumption awareness; and those who simply visit the store. The following is a brief description of how to understand the purchasing desires of different groups of people.

  1. Enter the store with direct consumption awareness. That is to buy clothes with banknotes. Generally, they ask more carefully. You can tell from the detail of their questions. At this time, the owner should not sit still, and must be warmly entertained and explained in detail. Then take the initiative to let the customer try it on, and by the way, praise the effect of the dress, for example, it is very eye-catching, very good-looking, etc. Under normal circumstances, it can be done. And this kind of customer will basically become a repeat customer, because when she wants to buy clothes again, she must recall your store, because your store once had clothes that she liked and bought.
  2. Dispensable consumption consciousness. You can buy it or not. Such customers basically depend on the efforts of the store owner. Don't stare too closely, give them enough space and distance, and see that they are attacking when they are hesitant. The next step is to persuade customers to increase the proportion of their desire to buy. Such customers usually pick a lot of faults because she has a choice. At this time, don’t talk about how good her clothes are. You should talk more about other topics and try to cite the topic as much as possible. Go elsewhere, let the client and yourself have something to say, get closer emotionally, and laugh and laugh. Once you become familiar with it, don't talk about the things she asked her to buy, let alone the money. You just say that since we are talking like this, if you like this one, you will wear it first. Everyone is a friend. it is good. The first reflection is that they must refuse, but because of their affection, they usually pay for it. The second thing is that you will buy it if you don’t say it, and it will definitely become your repeat customer. The third type is rare. If you really accept it, it is estimated that there are not many like this. If you really encounter it, you will win the lottery.
  3. Potential consumption awareness. Those who come out to go shopping on weekends or in their spare time, the purchase goals are not too clear. Such customers generally ask more about the price, but do not ask specifically, because after listening to the price, they will make a psychological comparison. Then it's one piece at a time. If your eyes don't stay on a piece of clothing for a few seconds, then you don't bother her. If you feel that she likes and likes which one, then introduce it to her in a friendly way, don't put pressure on the other party, and don't give the customer the feeling that you are eager to sell this product, and you must have a feeling that he is not in a hurry for you Don't be in a hurry, but you must be easy-going, so even if she doesn't buy it this time, she will definitely enter your store first next time.
  4. purely for shopping. Such customers generally do not have any intentions, but they will have image memories, so do not welcome them with any dissatisfied eyes or an unhappy attitude, but welcome them equally. Communication must be right, they are all potential customers.

3. Sales skills

1) Wait for the guest to come to the door

The most basic sales, some additional services can be added. Put some humane things, such as playing some light music, providing free drinking water, setting up an area for rest and chatting, installing a wall-mounted TV, putting a non-slip mat at the door, etc., to make people feel that you are very attentive.

2) Advertising

Including new products, the merchant labels must be more eye-catching, and a small display board or cartoon welcome guests should be placed at the door, so that guests can know that your home has a new product when they are outside the store. The indoor lighting must not be so dim, so that the new products and styles in the store can be clearly observed outside.

3) Activity discounts

It's best to have a point card, and if you can, make some coupons. As for the discount, it depends on the actual situation. Or you can hold some activities on weekends, it is best to create an atmosphere at the door, or hold some buy-one-gift or purchase discount activities, so that the popularity of the store will be active.

4) Discounts

Every once in a while, dispose of the goods that are out of season or in stock, even if they make less money. Don’t let them be pressed, they will die. If you move them, they will become recyclable liquidity, or you may invest in some suitable products. Discounted products, in short, continuous activities, the popularity will be more and more prosperous.

Opening a clothing store is as simple as it is simple, and difficult as it is. If you want to stand out in a fiercely competitive environment, you must be prepared. After all, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared! If you have money and supplies, you may be able to open a clothing store, but you cannot open a clothing store well. If you want your clothing store to run well, open for a long time, and make money, all shop owners should want to achieve. Therefore, to open a profitable clothing store, you need to meet the above conditions. If you want to be a good businessman, you need to have the brain of operation, the thinking of buyers, and the skill of exhibitors. I heard that people who opened clothing stores later became all-rounders! Novices find their own way through exploration. Others’ suggestions are for reference, absorb what they need, combine their own reality, and avoid detours, and there will be unexpected gains.

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